Does Anyone Ever Win Amazon Giveaways?

You’ve likely been trying for weeks or even months, and now you’re wondering if anyone ever wins Amazon Giveaways. I’ve asked the same question when I first started playing and stumbled across the answer. For those who don’t know what it is, anyone can host a contest, but most who do are Amazon sellers, website owners, and authors. It’s an effective way to promote a blog. In the beginning most of the prizes were books, but now you’ll see scented oil diffusers, bath bombs, pet supplies, toys, cell phone accessories, hiking gear, kitchen gadgets, Kindles, and more.

I have just as good of a chance as anyone else, and you do too. Look at it like this… Unlike Powerball or some other state, country, or worldwide lottery, it costs nothing to try. I was surprised by my first win. Once I was so surprised that I almost clicked away. I was used to seeing, ‘Kimberly, You Didn’t Win‘, and I’d go on to enter the next one. If you haven’t won yet, you’ll be surprised the first time too! It’s going to happen. You just have to think positive, play often, and you must have patience.

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Your Chances of Winning Are Greater Than…

Like I said, you have a much better chance of winning with Amazon than you would a lottery. Odds depend upon the terms and conditions that were set by the host. It might be one in three hundred, or it might be one in nine thousand. I’ve even seen a one in ten chance, but I can’t always win. I’ve seen, “Sorry, you didn’t win” many times. That’s okay. A person could play for several days and not win anything, or they could win several times. It depends on the luck of the draw. Am I unlucky? I’m no luckier than anyone else.

Does anyone ever win Amazon Giveaways? Yes, they do! As you’ll see in the fine print on each giveaway, the cost of the item, shipping, and tax are prepaid by the host. I’m sure that it’s legitimate. All that’s left to do is play and win. Sometimes you have to watch a YouTube video or follow the host on Twitter or Amazon. That’s easy enough! The contest terms are chosen by the host. It’s a self-service promotional tool. If I had a YouTube channel I would host regular giveaways. It would significantly increase YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers. I can’t believe that more people aren’t doing it.

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Now that you know that people really do win, you may be wondering if hosting an Amazon Giveaway is worth it? Do they really increase sales and reviews? You have to read “Do Amazon Giveaways Increase Reviews?“. You may be surprised. As a site owner, business owner, or associate, it’s important to find out first.


Does anyone ever win Amazon Giveaways? Guess what!? I won an Amazon Giveaway tonight! I won a book on planning a unique wedding. Do I hear a woohoo? I’m already married, but hey, I’ll take the prize. I’m thrilled! I’m going to keep on trying whether I win or lose.

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  1. As an Author I hosted a giveaway. I paid for the prize and had the same thoughts you’ve had. I’ve played and played and never won! But I do think that the host of the giveaway should receive, at the least, the full name and state that the winner resides in. Only fair!

    • Hi, Henrietta. Keep on trying and you will eventually win something. It can take a very long time, but it will happen. 😀

  2. I have won a few things. I won a few kindle nooks, a scarf, rechargeable batteries, set of 2 bath bombs, a steam mop, anti aging serum and some false eyelashes. I have noticed however that certain giveaways such as those by Boxiki, Besrey, the company that always has the cat collars listed on there, the company that always lists the cat caves and the company that lists the rechargeable lighters that when you check the outcome it always says “time expired with no winners”. I’m sure there are many others I just haven’t looked at them yet that do the same thing. They set the winning entry so high so that time expires before they get a winner, meanwhile you are following their Twitter accounts and making their YouTube views increase. Someone should be reporting this to Amazon.

    • Hi, Dana. Congrats on your wins! Those are nice prizes. 😀

      I’ve also noticed that certain sponsors rarely if ever have winners. You’d think that cat caves and those other items would be popular, but like you said, the contests end before enough people have a chance to play. They really do need to change the rules. Some are using it to gain free advertising and views. If they really wanted to give those items away they would lower the odds and extend the dates. Instead they just keep on doing what they’re doing and no one ever wins.

      • Exactly. Free advertising I presume lol Amazon should monitor this more you would think. I did notice that now you only have to watch 30 seconds of a video instead of the tortuous 2 minutes and i noticed odds have been increased to a lower number of entries . Maybe the rules changed.

        • Hi, Dana. It’s great they finally lowered the view time of videos. That’s a start. I’d like to see a few more changes. Some items are still never ever given away. I’ve been trying to win a Meowfia cat cave for months. The stats show that none have been given out. I’d love to see more people start playing and win all of them. Wouldn’t they be shocked? lol I clicked the ‘claim this promotion’ but maybe it expired. Thanks for asking. I want one of those bath bombs. I’ll give it a try again. 😀

          • Yes Meowfia is definitely a racket, has only listed 3 winners in over a year, supposedly family owned. Right here I see three people who try and specifically mention them. Don’t know how to report, tried clicking report but nothing. I never click the tweet or facebook entries.

    • I didn’t win the bath bomb but it says that I can buy it for 50% off so I picked my size put it in my cart went to checkout and still the same price. It’s a scam and was a waste of my time

      • Hi, Mary. I don’t know why they have a button for applying a promotional code when it doesn’t apply it. I haven’t been able to find the discounts either. I wanted a grill cover for half price but ran into the same problem. By the time I realized that I needed an actual coupon code I couldn’t find it. I think it’s in the message after finding out you lost, but what’s the promotional button for if it doesn’t apply the discount? Does anyone know where to find it or how it works?

      • Did you click the bottom part on the screen saying whether you won or lost it says something like claim this promotion. I have did it and the 50% was taken off the bath bomb.

  3. So I did some giveaways for my book and gave away plenty of books – but the people that sign up for these things are more apt to sign up for literally ANYTHING. I had a task that the entrant had to do – tweet something out about my book (pre-canned tweet). I looked at the twitter accounts of those that had done it and they were literally just twitter accounts that exist to enter amazon giveaways. I even sent them all a reply tweet – thanking them for entering and asking if they won. Literally – no one replied. So to me, i was CHARGED to give away a lot of eBooks, but i have no idea if anyone REALLY downloaded and is enjoying my book. Seems like just a bunch of human bots that enter to win everything. Would not do it again.

    • Sorry to hear that, Tom. It does seem that most people don’t care what they’re winning as long as they win. I don’t blame you for not wanting to do it again.

  4. I’ve won a t-shirt and a solar lantern/light the end of June. Last week I won a Fire HD 8 w/Alexa.

    All three of them were a “your entry has been received” giveaway. Haven’t had much luck with the instant win variety on Amazon.

    • Congrats, Jim. I haven’t entered many of those and have never won one. It’s good to hear from someone that won Amazon drawings. 🙂

  5. I haven’t won anything either. I’m wondering if time of day makes a difference? What times do you usually enter?

    Thanks for the blog!

    • Hi, Kay. Time of day can make a difference. You’ll find more contests with low odds very early in the morning. Good luck! 😀

  6. Hello,

    I actually won a kindle from BookGorilla and it arrived within 2 weeks no expenses or anything. It was great to win. Have I won since? HE double hokey sticks NO! But like you said I will try try again.

    Have a great day.

    • It worked for me, Bob. LOL In the beginning I didn’t win much. I’ve had to update a couple of times.

  7. Ive won 255 prizes totalling about 1300.00. is where i win. I filter out books a d videos. Then i go for low odds. Usually 500 and lower. Ill save higher odds a couple days, and ill also check out the seller. Refresh the page often. 1/1 comes up often. Check page multiple times a day.

  8. You will win in the beginning but after you submit enough entries it’s like amazon blacklists you and you stop winning. I was winning almost every day for a week or two then now I have not won in months. I gave up its a waste of time

    • I haven’t experienced that, Mark. I quit playing for awhile and started again. I won three things last week. Maybe it helps to take a break?

      • Ok but how did you win did you time the entries? It says every 20000th entries hard to time that. Any suggestions from the frequent winners?

        • Hi, J. If I see that odds are one in 2,000 or whatever I wait at least 20 minutes before entering. It doesn’t always work of course. How quickly the contests end depends on where else they’re promoted. I’ve seen some with odds of one in 2,000 go within 10 minutes because they were posted on a popular Facebook contest page. I’ve seen others with those odds go without a winner for days and expire. It’s all about promotion.

          One more thing… I prefer entering on the Amazon Giveaway page ( because you can see if each entry is eligible to win or not. I prefer those over the 2,000th (or whatever number) entrant type. One popular listing site only lists the odds, and their filters don’t sort out the ‘all eligible’ contests from those that must hit a predetermined number. When entering from the Amazon Giveaway page the newest ones are on top instead of scattered throughout like they are on another listing site that I won’t mention.

          Good luck! Come back to share what you’ve won when you win. You will win. You’ll need to change your name from nowinner when you do. 😉 Just keep trying!

        • See who the seller is. If popular…like amazon…wait till the day it expires. Other than that…i doubt those prises are won.

  9. I’ve won twice! Once a soap making kit and once a …. ready.. fanny pack hehehe. But hey I won and haven’t been playing for more than a couple months

    • Hi, Tiffany. It’s a Chrome extension. You can find ‘extensions’ by going into your settings on Chrome. Extensions are under ‘More Tools’. Search for ‘Amazon Giveaways’. Each time a giveaway is listed, you’ll get a pop-up notice on your screen. You can enter directly from there. 🙂 You can also use filters to weed out specific categories.

  10. I was doubtful about winning. I did win some free Kindle books and a few pet items but nothing too big. Until today I finally won a pair of $250 Dr Dre Beats! Yay! My teenager was excited lol

    • Yay! Congrats, Jennifer. I’d love to win a big prize. I’ve won several smaller things in the past, but I haven’t in a long time. I need to get back to trying daily.

  11. I have a question. Some of the odds are “every ##th entry wins”.. So does it count my entry the moment i: 1. click on the giveaway, 2. start watching the video (if required), or 3. click on thee bouncy box?

    • When you click on the bouncy box. If you follow all required steps (if there are any) and close the window without clicking the box, it will not show that you entered, so that’s how I figure it’s the clicking of the box.

  12. I have actually won quite a few things and I’m not usually the one to win anything. Lol. A few things I’ve won to date are: weightlifting gloves, The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo Switch, a bamboo silverware/drawer organizer, wireless headphones, cell phone covers, silk scarves, and A LOT of Kindle e-books.

    Keep trying and it’s worth your spare time. I can vouch that YES PEOPLE WIN! Best of luck and click-win-click-win. Cheers!

    • Yay! Congrats, Kim. 🙂 After winning once, it becomes an addiction. You stand a much greater chance of winning something at Amazon Giveaways than anywhere else that I know of. I’ve won many nice things. I need to get back to trying again. 🙂

    • Hi, Holy Tran. 🙂 All that you do is click on the button that shows up under the page that pops up when you win. It’s to verify your name and address. That’s all that you have to provide. It’s the address that’s linked to your Amazon account. When you win you’ll see confetti and a ‘congrats’ message. Directly under it will be your name and addy. If it isn’t correct you’ll have a chance to update it. Good luck!

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