Why a Cat Would Pee in a Bathtub

Are you wondering why a cat would pee in a bathtub? My cat started urinating in laundry baskets and the utility tub as well. It didn’t make sense since she was a good kitty. Something had to be wrong, either with the pan, the litter, or with her. I suspected the latter since her box was fairly new. I hadn’t changed anything before discovering urine in odd places. Why would a cat pee outside of the litterbox? I had to figure it out quickly since feline urine is terribly pungent. If the cat started peeing on the carpets or other hard-to-clean places, I wasn’t sure what I would do. I had to find answers soon.

It Made Sense When I Found Out the Problem

I was sure that nothing was wrong with my cat’s litterbox or the clumping litter it contained. I kept the pan meticulously clean. The problem was my sweet kitty. Come to find out she had a UTI. Why would a cat start peeing outside the litterbox? UTIs are very painful. Cats are logical thinkers. They start associating the pan with the pain. They think if they go elsewhere it won’t hurt when they urinate. When it still hurts to pee in the bathtub, they may try the walk-in shower, the laundry tub, or even a clothes basket. They look for places that resemble a pan.

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How to Get a Cat to Go Back to Using the Litter Box

When trying to figure out why a cat would pee in a bathtub, consider changes around the house. Do you have a new pet? Are you keeping the litter clean? If home life hasn’t changed and the pan is clean, it’s likely a bladder infection or another type of UTI. Take the cat to the vet for testing a.s.a.p. Kitty will need antibiotics to treat the problem if an infection is found.

Sometimes cats don’t go back to using the litterbox after the UTI is cured. They still associate pain with the pan. It takes more than a cure to draw them back to the box. It may take Cat Attract Litter to help retrain the kitty. It’s also vital to find and remove ALL traces of cat urine. A black light makes finding it much easier. If the cat is peeing in the bathtub chances are he or she went elsewhere as well. It will take an enzyme cleaner to completely remove the smell. Nature’s Miracle works extremely well. My mom bought it for me after my cat started peeing in the tub.

Why a Cat Would Pee in a Bathtub…

Now that you know why a cat would pee in a bathtub make a veterinary appointment. A UTI is most likely to blame. Use all of these care and cleaning methods. It’s important to remove urine stains and odors right away. It’s far easier to remove a cat urine smell when you have the right tools. You can also learn how to retrain a cat to use the litterbox after a UTI. He or she doesn’t want to pee outside of the pan. It’s a symptom of a much greater problem, and kitty desperately needs your help.

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