Easy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Looking for easy Super Bowl party food ideas? You don’t have to spend lots of time preparing appetizers, salads, desserts, and main course dishes. You don’t have to spend a small fortune either. Even budget-friendly munchies can be impressive and delicious. Typical Super Bowl foods are chicken wings, chili cheese dip, shrimp rings, hummus, and grilled meats and veggies, but you can do something different. Consider the following unique football themed snacks instead of the usual game day foods.

Ways to Save Money on Super Bowl Party Foods

Planning a Super Bowl party can be stressful if you don’t have easy food ideas or lots of money for ready-made platters. Have you checked supermarket bakery and deli prices lately? They have big platters of Super Bowl cookies, cheese trays, cheese balls, and other football themed party foods, but they cost a lot more than homemade options. The following easy football themed appetizers, desserts, main dishes, and more can be assembled the day before or the morning of the big game. These are impressive but cheap semi-homemade and homemade Super Bowl party foods that anyone can whip up with a little imagination.

KOVOT Football Stadium Game Day Ceramic Chip and Dip Dish, GreenView It – KOVOT Football Stadium Game Day Ceramic Chip and Dip Dish, Green

Easy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas –

Consider serving these fun and easy football themed party foods. They’re unique Super Bowl snacks, treats, and main dishes that most guests will love. It will look like you spent hours preparing these simple but creative desserts and other foods. These easy football themed appetizers, treats, and other dishes are phenomenal party fare during football season or anytime of the year. When planning easy recipes for a Super Bowl party, which ones sound good to you?

  • Chocolate dipped pretzel logs with white icing football laces Easy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas
  • Football shaped cheese ball covered in pepperoni slices and topped with mozzarella football laces
  • Meatball pops – push cake pop sticks into sauce covered meat balls
  • Oval crackers topped with football shaped deli meat and cheese (see photo above)
  • Pizzas topped with pepperoni slices arranged like a football and topped with mozzarella cheese laces
  • Chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate football laces
  • Home-baked team colored cookies (color homemade or store-bought dough before combining and baking)
  • Top basic deviled eggs with edible football laces (use bell pepper slivers, pickles, or cheddar cheese)
  • Individual 7-layer chip dips in small clear plastic cups (great way to prevent accidental double-dippers)
  • Caramel corn with candy-coated chocolates and other candies in team colors
  • Shrimp cocktail – check out several great ways to keep it cold: Best Ways to Keep Shrimp Cold at a Party

Easy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Make Variety of Football-Shaped Super Bowl Party Sandwiches

Instead of buying an expensive tray of restaurant sandwiches consider making your own. Instead of the submarine variety use cookie cutters to make football sandwiches. To prevent the sandwiches from becoming soggy spread pimento cheese spread on the bread or cut out football shaped cheese slices. Layer any other ingredients in the center, and be sure to make several different filling combinations to suit every preference. These easy Super Bowl party food ideas will be cheaper and just as or even more delicious than anything store-bought.


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