DirecTV Guide Scrolling Out of Control!

Why is my DirecTV guide scrolling out of control? It has been running all of the way through the channel list at breakneck speed for the past couple of minutes. Pressing the up and down button didn’t fix the problem, but I finally got it to stop. Either it’s possessed by a demon or it’s just another 2018 DirecTV guide glitch that accompanied the latest update. I’ll have to add ‘wildly scrolling guide’ to the list of problems with the new 2018 DirecTV guide. I published a post on the topic this morning, and needless to say I’m not happy.

DirecTV Guide Scrolling Out of Control: How to Stop the Madness

You’d think the DirecTV guide would finally stop scrolling when buttons aren’t being pressed, but it just keeps on going as if it’s trying to escape the TV screen. How do you stop the DirecTV guide from scrolling out of control? Press the ‘select’ button to stop the madness. It will land on a show you probably don’t want, but if you’re like me it’s hard to find anything new or worth watching anyway. I might as well spin the scroll button on the remote, hit ‘select’ and see where it lands!

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Another Glitch to Add to the List

It’s aggravating to devote several minutes of time and have the guide take off spinning. I had to figure out what causes the DirecTV guide to start scrolling by itself to prevent the problem. I’m absolutely sure it’s a glitch that came with the most recent 2018 DirecTV guide update. I’d call it an upgrade if it was actually an improvement, but the quality and functionality of the guide has plummeted. It’s garbage now.

What Makes the DirecTV Guide Scroll Out of Control?

Whatever you do, don’t hold the scroll button in the downward position.That’s what causes the DirecTV guide to start scrolling out of control. The DirecTV guide starts spinning and doesn’t stop, at least not without pressing the ‘select’ button. Worse yet, the price of service keeps going up as the quality and choices become worse and worse.¬†I’m ready to unsubscribe and find a good alternative to DirecTV programming. At $140 a month it should be much better than it is right now.

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