Disposable Diaper Extenders

Do they make disposable diaper extenders that enlarge the waist size and leg openings? I found cloth Velcro extensions that work with Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and store brands. Because they are washed and reused they save a considerable amount of money. They’re a great solution for babies in between diaper sizes. Best of all, they make it possible to use up the last of a size that otherwise wouldn’t fit.

What to Do with a Surplus of Newborn Diapers

My daughter received tons of newborn size diapers at her shower. They were very much appreciated, especially since she probably wouldn’t have to buy any for at least a month. They lasted even longer! She couldn’t use them all before her son needed the next size up. Sure, she could have made a donation to a homeless shelter or a pregnant friend. It would have been a kind gesture, but she needed financial help. That’s when I started searching for disposable diaper extenders and found Velcro diaper extender tabs. Diaper manufacturers encourage people to just buy the next size, but why do that if you can use smaller ones a little longer?

“VelcroView It – Velcro Cloth Diaper Extender Tabs – Extend the size of your cloth diapers (Butter)

Real Savings on Disposable Diapers

Most people are well aware of coupons, sales, and warehouse stores, but countless websites regurgitate the same information on ways to save money disposable diapers. These are solutions that aren’t nearly as common or as obvious. It pays to continue using a smaller size for as long as possible.

Disposable Diaper Extenders or the Washable Kind?

I never did find disposable diaper extenders for my grandson, but I didn’t want them after finding the washable kind. They’re far more cost-effective than throwaways, and they will last until he’s potty trained. Most of the time they don’t even need washing because they aren’t getting wet or dirty. When they do they’re machine washable and dryable just like cloth diapers, but they’re easy enough to wash by hand and lay flat to dry. Disposable diaper extenders pay for themselves very quickly, especially when the baby is in between diaper sizes and just needs a few extra inches.

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