Feels Like an Animal Walking on My Bed!

It feels like an animal walking on my bed, but I can’t see or hear anything. Has it happened to you too? It isn’t my cat or dog, and it isn’t vibrations from a passing car or train. It seems as if a cat gingerly walks across the mattress. I know what that feels like for real! I have two cats, and it’s not my imagination. I’m mentally sound, and I don’t drink or abuse drugs. It can’t be a lucid dream because I wasn’t sleeping. Most of the time I feel it shortly after lying down. I can’t think of a rational explanation for the cat-like footsteps, but I know what I’m feeling. Is a ghost cat walking on my bed? I’m not sure.

I Feel an Invisible Cat Land on My Bed

Feels Like an Animal Walking on My Bed

The invisible cat on my bed (or whatever it is) comes up from the end. I distinctly feel it land. It takes several steps toward me before stopping. It’s scary to think that something invisible is approaching me in the dark. Who am I kidding? It feels like an animal walking on my bed, and it’s terrifying!

I sweep my leg across the mattress and quickly yank up the covers. I tuck the quilt under my legs and wrap it around my shoulders. Bedding provides a false sense of security. I still can’t see, hear, or feel anything more. I don’t care what it is at this point. I just want it to go away!

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Fear of the Unknown

The footsteps have stopped, but I yell out for my dog. He might not come, but breaking the silence is better than waiting for something else to happen. I want to know what it is, but at the same time I don’t want to see it or feel it. I’m hoping that my dog or my reaction will scare it away. Yelling for him is preferable to screaming.

It Will Be Back

It feels like an animal walking on my bed, but where does it go? I don’t feel it walk away or jump down. It seems to just vanish! I turn on the light and check on and around the bed. I never see anything, but I never expect to either. It’s gone for the time being, but I know it will be back. An invisible cat walks on my bed almost every night.

Burning Sage is Said to Drive Out Entities

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It Feels Like an Animal Walking on My Bed – Almost Every Night

What is walking on my bed? I don’t have an answer. I’ve shared my story elsewhere and learned that it’s happening to countless others. More than 130 people have commented on my article entitled It Feels Like an Invisible Cat is Walking on My Bed. Most had very similar experiences to what I’ve described here.

Is it Really a Cat – or Something Else?

Is it the spirit of a dearly departed cat or is it another entity that takes the form of a feline? Maybe there is a rational explanation, but I haven’t found one that makes sense. It seems to be happening to more and more people. Is it happening to you too? Share your experience in the comment section below.

15 Replies to “Feels Like an Animal Walking on My Bed!”

  1. Omgee.. So thankful for your post & to find it. This literally happened to me last night. This would be the 2nd time it has happened to me. Last night and about a year and a half ago. So this time I decided to look it up. I have never had a cat, so I don’t connect to any reason related to that.. When sharing the story to my friend (one who would think I was crazy lol.. I naturally said a little dog & she did ask, well why do you think dog & I said well I don’t know it reminded me of a fast little dog. Plus the first time it happened I kinda put it together with seeing my Nonnie in a dream & she always had little dogs that followed her around.
    Well I must say.. just seeing this thread alone makes me feel better.

  2. I look this subject up cause I have been dealing with this for over a month now… of course nothing has touched me … but very similar situation feels like a cat climbing on the bed and walking right behind me … have looked and try to catch this thing… yet nothing is there … it started around my feet and legs … and now it’s right behind my back… ??? Humm

    • I am Kenneth’s girlfriend. I haven’t experienced what he has but we have been hearing strange noises as if someone is walking around upstairs. I’ve heard running down the stairs, thought it was our cat but it wasn’t.
      We aren’t sure what to make of it all. We tried to explain it all away but just can’t come up with a reasonable explanation!

      • Kim,
        I think that this encounter can be explained only thru paranormal, if your 100% sure noone else is in the house and no human nor animal is the cause then you may need to cleanse your home, I know it sounds like i’ve lost my marbles, but I can assure you I have all my faculties and I know I’m not a crazy person so I can tell you this, cleansing your house will do a world of good, make sure the front and the back windows on each floor are open or doors if they are on the floor, no matter what the temperature is, and go through with a sage stick and bless your house you can do it yourself you can get a priest to do it I recommend you do it yourself

        • Thanks for your reply, Matt!! Kenny and I got home from a trip yesterday. Later, we went to bed & he said it felt like something jumped up on his side of the bed—almost as if it was excited he was there!!
          We certainly don’t think you’re crazy, lol! Will have to take you up on your advice as the activity is increasing. I can’t shake the feeling there’s more to this than it’s letting on at this point!
          My boyfriend is at ease & feels it’s not here to do any harm. I, however, am very uncomfortable with it!!

  3. Heres the deal, since I was a kid Ive felt this cat walking on my bed, it doesnt matter if its day or night, weather Im sleeping, waking up, wide awake.
    My whole life Ive felt this cat walking around me, it walks all cautious watching each step it takes. Ive never been afraid of it, but I can be sitting here on my couch, yup its been here, just a few minutes ago in fact. I was really hoping for some sort of explaination but instead Ive read these stories and took a trip down all my events that have happened to me. Im actually typing this right now and its behind me. Pacing behind me.
    Man I wish I had answers.
    Thanks for taking time out and reading my story. Truth be told, I think I was visited by ghosts as a kid and still to this day. But thats a whole other article.

    • Same thing here. Something walking on the covers. Then under them, that feels like a mouse as soon as I lay down; and pull up the covers. Happens every nite for 2 months now. I sleep on my side nude.One time my butt was touched with one finger firmly. Another two fingers on each temple; then pulled firmly brushing towords my feet. My wrist has beened pulled. My feet also touched. Covers pulled down at my feet. Touched on shouder, and butt careesed. Over my bed, black cloud with several hands reaching out towords me. Sometimes smokey clouds; but, more transparet that don’t reach out. I downloaded an app called GHOST DETECTOR that goes to 98 on my bed. I get readings of 45 everywhere else in the house. One time in the daytime, sitting up with feet coverd, I saw mouse shape moving twords my feet. I’d move them over some, it would go to them again. I move them when it got closer and it turns and heads towards my foot again.

      • Yeah, this is nothing like my sitch in anyway shape, or form. Nothing touches or “caresses my butt” ( Id have to bless my house and strike the wierd spirits back to where they came, and never allow them to enter my dwelling again. Your situation is more poltergeist than anything. If you cant get them away, Id seek someone who could. ( we all possess the power to rid spirits away) umm yeah, not the same, at all.

  4. I’ve felt the same thing; like a cat walking around me. I don’t own a cat. It happens in the morning when I am between sleep and awake. I personally hope that it is my mother visiting me/tucking me in.

    • Hi, VT. Maybe it is your mother. I believe our loved ones still come around to check on us, and some of us are more sensitive and aware of their actions than others.

  5. Hey Kim, I noticed your other blog site was no longer available and this site came up. I’ve had a problem with an invisible cat on my bed for at least a year or so. It comes on my bed by my feet and walks toward my head. ive only had one cat in my life and that was when I was a child. I don’t have any pets currently. I’ve also noticed that the feeling is always behind me. Like if I’m laying on my side, the cat always walks along the side I’m not facing. When I turn to look, nothing is there. It never does any harm to me but it’s just really annoying when I’m trying to sleep. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments on here. Thank you!

    • Hi, Brian. I recently moved everything from that blog to this one. The other article is still out there, but this one comes up higher on the search engines now. I know what you mean about ‘the cat’ being annoying. I feel it mostly by my lower legs and feet, but nothing is there for me either. The comments are very interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 😀

  6. Omg i feel the same thing in my new apartment. Sometimes it feels like its stepping on my hair. Idk whats going on but its so weird feeling

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