Alternative to Rawhide Dog Bones

Want an alternative to rawhide dog bones? Not everything sold in reputable pet stores is safe. I used to give my American Eskimo natural chews, but after pulling one out of her throat I realized they weren’t good for her. Come to find out, countless dogs have been injured or killed by these types of treats. I had to find a substitute for rawhide dog bones to keep her teeth clean and healthy, and to satisfy her desire to chew.

Why Rawhide Bones Are Dangerous

When I pulled the rawhide bone out of my dog’s throat it was about eight-inches long, slimy, and still completely whole. Although she had been chewing on it for several days it was still one big piece. What happened was she chewed off the ends, and when they came off the softened rawhide unraveled. She eventually tried to swallow it, but it was still too big to eat. I heard her gagging and crying, and I immediately ran over to help. Thankfully I could reach the rawhide in the back of her throat. If I hadn’t been in the room it may have ended much differently for my dog. Some brands are labeled with supervision warnings, but what about pieces that can’t be reached if swallowed whole and the risk of bowel obstruction? Never again!

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A Safe Alternative to Rawhide Dog Bones

I immediately began looking for a safe alternative to rawhide dog bones. It had to be something tempting enough to chew, and it also had to last but not remain whole. I had to find a safe substitute for rawhide chews for dogs, and I asked my veterinarian what he recommended. He suggested SmartBones. I was afraid my dog wouldn’t like them since she was picky and used to rawhide, but she loved them. I didn’t have to worry about her choking to death either. They’re 100% digestible, and they come in various sizes and flavors. They also contain vitamins and minerals. Take a closer look and check out the chart to choose the right size for your dog. I posted my dog’s favorite flavor, but you’ll find many more. I don’t list prices since they can change, but I was surprised by the low cost.

SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Bones, Made With Real Chicken

View on AmazonSmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Bones, Made With Real Chicken

Other Safe Alternatives to Rawhide Dog Chews

I don’t want to recommend just one particular kind of dog bone or chew. Although my dog loved SmartBones she also enjoyed the following safe alternatives to rawhide for dogs. Be sure to check these out as well.

They’re all phenomenal alternatives to rawhide for dogs. In most instances rawhide is cheaper, but at what cost? I would never again buy it for my dog, nor could I recommend it in good conscience to anyone else. I’ve been buying a couple of different flavors and types of rawhide substitutes every other time I shop. That way it’s more interesting for my dog. She seems to love the SmartBones and the Nylabone Healthy Edibles the most, but every dog has personal preferences. I recommend trying them all.


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