I Didn’t Get My Amazon Giveaway Prize!

Guess what? I didn’t get my Amazon Giveaway prize! I was greeted with that text message earlier today. My sister recently won something she had tried hard to snag for months. Items she won before arrived within a week, but not this one! It’s been a few weeks now and she’s both anxious to receive it and worried that it won’t arrive. Before suggesting contacting Amazon I asked her a few questions. I haven’t had problems getting Amazon Giveaways prizes, but I’m aware of how it works. If you qualify to win AG prizes chances are the missing item will show up the minute you contact Amazon. You know how it goes! If you didn’t get your prize from Amazon Giveaways, before panicking, consider these possibilities.

Have You Received at Least One Prize in the Past?

First of all, have you received a prize in the past? If the missing Amazon Giveaway prize was your very first win you need to double check your address. If you’ve received a prize in the past or made a purchase and your info hasn’t changed, chances are your address isn’t the issue. As long as you weren’t found to be ineligible or you didn’t overlook one simple step you’ll likely have it soon.

What Causes Ineligibility?

Using more than one Amazon and/or Twitter account isn’t allowed. The site randomly requires additional info to keep it fair for all. If you’re tempted to use more than one Amazon account and/or Twitter account to increase odds of winning Amazon Giveaways, don’t do it! Also, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to submit your social security number or taxpayer ID to the contest sponsor. Don’t do it and you won’t get the prize.

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Did You Remember to Do This?

Help! I didn’t get my Amazon Giveaway Prize! It may be too late to resolve the problem. One of the main reasons why people don’t get Amazon Giveaway prizes is carelessness. They miss a vital redemption step. After winning a prize you’ll see a graphic of the item along with confetti and a congrats announcement. Scroll down below it and you’ll see ‘Ship My Prize’. You’ll have the chance to change your address if necessary. If you don’t tick the circle and click submit it will be awarded to someone else. You have just 48 hours to respond.

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I Didn’t Get My Amazon Giveaway Prize – and Why it May Be Too Late –

Need to know how to tell if you forgot to click ship my prize? You should have received an email verification. The email includes the order number as well as a link to the item listing. Always save those emails in case something goes wrong. That way you have a reference number when contacting Amazon about a missing Amazon Giveaway prize.

*Update: My sister received her prize today.

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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get My Amazon Giveaway Prize!

  • August 5, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    I won a giveaway which was apparently delivered, but didn’t receive. I was actually told by Amazon customer service that I would get credited the amount of the gift, which I am curious whether it will happen because it’s prize so I don’t imagine they have a responsibility to me. Anyone know if I’ll see that credit?

    But I wanted to make a different comment.

    My suspicion is this happened because Amazon’s own carrier delivered it, and they are, in my limited experience, the absolute worst branch of Amazon. Like laughably bad.

    I live in an apartment community with banks of outdoor mailbox clusters scattered about.

    When packages are Amazon-delivered, the packages are also in clusters scattered about the grass in the vicinity of the appropriate mailbox.

    What doesn’t end up stolen is collected by our USPS carrier, who has no obligation to act on privately-“delivered” parcels to be returned to Amazon.

    Think about that next time the urge arises to complain about the USPS. Here’s a guy who very likely makes some of his living delivering packages specifically for Amazon, who pays him to do so, and when Amazon took it upon themselves to start delivering its own orders – which hurts this man’s wallet because he could otherwise be making those deliveries himself – and leaves them undelivered any old place to be stolen before you’re likely to find it – he rescued as many as he could out of the goodness of his heart.

    I’m writing a letter to my local postmaster and the postmaster general because he deserves recognition for that effort.

    • August 6, 2018 at 8:07 AM

      Hi, Ryan. I think you’ll see the credit. I received a prize made of glass that arrived completely shattered. Whoever packed it put the boxed item inside of a huge box without anything to prevent it from bouncing around. I couldn’t believe it. I called Amazon, and they credited my account without question. They told me just to throw it away. I had to do a bit of searching, but my account was credited.

      I’m glad you’re writing a letter to your postmaster. I think the USPS goes above and beyond their obligation. We don’t have Amazon delivery in my area – that I’m aware of. Most of my packages still arrive via USPS. Scattering the packages around the mailboxes is just asking for someone to steal them.

      Amazon isn’t prepared or equipped to do the job USPS does. I used to live on a street where metal cube-style mailboxes were centrally located for a couple dozen homes. It had a couple of package boxes with keys. When someone received a package they would find the key to the package box in their personal mailbox. Amazon needs to install something like that at all apartment complexes if they’re going to deliver. Leaving packages on the ground in any location is completely unacceptable.

      If I were in your situation I’d probably use a trusted friend’s or relative’s mailing address. It wouldn’t be convenient, but neither is dealing with stolen or missing packages.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience. I hope they start delivering to your apartment complex in a more responsible way. If they can’t they need to turn the job back over to USPS.

      Kim Dalessandro

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