Cat Chewed Up an Air Plant | Will it Die?

If your cat chewed up an air plant you’re probably wondering if it will die? No, I don’t mean your kitty. Will air plants kill cats? No. they’re aren’t poisonous. Cats just like to eat them for some strange reason. My son’s cat didn’t explain why he did it.

I bought it in a gift shop in Apalachicola Florida and made the mistake of leaving it where he could reach it. I took it out of the plastic bag to give it air, but I didn’t think he would see it. Unfortunately, he did more than just see it! The cat ate the tips of my air plant. I almost threw it away, but I’m glad that I didn’t. Can a damaged air plant survive? Mine is doing fine.

Cat Chewed Up an Air Plant | Will it Die?

Will Broken Air Plant Branches Still Grow?

As you can see from my photo, the air plant looks great now. The tips of the branches are gone, but the cut areas have healed. It’s also blooming now! If your cat chewed up an air plant and you’re wondering if it will die, take care of it as usual. Some day to remove the damaged branches, but you don’t have to do that. One of the branches fell off on its own, but I left the rest as is.

Damage occurs in nature and the plants survive. Tillandsia is exposed to storms, wind, falling branches, wildlife, and other sources of damage. The plants have a way of bouncing back like other living things. The broken tips heal and the branches continue to grow. Mine was in terrible shape after my son’s cat chewed off the tips. It’s only been a couple of weeks but it looks great again.

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Caring for a Damaged Air Plant

Are you wondering how to care for a damaged air plant? I was told to mist mine once a week, but I already had another care method. I dip my air plants every week or two, and I did it as soon as I returned home from Florida. I used bottled water instead of softened water because of the salt content. To water my air plants I fill a glass and submerge them upside down for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t worry. You can’t over water them. The plants will only absorb the water they need.

My Cat Chewed Up an Air Plant | Will it Die or Not?

I wouldn’t throw away the air plant no matter how bad it was damaged. Immediately water it and place it in a location that receives diffused sunlight. It should eventually heal. They’re far more resilient than many other plants. I’m surprised that my tillandsia is already doing much better, and I’m glad that I kept it. They’re some of my favorite plants.



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