Best Ways to Keep Dog Houses Cool

Want the best ways to keep dog houses cool during the hot summer months? Dogs should be indoors most of the time, but that isn’t always ideal. Canines feel the heat and humidity too, and they can suffer from sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. However, sometimes it’s necessary for Doggo to stay outdoors, at least for a little while. That’s okay as long as he has continual access to clean water, shade, protection from wind and rain, and a comfy place to rest. Learn how to keep dogs cool outside for the safety, comfort, and protection of your four-legged family member.

Best Ways to Keep Dog Houses Cool

Why You Shouldn’t Use Just Any Wooden or Plastic Dog House

Even if a wooden or plastic dog house is in the shade it will still become too warm inside if it’s not properly ventilated. That’s why it’s important to know how to make a dog house cooler. It must provide shelter from the wind, rain, and other types of inclement weather, but it can’t be packed full of straw or completely lined with Styrofoam when it’s hot outside. Just think of how hot wooden sheds become on sweltering summer days. When seeking the best ways to keep dog houses cool it needs good cross ventilation and shade.

It’s Important for a Dog House to Have Cross Ventilation During Warmer Months

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What if You Don’t Have Enough Shade?

Shade is a must when leaving your dog outdoors both with or without a dog house. If you don’t have a spot that stays shady all day it’s important to create one. Consider placing the dog’s house in an open or enclosed chain link kennel with an attached tarp over the top. The tarp will provide much needed shade to keep the animal cooler and out of direct sunlight.

Best Ways to Keep Dog Houses Cool: Add a Cooling Bed

Now that you have the best ways to keep dog houses cool you can make Doggo’s outdoor bed more comfortable. Consider adding a cooling gel dog mat for outdoor use. It will provide five hours of cooling comfort while the dog is on the mat. It will regain its cooling ability after he’s off it for just 15 minutes. The mat works automatically without the need for refrigeration, electricity, or batteries. It’s waterproof, wipeable, and comes in various sizes to fit just about any dog house or shelter. Best of all it’s non-toxic and very durable.



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