Cat Litter Boxes for Tiny Houses

Are you seeking cat litter boxes for tiny houses, campers, trailers, or other small homes? I found a couple of very cool hidden cat litter boxes that double as other furnishings. Unless you announce it, no one will know their main purpose. They’re decorative as well as functional.

These don’t waste valuable square footage in the tightest of spaces. They’re full-size litter pans for homes of every style and size. I would want these unique decorative litter boxes no matter the size of my place.

Unique Hidden Cat Litter Boxes for Tiny Houses

When you don’t have room for a cat litter box you need to find one that serves double-duty. Hidden cat litter boxes are becoming more and more popular in homes of every size. After all, the square plastic kind aren’t the least bit decorative. They take up lots of space! Worse yet they’re ugly, even those with a lid.

When the bathroom is small it’s best to think outside of the kitty litter box and find something practical and eye-pleasing.

The following hidden cat litter boxes are ideal if you don’t have room for a litter box and for anyone that doesn’t like the looks of a big plastic lidded pan. They’re purrfect litter boxes for tiny houses as well as sprawling mansions. Take a closer look at these unique cat litter boxes.

“Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

View on AmazonGood Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

It’s a Cat Litter Box That Looks Like a Plant

The plant litter box posted above looks like a lush green tropical palm in a clay pot. Who would guess that it’s a hidden cat litter box? No one but you and the cat will know. As you can see, the base is a circular litter pan.

Turn the opening toward the wall and the contents won’t be visible. It has a filtered vent to reduce odors. Although it doesn’t take up much room in a tiny home it can accommodate larger cats.

A Litter Box That’s a Night Stand

“Petsfit Pet House/Cat Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand Painted with Non-Toxic and Latch Holding

View on Amazon Petsfit Pet House/Cat Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand Painted with Non-Toxic and Latch Holding

A Side Table That Doubles as a Cat Litter Box Cover

If plants aren’t your thing how about combining the cat litter pan with a much-needed home furnishing? When seeking cat litter boxes for tiny houses, campers, small homes, or visible areas, consider a nightstand litterbox cover. If you don’t need or want a nightstand, it can be used as a living room side table or even a kitchen sideboard.

In any case, it’s one of the most practical and decorative cat litter boxes for tiny homes since it serves double-duty. Place it under a window and attach a cushion with Velcro. It can double as a cat bed litter box. It’s extremely versatile! Take a closer look to view the dimensions and other details of these unique hidden litter boxes, and decide which one is right for your tiny house and your lucky kitty.


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