Cat is Peeing Through the Litter Box Door?

If your cat is peeing through the litter box door you’re probably at your wit’s end. It’s a smell that’s hard to get rid of, and it’s a huge mess. Thankfully, the problem of a cat peeing out of a covered litterbox door is easy enough to solve without the help of a cat whisperer and a hazmat crew. You don’t have to rehome the cat either!

When Your Cat is Peeing Out of a Covered Litter Box Door…

Most cats face the back of the pan when pooping, and they turn around with their head facing outward while peeing. They assume these positions because it works best with their anatomy. It’s the most comfortable position when confined to a small covered plastic box.

They typically squat low and raise their tail up and down while pooping, and that’s easier to do when the tail extends out through the door. That’s more than you needed to know!

In a purrfect world, they’d turn the opposite way to pee, but some assume the same position to prevent their tail from hitting the back of the box. Needless to say, the pee sprays out or runs down the front and ends up on the floor.

What Can You Do When a Cat is Peeing Through the Litter Box Door?

Using a litterbox with a flap might work, but not all cats like those clear plastic flaps. It isn’t a sure solution anyway since flaps don’t seal.

What you need is a litterbox with a top opening rather than the walk-in kind. These are also ideal litter boxes for high peeing cats since urine leaks out through the seams between the top and bottom.

Kitty Can’t Pee Out of a Top-Entry Door

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Pros of a Top-Entry Litter Box

Now that you know what to do when your cat is urinating through the litterbox door, consider the pros of a top-entry litter box.

  • Considerably less litter tracking
  • Cat gets more exercise
  • The top can be used as a perch
  • Keeps dogs out
  • Cleanup is much easier!
  • They cost less than you might expect

As you can see, they’re good for more than just controlling urine spray. Cats become used to the new style of litter box very quickly, and in the end, they prefer it.

It Will Solve the Problem for Good

When the cat is peeing through the litter box door, switch to a top-entry pan. You won’t find urine on the floor anymore, at least not if kitty is going inside.

Even an older overweight cat will use one if shown where to go. Their natural curiosity makes the transition super fast and simple.

What if the Cat Can’t Jump on the Box from the Floor?

If jumping is a problem just use a pet stool. Kitty will easily be able to climb the stairs to the top and go down through the opening. Getting out is less of a problem since the opening is at one end instead of the center.

Cats like to remain scent-free, and that’s why they clean themselves often and bury their excrement. Kitty doesn’t want to pee on the floor or in the wrong direction. Your cat will be much happier with a top-entry pan.


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