Are Folding Portable Picnic Tables Still Available?

You might be asking, are folding portable picnic tables still available? I was wondering too after watching an episode of Garage Gold. They found an old set that was really cool. The answer is yes! I found one that’s durable, compact, and high-quality, and it’s made of eco-friendly bamboo. The tabletop transforms into a case that holds the attached seats. It’s easy to carry, simple to set up, and it’s even easier to put away. When it’s folded and latched it looks like a high-quality wooden case. No one would guess that a table and four seats are inside. It’s one of the coolest things that I’ve ever seen.

It’s a Fold Up Table and Chairs for Picnics and More

It’s a phenomenal foldout picnic table for the backyard too. After all, some people don’t want permanent furnishings that aren’t often used. That’s why I wanted one. My husband, daughter, and I don’t eat outside often but we occasionally enjoy a meal in the shade. We also like to cookout at our wooded property now and then. It’s far better than dining on the ground or balancing a plate on your lap. Consider the following folding picnic table with four chairs. Take a look at the following options for use. You might find more uses than what you initially thought of.

The Seats Will Hold Up to 330 Pounds

Folding Picnic Table with Umbrella Hole and 4 Folding Stools

View it at AmazonFolding Picnic Table with Umbrella Hole and 4 Folding Stools

Fantastic Options for Using a Folding Table and Chairs

  • Tailgating
  • Backyard meals
  • Impromptu picnics on road trips
  • Extra indoor seating for holiday meals and parties
  • Remember – it’s a folding picnic table and chairs set that holds heavy adults (up to 330 lbs)
  • Makes a great game table for two to four
  • It can be used as a portable holiday kid’s table
  • Craft in any location
  • Portable office desk

A Sturdy Folding Picnic Table and Chairs Set

Many people are under the impression that folding picnic tables are vintage items. My cousin Darla recently asked, are folding portable picnic tables still available? That’s when I looked them up. You don’t have to settle for worn overpriced vintage folding picnic tables that may no longer be sturdy. Like anything else some are sturdier than others, even new ones. It pays to consider the materials and how they’re constructed. The following folding picnic table and chairs set is one of the sturdiest I’ve found. As you’ll see in the details and features it’s made from highly durable materials. With proper care it will last for years to come.

Details and Features –

  • It’s a folding picnic table with an umbrella hole
  • Made of reinforced aluminum alloy
  • Designed for maximum durability with the least amount of weight
  • Reinforced with steel hardware
  • Open tabletop is 42.1″ x 26.4″ x 26.4″
  • Each seat holds up to 330 pounds
  • Tabletop will support up to 132 pounds
  • Weighs just 25.4 pounds – easy to carry
  • Sturdy latches and handle

It Takes Up Very Little Space When Not in Use –

After finding out that new folding picnic tables are still available, you might be wondering if you’d use it often enough to warrant buying one. It’s a great table and chair set for picnics, but it’s also ideal for indoor use. Be sure to read the usage list above if you haven’t already. If you entertain just once a year and could use an extra table and chairs it would provide a place for four more people to dine. It’s ideal for kids as well as heavier adults.

It’s hard to believe that a high-quality picnic table and seats will fold up into a case that’s easy to carry and even easier to set up, but it works beautifully. Be sure to take a look at the other photos by following the link above. Unlike other folding tables, it takes up very little space when not in use. Since it’s a folding picnic table set that supports heavier people it’s going to be very durable.


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  • April 4, 2016 at 4:34 PM

    We can still buy those portable picnic tables here in Germany. They are great for summer picnic.

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