12 Ways to Make Your Cat More Lovable

Want ways to make your cat more lovable? If kitty would rather be left alone, at least until the bottom of the food bowl starts showing, you can do several things to sweeten his disposition. Just like people they have unique personalities, and some just aren’t as friendly as others. The reasons vary from feral bloodlines to over stimulation or a lack of physical touch and attention. No matter the reason, with time and patience you can encourage kitty to show more love.

12 Ways to Make Your Cat More Lovable

  • Win kitty over slowly with tempting treats
  • Never push yourself on kitty!
  • Don’t pick up your cat, especially if he or she doesn’t like being held
  • Don’t overstimulate by petting too much – watch for signs of nervousness or discomfort
  • Always use a slow and gentle hand
  • Blink slowly to communicate with your cat – he may blink back!
  • Give him or her a scratch under the chin or behind the ears now and then
  • Talk softly while raising your voice an octave or two – cats prefer higher voices
  • Provide plenty to do – Cat Dancer Wands and laser lights for cats are preferred toys
  • Give kitty personal space – a comfy bed, a cat tree in front of a window, and litter box privacy
  • Never tease or play rough with kitty – don’t treat your cat like a dog!
  • Make sure family members and visitors are treating kitty gently and kindly

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Why Your Cat Prefers Someone Else

Now that you have 12 ways to make your cat more lovable you may be wondering why he (or she) seems to like someone else over you. If you fell out of favor with your cat it may be because of something you’re doing or not doing. You may be asking, why does my cat prefer someone else? They sure are fickle creatures! My husband’s cat used to be closer to him, but in time she chose me as her human. I have a few theories as to why cats choose one person over another, and it mostly depends on how they’re treated.

First of all, I’m much gentler than my husband. When I pet the cat I don’t allow the weight of my hand or arm to rest on her head or any part of her body. He doesn’t mean to be rough, but he isn’t nearly as careful as I am. You can’t treat a cat like a dog and expect a good outcome. In addition to having a gentler touch I talk more softly and never force myself on her. I’m also the one that refills the food and water bowl. She sees me as her main source of sustenance and a preferred source of attention. Try these easy ways to make your cat more lovable, and kitty will be much happier. If you’re lucky, kitty might even choose you as their preferred human!

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