Fast Easy Indoor Fire Starters

If you’re looking for fast and easy indoor fire starters, these are some of the very best. They will get a roaring blaze going within just a matter of minutes. All that you have to do is light the end, and dry logs will quickly burn.

Soon you’ll be enjoying the warmth and ambiance of flickering flames. Best of all, you’ll make use scrap products that would otherwise end up in the trash. It’s better to find an alternate use than to toss it into the recycling bin. You’ll save money in the process.

Start Saving This Now…

If you haven’t already, start saving your dryer lint. Simply stuff it into a bag or a basket after each use. Before long you’ll have handfuls of fluffy fibers, but you don’t need very much to make fireplace kindling. It’s a way to defray the cost of drying your clothes. It’s bonus material that you can put to good use.

How to Make Your Own Kindling

In addition to saving dryer lint, start saving the cardboard tubes from tissue paper and paper toweling. Make your own cardboard tube kindling by stuffing dryer lint inside. It doesn’t have to be stuffed to the brim. Just add enough to hold it inside.

Simply stick one between dry logs, and light the fluff inside. It will burn long enough to set the wood ablaze. Store it in a woven basket near the fireplace. Wrap the tubes with gift wrap scraps to make them a part of the decorating scheme.

Keep Fire Starter Squares On Hand

Rutland 50C Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, 24-Square by Rutland

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Pine Cones Are Natural Fire Starters –

Do you have a good source of pine cones? Collect as many as possible, and allow them to dry. Store them in a basket next to your hearth. They also make fantastic natural fire starters.

Simply light one end, and it will burn for a few minutes while lighting nearby logs. Use them in addition to cardboard tubes when seeking fast indoor fire starters. As long as they’re dry, they also work exceptionally if you’re wanting safe and easy ways to start fires.


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