Creative Ideas for Furnishing the Ultimate Catio

Want creative ideas for furnishing the ultimate catio? They come in countless sizes and styles from wire to durable wood-framed structures. Construction experience isn’t required because ready-made screened cat enclosures are available for the porch, balcony, window, and the backyard patio. Decorating a cat’s outdoor enclosure is fun! You can add comfy platforms for climbing and sleeping and DIY cat furniture. You can even make a green space for dining and relaxing. Consider the following unique ideas for an outdoor cat enclosure, and give your kitty a safe place to enjoy the outdoors.

Safe and Sturdy Ready-Made Backyard Catios

If you don’t have a building plan in mind and if you’re not a skilled builder you should consider a ready-made screened catio. By the time you’d buy everything required and spend time on the project you could have purchased one of these. Take a closer look at the following wood and wire catio. It’s an outdoor cat sanctuary that can be mounted next to a window or door using the pre-drilled holes. Be sure to check out the various styles of pet doors. That way kitty will be able to go in and out of the catio without your help.

TRIXIE Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

View on AmazonTRIXIE Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

Make a Mini Outdoor Green Space for Kitty

Cats love grass, especially a blend of flax, wheat grass rye, oats, and barley. It’s provides fiber, and it’s a natural hairball remedy that contains numerous essential minerals and vitamins. When seeking creative ideas for furnishing the ultimate catio, give kitty an outdoor green space. You don’t need a patch of bare ground. Simply fill a new litter pan with rich organic soil and plant The Cat Ladies 100% Organic Non GMO Cat Grass Seed. It will sprout in about four or five days. Kitty will do all of the necessary trimming! You won’t have to mow that lawn.

Another Stylish Wood Framed Catio –

TRIXIE Pet Products Natura Wooden Cattery

View on AmazonTRIXIE Pet Products Natura Wooden Cattery

Other Creative Ideas for Furnishing the Ultimate Catio

  • Attach Velcro fasteners to 17″ x 11″ indoor/outdoor throw pillows and catio platforms
  • Mount bristle brushes with wooden handles on catio supports for DIY cat scratchers
  • Make hard concrete or wooden flooring softer with a large anti-fatigue mat for pets
  • Add solar lighting for nighttime use
  • Provide a small self cooling pet mat to keep kitty cool on hot days
  • Position cat-safe plants such as potted parlor palms and hanging spider plants to block direct sunlight around the outside of the enclosure

Now that you have¬†creative ideas for furnishing the ultimate catio which tips will you use? Kitty will have the best of both worlds. It’s a safe way for a cat to go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. We wouldn’t want to have to stay indoors for the rest of our lives, and kitty doesn’t either. Use these ideas for an outdoor cat enclosure and give them the best life possible. It’s a cat’s dream come true!


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