Biggest Slow-Rising Squishies

Looking for the biggest slow-rising squishies? They’re super soft collectibles that die-hard squishy lovers want, and for very good reason. Bigger ones are some of the most desirable of all. Gigantic croissants, lemons, strawberries, loaves of bread, melonpan turtles, pandas, mangoes, peaches, and many others are super kawaii and fun. The list goes on and on! If you’re wondering where to find jumbo slow-rising squishies, I’ve posted some of the largest ones I could find. Which ones do you have, and which ones do you still want?

Collectible Brands of Squishies

iBloom, Sanrio, and Puni Maru are just three of the most popular brands of squishies. Contrary to popular belief, kawaii is not a brand name. So, what does kawaii mean anyway? In Japanese culture ‘kawaii’ translated simply means ‘cute’. The expressive faces and toy versions of everyday items, animals, and desserts are super cute! Consider the following collectible squishy brands. If you’re looking for the biggest slow-rising squishies for the collector on your gift list, these are sure to be a huge hit. Most of these collectible kawaii squishies smell really good, and some even crackle when bent.

“iBloomView It – iBloom I Love Peach Big Pearl Pink NEW Package Premium Squishy Reproduct

iBloom Squishies –

One of the most popular brands of squishies that you’re likely aware of is iBloom, especially the big peach. It’s one of the most popular slow-rising squishies on the market right now, but it’s becoming more difficult to find. As a result, the price is going up. As you can see it’s wrapped in plastic foam netting just like the expensive luxury fruits of Japan. It smell absolutely amazing! It’s an authentic pearl pink iBloom licensed I love peach squishy in new packaging, and that’s why it’s highly prized. Every serious collector must have the big peach – if they can find one.

Sanrio Squishies –

Another brand you may have heard of is Sanrio. They’re a Japanese company that make all sorts of kawaii products including squishies. You’ll find many different kinds from Hello Kitty to adorable Hamee hamsters in donut holes. Search Sanrio Squishies to see some of what they offer.

Puni Maru Makes Some of the Biggest Slow-Rising Squishies

When seeking some of the biggest slow-rising squishies check out Puni Maru brand. One of my personal favorites is huge. It’s the slow-rising super melon bun squishy, and it’s a whopping 9.5″across and 4.5″ thick in the center. How can you tell if it’s a licensed Puni Maru? You’ll find the stamp on the bottom. It comes in the original packaging and smells just like melon.

“PuniView It – Puni Maru Super Jumbo Melon Bun Squishy Melon

These are just some of the biggest slow-rising squishies and squishy brands. Another one of my personal favorites is the HooMore Croissant Squishy. It’s a jumbo collectible croissant squishy that’s realistic looking. Considering that it’s 7.5″ long and super slow-rising it’s a phenomenal deal too. I don’t post prices because they can change. I recommend checking out these collectible kawaii squishies and selecting your favorites. A word of warning though – collecting slow-rising squishies is highly addictive for kids, teens, and even adults! Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide since I love them all!

Consider Making Your Own Slow-Rising Squishies!

Be sure to check out my article entitled ‘Ingredients for Making Squishies‘, and learn how to make slow-rising squishies to keep, gift, and sell. Some people carve ordinary memory foam, but these are made using a certain type of FlexFoam. Find out which one! Included is a video, a list of necessary supplies, and super simple step-by-step directions.


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