Can’t Hear the TV Voices Over the Music

I can’t hear the TV voices over the music or the sound effects. Do you have the same problem? Some channels seem to be worse than others. I’ve had to turn off the shows or watch them with the volume down and closed captioning on. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the other sounds were softer than speaking parts? That would make too much sense! Instead, it seems that the musical notes and other audio effects are noisy add-ons. I wish there was a way to completely eliminate the music and sound effects but that will never happen.

TV Shows with Loud Background Music

The show What on Earth? is impossible to hear over the loud music. My husband and I attempted to watch it last night, but we couldn’t understand most of what was said. They have to add the dramatic sound effects. It would be interesting, but we couldn’t hear what the people were saying. We finally gave up and turned it off. It’s too bad that we can’t hear the TV voices over the music because it seemed like a very interesting show.

How it’s Made is another one that’s obnoxious. It often sounds like a one-man band, and that man with a band couldn’t carry a tune if he had a big oak bucket. The quality is horrible! It’s often the same three or four notes over and over again. If the goofy music was softer, at least it might be tolerable. As you know, those aren’t the only two problem shows. They’re just two examples of when the music on TV is louder than the dialog.

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A Solution That Works When You Can’t Hear the TV Voices Over the Music

I figured that it had to be an audio setting that was putting the music and sound effects over the voices on TV. The settings on the TV won’t make a bit of difference. First of all, the television speakers are junk! Yes, that’s right. They’re small low-quality speakers. We have a Vizio 52″ LED HDTV. It doesn’t matter the brand, the size, or the price of the television. The audio is the least of the manufacturers concerns. When you can’t hear the TV voices over the music, the only thing that helped us was the addition of an AV receiver and auxiliary speakers. By adjusting the center channel that controls the volume of the dialogue, we could finally hear the TV voices that are drowned out by the music. It’s either that or use closed captioning.

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  1. I have to agree with Kim’s comments about the tv show What on Earth. The background music or sounds is so loud I can’t hear what they’re saying and at some point actually hurts my ears due to the high pitch. What the hell are they thinking, It’s just terrible because I like the show. They need to fire the sound editor.

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