It Feels Like an Invisible Cat is Walking on My Bed

At the risk of sounding crazy, I’ve had strange experiences since living in my husband’s house. It feels like an invisible cat is walking on my bed. When I look, nothing is there! No, it isn’t my cat Panda Bear or my husband’s cat Baby. It’s not my little dog Zeus either. I don’t know what it is. It has scared me at times, especially since it feels real. It’s strange, to say the least. I’d like to know why it feels as if an animal has jumped onto my bed, but it doesn’t stop there.

I Feel it Land On the Bed!

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve felt an animal jump onto my bed as if it had been on the floor. I can feel it land, but like I said, nothing is there. No, I’m not schizophrenic, I’m not legally blind and I’m not imagining the bed jiggling as if an animal is walking on the mattress. I don’t drink and I’m not on drugs. I’m not saying it’s a ghost, but I don’t have any other explanation. I don’t know what could be causing the feeling of an animal on my bed other than a spirit. Hopefully it’s not demonic.

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It Walks Toward Me from the End of the Bed –

Whatever it is, it feels lightweight like a cat. It feels just like it would feel if my cat landed on my bed, only it doesn’t weigh nearly as much. My cat Panda Bear weighs about 15 pounds, and if I had to guess I’d say that it’s, at least, half that weight or less. The only problem is, nothing is there when I look and it doesn’t make a sound. I’ve said repeatedly that I can’t see it, but that’s the biggest problem. I wish that I could see what I’m feeling! That’s what scares me the most.

I’ve Felt it Walk Toward Me Many Times –

In addition to feeling an invisible animal landing on my bed, I’ve felt the mattress move as if it’s walking toward me. It’s unnerving, especially in the dark! I was very scared the first several times I felt it. This invisible cat or whatever it is takes three to four steps toward me before I no longer feel the movement. It seems to me that it’s something paranormal. It has to be! I haven’t heard any other plausible explanation. To this day it remains a mystery.

Could It Be My Husband’s Dead Cat or My Kitty, Milo?

Maybe it’s my husband’s cat that died many years ago. He’s buried here in the yard, or many it’s my cat, Milo. I couldn’t keep Milo because I was only allowed to have one cat in my rental home, and she ended up at my ex-husband’s house. She was solid black and very petite and a lightweight kitty. Milo was always trying to slip out the door. One day she succeeded, and her lifeless body was later found in the front yard. I was told that it looked as if she was sleeping, but she had passed away. She’s buried at my ex’s sister’s house but maybe she came home to me. I felt the same footsteps on my bed in the rental house as I feel now. It’s hard to identify something I can’t touch or see.

It’s Said That Smudging Drives Entities Away

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What Have You Experienced?

Has what I’ve described here ever happened to you? If so, did you figure out what it was? Some things may never be explained. Feel free to share your experience below in the comments and discuss your situation. Read the comments and you’ll find out that you’re not alone. Countless others have experienced similar situations. Hundreds have commented here since I posted this article in September, 2015. I’m absolutely floored! We can’t all be imagining the feeling of a cat walking on the bed, and we can’t all be crazy either. Maybe someday we’ll know more.

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  1. Last week I experienced the invisible cat walking around my legs and felt the mattress moving. I thought it was one of our cats, but they both wear a bell, and this was silent. I turned on a light and there was nothing to be seen. I got goosebumps. It was 4am and I had just gone to bed, but was still wide awake and even wider awake with pounding heart after the “event”. Said a prayer out loud but that didn’t stop it. Happened two nights in a row. I wish I knew what it was … what it means. Very unsettling. I am relieved that I’m not alone. I mentioned it to someone else who sleeps in the same bed (on nights when I’m not there – we are both carers) and she has experienced it too but didn’t want to say anything in case anyone thought she was nuts.

  2. Ok at risk or being classed as witch I go to bed between two and five am I’m beset! paws on my face, hearing growls! and its every night. Only thing to slow it is my dog on the bed! got so desperate let her on on heat!, oh messy!, but snuffed in face, clawed. ok. scary stuff was when in my sleep grabbed one! squeezed it down, like kneading dough, let go n said no! go Away want to sleep!, then had a thud on my chest, couldn’t get up or move, was pinned, went cold, felt a cloud of cold around me, ne then put lamp on when could move ten mins later! now can’t sleep, dog on bed, or not, still getting pawed. then last night heard voices! a deep mans voice said… never feel hungry till I’m in a house, she isn’t up for it is she. God I want sleep not this, whats the answer,

    • Hi Debby….. So sorry to hear of your frightening experience. I know it won’t seem like much of an answer, but from what I have been able to discern here, the behaviour of this entity, phenomenon, whatever, seems to be changing. When I read of growling, scratching, hearing voices, howling, fighting cats, and in my case, panting, one has to ask if the nature of this mystery is morphing from a simple ‘cat walking on my bed’ to something more of a concern. As in my case which began last year, it began as the simple ‘cat walking on my bed’ feeling. And even though I have not had the same terrifying experiences as you, I do find that they are ramping up or changing.

      Two days ago I reported that for the past three weeks I hadn’t experienced any strange sensations or feelings and the total absence of anything happening was so palpable that it created its own type of anxiety each night. However, that all changed early this morning As I was laying in bed waiting to get up, I sensed that something was happening, but it wasn’t the usual ‘walking’ feeling. I distinctly sensed that there was something around the bottom half of my body and as in the past, my legs began to ‘vibrate’ and for the first time ever, my back began to vibrate as well which took me by surprise.

      Whatever this ‘unknown force’ is, my experiences have lead me to think that it can read minds and/or is within hearing distance to hear our conversations. As a result of the increasing number of people reporting these terrifying experiences who are not psychotic, prone to hallucinations, on drugs or have any kind of diagnosed mental disease, I am amazed that no paranormal group has decided to do some further research on this unknown phenomenon.

      It’s almost impossible to give advice to anyone regarding this phenomenon b/c we don’t know what we are dealing with. However, what I tend to do, right or wrong, is to try and force myself to remain as calm as I can and not show fear in order to possibly remove some of their control. It is well known that some entities thrive on the fear generated by their victims.

      Good luck Debby….Kim has been admirable in providing a really great support group for us here so please keep posting as it gives us an outlet in which to tell our stories and to express our fears and concerns. Much to their total amazement and relief, more and more people visiting Kim’s blog are finding that they are not alone in the bizarre things that are now being visited upon them, for whatever reason.

    • Hi again Debbie…..Sorry, but I neglected to address one very troublesome aspect of your experience and that is how you described “couldn’t get up or move, pinned down….could move ten minutes later”. This sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis whereby the victim is aware of what is going on, but unable to move.

      Over the years, one of the explanations for sleep paralysis has been associated with the UFO phenomenon and abductees of which much has been written. Another explanation comes from those who do brain research and attribute certain brain activity during sleep to the cause of sleep paralysis.

      I experienced sleep paralysis three times about 25 yrs ago. I recall laying on the sofa late one night for my first experience, and in bed on the other two occasions. As you have written, it is truly frightening when all of a sudden you get this feeling of total panic when you realize you can’t move or yell out, even though you are aware of your surroundings. When it passes, you are left with a racing heart and a feeling of dread. But to think that the ‘cat walking on the bed’ may now be getting mixed in with other bizarre phenomenon is somewhat alarming in my view. We really do have to ask: what is going on?

  3. I came across this site when searching for answers. I’ve experienced this same thing tonight and it’s either the second or third time that its happened. It’s like I’m dreaming but awake at the same time. I’m fully aware of my surrondings, and I know that I’m laying on my side. Then I feel something, it feels like a cat, jump onto my bed and walk up towards me. I can feel pressure on my bed. Last time it happened it was like the “cat” lied down next to me, it felt like a small circular pressure. I don’t currently have cats and it scares the shit out of me. Tonight I was able to force myself awake and I looked on my bed but everything was back to normal. I’ve had cats in the past and sometimes they would jump onto my bed to snuggle up to me. This experience always feels like a cat but it’s still scary. I’ve done some research (to avoid going back to sleep) and I found some interesting stuff about sleep paralysis. It’s where you are at the R.E.M. Stage of your sleep and at this point its when you start dreaming because your brain is active. The body also becomes paralyzed to prevent people from moving and acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis happens at this stage but you are awake. You’re awake but can’t move your body and experience hallucinations. This is the most logical reason I could find. Of course there are others that claim it to be some paranormal entity. One a lighter note someone also said that if you feel something sleeping with you and the presence doesn’t feel threatening then it could be a deceased pet or partner from this life or a past life. The last part seems more comforting.

    • I’ve had very similar occurrences the last 3 years with what feels like a cat or dog jumping onto my mattress and sleeping next to me. I’ve also felt a person getting out of my bed in the mornings and it is very frightening (heart attack scary). I’ve researched much and discovered most things in nature and supernatural do not like Clove or Clove essential oils. I’ve had some success with spraying my room and bed with the Thieves Essential oil blend deluted in water. I’ve placed crystals and lucite wands in the corners of my home and clean it with burning white sage.

      • Hi, Kerry. I’ve also felt a person sitting on my bed. It happened every night when I lived in another home. I wrote on that topic too. It was terrifying! I haven’t experienced a person here, at least not on my bed, but I still feel the cat – if that’s what it is. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It would be worth trying the things you mentioned. I’d rather not feel anything that I can’t see.

    • Hi, Jessica. That does sound like sleep paralysis. I think it’s also called lucid dreaming, unless that’s something else. I would think that’s what it was too in my case, but when it happens I haven’t fallen asleep. It’s shortly after lying down, but it doesn’t feel threatening. I’ve learned to ignore it. I’m feeling it less than I used to, but it still comes around now and then.

  4. I came upon your web site looking for “sensation of cat” walking on my bed. I didn’t realize this was so common. I thought that it could be caused by slight spasms or tremor from awakening. I feel it on the side of the bed or at my feet and walking towards my head. At that time, I’ve looked and moved – nothing there. The last time I felt this, I believe I saw movement of my door closing, just slightly. But that was enough! And I yelled for (it?)to get out. Felt slightly defensive toward it as it wasn’t to be here.
    I’ve had many experiences and wrote them in my limited biography to my children for future reading. (I’m in my 70’s). I’ve had prayers answered quickly,and heard a voice (1 time) answer my question while in prayer (a real voice) – others would think I’m crazy or odd. Had a visit from my Grandmother and Mother from the other side, dreams to come true and many others. I believe there is much more than our eyes can see. Thank you for letting me voice some of this. I feel I can’t tell others, but yet I know there are many who could tell stories..we just don’t talk about it.

    • Hi, Sharon. Thanks for sharing your experiences. In the past we wouldn’t talk about these things because it wasn’t widely accepted. People would have thought we were crazy. I believe everything you’ve said. I’ve had many experiences too, and I also think there is much more than meets the eye in our world. There are things we aren’t supposed to understand for now.

  5. The exact same thing has been happening to me for almost a year. The only difference is the first time i heard my closet door open then a big meow and then a few secs later jump on my bed. Another thing it does is walk up n down my body from one side down to my feet n up the other side. It also breathes on my face occasionaly. It has never did anything bad to me tho.

    • Hi, Dan. This is going to sound funny, but I put my extra pillows in front of the closet door before getting into bed. That way I don’t have to worry about the closet. I know it’s a false sense of security, but whatever works. Like you said, it doesn’t do anything bad though. I just wish it would find somewhere else to go.

  6. Hi Kim: I have the same experience/sensation quite often — I found this thread by searching “ghost cat mattress,” and I’m encouraged to see that many others have felt this. The feeling is so vivid, and it occurs on different parts of my bed; I have pretty much stopped swiping my arm or leg to see if anything is there. I’ve decided that it is benign, if not benevolent, and try to be comforted by it 🙂

    Joe in Pasadena

    • Hi, Joe. I agree with your decision. It makes sense. If whatever it is had evil intentions I’m sure it would have acted by now. Most people sharing their experience here haven’t mentioned being harmed. Maybe these ‘cats’ are drawn to kind people. 🙂 I’ve been feeling it again lately, but I’m not feeling walking. It lies down near my feet, and I feel the blanket move as if it’s trying to get comfortable. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Looks like no one here has any real answers. This past year I have had same problem, I want it to go away, it’s spooky to me, can’t tell if it is animal or human. I feel someone walking or crawling on my bed soon as I lay down, I noticed it always has to be behind me. I also feel it walking on my legs, touching my shoulder’s. I can’t sleep because of this.

    • I’m sorry that’s happening to you, Stella. I would sleep with a small light on if you aren’t already. I don’t know if it would make a difference or not, but it’s worth a try. I had a new problem last night. I was watching YouTube videos in bed, and this time it didn’t feel like a cat. I felt someone or something moving the blanket down by my leg. I waited to be sure I was really feeling the blanket moving. I’m sure it was, but there was no explanation for the way it was moving. I finally got up the nerve to look. Nothing was there, but I didn’t wait to see if it would move more. I kicked toward it and turned onto my other side. I hope I don’t feel it tonight. I won’t be able to sleep either.

      • I have been feeling something walking on my bed too.its starts from the bottom as soon as I close my eyes.a second is all it takes to start moving.. been going on for 2 weeks every single night.having breathing in my room also.lot of times now it follows me.spent the night at my boyfriend’s house.mind you I’m 62 yrs old..not a kid…and the breathing entity.came too….4 yrs now this is getting ridiculous breathing loud and now a kitten or whatever it is is very active.i now sleep with a light on because I don’t know what it is ……..I wake up every morning feeling ok so it’s not hurting me…thank God.i have read recently it has happened to others also. Crazy can leave anytime ..I’m tired of it…why why why

        • Hi, Marie. I’d like to know why too. I’m 52 years old and this phenomena didn’t start until about five years ago. Hundreds of people have steadily responded to my article. I had never heard of this happening before I experienced it, did you? It sounds funny, but I also sleep with a small light on. I couldn’t sleep in total darkness, especially when something uninvited is on my bed. I’m not as fearful as I was at first. Like Joe Brown said in his comment, it must be benign. What he said makes sense. If it were evil it would have harmed us by now. On the bright side, most people posting here haven’t mentioned being harmed.

          • I had no idea there would be so many people replying to this question! I don’t ever feel as though there is any malevolent intention. I just feel the cat walking on the bed this morning I was sitting in bed reading and I looked at I felt the cat walking well I have two other cats, so I thought it was one of them and I looked up there was no one on the bed except for me. But I clearly felt a catwalk from up near my shoulders for my antique cat who just died several months ago used to lie down walk down my body across my fate and then nothing more I can feel a jumping or hear any sound. So I said is that you and said his name I feel it a lot I don’t feel him lying down next to me I don’t feel any breath in my face I just feel him walking he was also he didn’t work that much. I find it comforting but also it makes me very sad because I miss him

          • Well I should have read it before I posted. He was 23 when he died and he weighed probably 9 lb so not that much. So the the step I feel on the bed is very light. At night when I feel it I do sometimes reach over to see if which of the two cats it is and then there’s no one there. But sometimes they walk across the bed and jump off. But you know how you can always tell if a cat is actually jumped off the bed that’s not what happens. I have his ashes here in the house but I don’t think that’s relevant. But today, today when it was broad daylight and I felt the walking on the bed and I can see there was not anything there that was interesting. But not I hasten to add, alarming! In fact I was rather glad because it really made me aware that I wasn’t dreaming this stuff!

            • Hi, JR. Our thread is becoming long a narrow now. Feel free to start a new one. 🙂 I’m still experiencing it too. I feel it down toward the foot of the bed. Thankfully it isn’t coming closer – that I know of. However, I have felt pressure on the mattress next to my arm and wonder if that’s what it was.

        • Hi Marie,
          Your experience sounds exactly like mine.
          Tonight I am trying to sleep…with lights on. Someting pressed my legs while I was totally awake, reading a book in my bed. Then it jumped over me landed close to my head. I am not crazy and I know what I felt. It felt way heavier than cat. It was something like about 4 or 5 years old kid…
          What it could be? I am scared. Something is here in my apartment.
          Earlier this month, one night about 1 am I woke up suddenly and saw a man standing right next to my bed, starring at me. He disappeared within 2 or 3 seconds. Last thing disappeared was his eyes. It wasn’t a dream. All my body was shaking uncontrollably.
          Don’t know what to do.

          • That is so frightening, Enie. We’re all assuming these are cats and in most cases that’s what they seem to be, but maybe something larger would be a big dog rather than a person? I know that doesn’t really help, but I’d rather think it’s a dog than something else. Seeing a man would be terrifying! My mom saw a man dressed in old-fashioned clothes and a top hat. That wasn’t all. He had a dog with him. That’s why I’m wondering if what you feel on the bed is a dog rather than a child.

        • Hi Maria…I can certainly appreciate your story. Even though I haven’t had any ‘bed visitations’ for the past three weeks or so, around 6am this morning I had a new experience: I heard what sounded like an animal ‘panting’. Being an unusual sound to hear so early in the morning and not hearing this before unnerved me causing my heart to beat a bit faster. I immediately sat up, listened and looked around the room (yes, I sleep with a light on now) to see if my dog was around, but she wasn’t there….she’s seldom in my room. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember the last time I heard her ‘pant’. A few minutes later it happened again and then it stopped.

          I have to wonder if this phenomenon has some form of innate intelligence or psychic ability to be able to hear what we are saying/thinking wherever we are. For example, a couple of months ago, while out in the car, I casually mentioned to my husband that ‘my friend’ hadn’t been around for a week or more. That night, it showed up. One morning on another occasion during breakfast, I mentioned that I found it strange that it has never shown up when I lay down for a nap in the morning. That very morning while laying there thinking about getting up from my nap, I felt three loud frightening thumps on the left side of my bed, almost like someone taking a fist and pounding on the bed. Not amused, I immediately thought my husband was joking around so I sat up and rather angrily said ‘what’s going on?’ He wasn’t even upstairs. That really unnerved me b/c whatever pounded on my bed did so in a very angry manner, almost as if it was demanding attention. I think I can assume that was no cat.

          Whatever, this is, I took from these two experiences that this phenomenon seems to have the power or ability to enter our lives at will. And, perhaps like Shamans, they can shape-shift (change) even though we can’t see them. Also, from these experiences, the latter one in particular, I have now developed a deeper respect for this entity/mystery/phenomenon/whatever. However, I can’t help but think that it must have somehow been aware of that breakfast conversation and my remarks about it never making an appearance during morning naps. Coincidence?

    • Hi Stella, I’ve had this happening for many years. I’ve tried so many things to get rid of them and the only thing I find that works is vibration. I’ve gone through many, many motors from vibrating pillows, massage belts, etc. My latest belt finally wore down so they are here in full force. It feels like they try to enter inside me but mostly walk around and lay by my side. I wouldn’t mind if that’s all they did but when I feel them getting close to my bum, I freak out. Good luck, Stella.

  8. I was brought here by googling “feels like cat on my bed.” I’ve had this for many, many years and in multiple places we’ve lived. We had one cat who passed away in 1993, but this even happened before that. It happened just last night, as a matter of fact. My husband gave me “the look” when I used to mention it, so I don’t anymore.

    It only happens when I’m alone in bed, not when he is there. I was surprised to find that this is not that uncommon. I don’t know what it is, but I know I’m not even close to being asleep; in fact, it has happened when I’ve been wide awake but in bed. It’s only in bed…never if I’m lying on the couch.

    These are also times when I’m in bed that I also hear what sounds like voices speaking and I can’t understand what they’re saying. Sometimes it sounds like one voice giving a speech and other times, it sounds like people having a conversation. This has also been going on my entire life.

    I swear I’m not mentally ill or an attention-seeking flake. I have no idea what these phenomena are but It has puzzled me my whole life.

    • Hi, Gail. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve also felt ‘the cat’ on the couch and the arm of my recliner. Sometimes it feels like the upholstery is being pushed down by the weight of something next to my arm or my body. I feel it next to me, but I don’t always feel it land after jumping onto the furniture. I hope that makes sense.

      I’ve also heard the types of voices you’re talking about, and I’m not mental either. Well… some would say otherwise. LOL In all seriousness, I am a sane person. I can’t understand the voices either. Sometimes it sounds like a mass of people all speaking at once like they’re in a crowd. Other times it’s just one person speaking, but I can’t make out any of the words. I wrote about that too.

      One time in particular I was lying in bed by myself. My husband was out of town. I heard what sounded like an old-time radio announcer. He would speak for a minute, and music that sounded like old country and western songs would play for a couple of minutes. They would end and he would talk again. He spoke slowly, and he had a southern accent. It was like I was hearing an old country and western radio station from a very long time ago. I tried to make out what he was saying, but it was muffled. That’s the only way I can describe it.

      I turned off my fan and got up to look around the house. The music and speaking instantly stopped. I even opened the front door to see if it was coming from outside. It was completely silent. I got back into bed and it started up again. I ignored it and went to sleep. I couldn’t do anything else to get rid of it.

      I’ve had experiences throughout my life too. I could tell you story after story. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. No one will call you or anyone else crazy on my site. If they do their comment will be deleted a.s.a.p. Feel free to come back and share more. 🙂

      • After reading your comment Kim, I couldn’t help but think of the old Shakespearean quote from “Hamlet” where he says to Horatio, “there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

        Since Spring of 2017, I, too, have been having my own strange visitations that at first were totally unnerving as we have never owned a cat, but the previous owners did and until I decided to do some further research I was almost blown away, like many others, by the countless stories that exist out there on this mystery.

        I have read the many comments on your blogs and other web sites and find that in almost every case, there are so many commonalities, but differences as well that I can relate to. Much has been written about it, but could one possible explanation be the colliding of parallel universes?

        • Hi, Ann. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Maybe it is the combination of parallel universes or dimensions. If that’s the case, they may be noticing us too and asking the same questions.

        • I too think it’s a parallel universe. I have the same encounters of the animals in my bed. Not only do I feel and hear it, but I can smell it also. It smells like an animal. A furry animal. Like a cat. I once woke up with 3 scratches on my stomach. Like a cat scratch me. I feel like a cat or puppy licks me all the time. Especially when I’m cooking or eating. It’s strange. I’m use to it because it’s been 3 years..

          • Yikes…it’s one thing to experience the unexplained nightly walking of something one can’t see on their bed, but to be licked, scratched, to be able to smell them, etc….that would be difficult to handle. I don’t know why it has happened, perhaps it simply goes with the mystery of this phenomenon and we just have to accept it, but for the past three weeks I have had absolutely no indication of its presence whatsoever! Now I have to wonder: is this usual, will it return? But each night I still go to bed and await that ‘feeling’. Here’s wishing you all the best DeWitt…yours is certainly a more compelling case.

            • Hi Ann I sometimes have weeks with no encounter. Then all of a sudden I start to get many. It’s weird I tell my wife and son and they don’t know what I’m talking about. As of today I felt the entity walk on my pillow while I lay down. I once was sitting in a chair in my bedroom watching tv while my wife was in bed sleep, and l seen an outline of a small animal. It was outline in black but I couldn’t see the whole thing if that make sense. It jump on bed and came right beside my wife( who is also named Ann lol). She felt it and rolled the other way. The entity got scared and ran the other way. I woke my wife up and asked her about it and she didn’t know what I was talking about.I had many a counters over 3 years.I once was in an almost sleep state not quite sleep knowing my surroundings and I seen a black cat looking up at me at my feet. I woke all the way up and jumped up and the cat was gone. We don’t have any animals . I talked to doctors it the look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t do drugs. So I just learn to accept it

              • I also had a strange encounter with a ‘black cat’. I sit at night before bed putting drops in my eyes with my feet propped up on the bed watching TV. One night I noticed something black appearing in the middle of the bed, but it came and went so fast…so shocking.

                However, there was no denying it was the outline of a black cat! I knew it actually happened b/c as I am trying to come to terms with what I just witnessed, my heart began beating a bit faster. I haven’t seen it again, but that was an experience I shall never forget. And, to think your experience has been with a black cat as well.

                It would appear that I shouldn’t expect much success at ridding myself of its presence as this phenomenon has the ability to appear/disappear at will: we have absolutely no control over its coming or going. I am amazed that with the number of respondents here, some paranormal group hasn’t begun an investigation into this mystery.

  9. Just this morning I had this happen. I’ve experienced it before, several times. This morning I was wide awake, contemplating getting up. The feeling was like a larger animal jumping off the bed. I do know that this feels like as I have both cats and a dog. None slept with me last night and none were in my room (upstairs, 2 doors closed between). It was a heavier shake of the bed as an animal leaving. Shining my light around the dark room turned up mothing

    • Hi, Wolfie. It’s a very weird feeling. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve had it happen lately too. I thought for sure my husband’s cat was on my bed but nothing was there. She wasn’t even in the room.

    • Hi Kim, Wolfie and other commenters: Just curious to know how, or if, your cats respond to this unseen and mysterious ‘presence’. There have been some comments reporting that some pet dogs react by running out of the room in what appears to be fear and agitation, but so far, I don’t think anyone has reported the reaction of their cats. I think most of us are aware that cats have been accorded special places throughout history, developing an almost supernatural and ‘nine lives’ reputation. Is it possible they recognize kindred spirits?

      • Hi, Ann. I think my cats sense their presence, and I think they guard me. One lies right next to my head and looks over the edge of the bed as if he’s waiting for something on the floor. The other one lies on the end of the bed and watches the door and the floor. My shih-tzu has been acting very weird. He stands outside of my room and won’t come in unless I go out, and he doesn’t stay in there at night anymore or any longer than he has to. I keep his water bowl and food in my room. I’m not feeling the walking as much these days, but I’m feeling something more unnerving. I can feel the edge of the mattress sink down. I don’t think it’s a person because it’s too small, but something is causing it. I actually feel the mattress go down right next to my arm or leg. Maybe it jumps up from the floor and lies down where it lands. I have no explanation.

        • Hi Kim: I cancertainly relate to the problem your dog has b/c for the past year, our 14yr old Poodle has avoided the master bedroom even though we placed a set of stairs at the bottom side of the bed making it easier for her to climb up on the bed if she wants to. I can’t say for certain whether she is avoiding the master bedroom as a result of this phenomenon, but I certainly can’t rule it out.

          Also, as I mentioned, for the past three weeks or so I have not had the distinct feeling of something walking on my bed, but I have heard ‘panting’ twice on one night, which was totally unnerving and new.

          I sense that somehow, this phenomenon seems to be changing. With no recent walking on the bed sensation, I now have a feeling or awareness at night that there is something in the room inducing some anxiety and therefore, sleep problems. And, it doesn’t help when I hear the odd ‘thud’ and other unexplained noises that I don’t recall hearing before.

          The only other strange thing I experience when I get into bed, which only happens with the ‘walking sensation’ or the ‘awareness of a presence’ in the room, is that I have the strangest sensation that my legs are vibrating like a tuning fork (not to be confused with ‘restless leg syndrome, which I have had from time to time.) It’s almost as if something is trying to draw something out of me. If there is such a thing as a ‘life force’, could this be what they are after? So many questions…..

          • Strange you should mention the vibrating, Ann. I’ve noticed my bed slightly vibrating, and I don’t have an explanation. It happened a few times now, and I couldn’t tell if it was just my legs or the entire mattress. I tried to ignore it because I was scared.

            A train track runs through the area about five miles away, but I didn’t hear the train when it happened. I was hoping I would, but I’m sure that wasn’t it. I’ve lived here for several years, and it hasn’t happened before.

            I’ve felt as if my blanket is being slowly pulled down too. I have to keep it tucked under my body. I know all of this sounds strange, but it’s really happening. Most of the time I ignore it, but these things have also kept me awake.

            If this thread becomes too long feel free to start another. They become more and more narrow, but the site will accept up to ten nested threads.

            ~ Kim

  10. What no reply? My story too weird for you. It’s a fact all the women in my family have spoken about the cat that visits them. I’ve experienced it twice and I’m not afraid of it just curious. Clearly with all these posts, it is a real thing that I believe deserves some investigating. Thanks for posting your story so we all can talk about it. I don’t know if it’s related to the illnesses and bad luck but sure is coincidental in my family anyways.

    • Hi, Myra. I”m so sorry. I was going to reply to your post and the others I missed. Somehow it skipped my mind. The site was down almost all day yesterday and it was up and down over the past several weeks. I was worried about it and forgot about messages. It’s not my site, but I post my articles and stories here. 🙂

      Anyway, nothing is too weird for me. I would be terrified to see that cat if I thought it forewarned death. Please try not to worry though. If your mom saw the cat and passed away two years later maybe it’s not connected.

      The women in my family tune into those things too, especially my mom. She was sleeping when she felt something or someone blow on her face three times. She didn’t open her eyes to look. She couldn’t. There were three deaths in the family – all unrelated and at various times. Maybe it was a warning and maybe it was a coincidence. It’s hard to say since they were all older people who weren’t well. I’ve heard of live cats that predicted death. Maybe someone else will respond too.

  11. Hi there I have experienced cats jumping on the bed and then flick the light on and there is nothing there it is very unnerving but
    I think it’s just ghost cats hanging out
    Nothing to really worry about…

  12. I just saw a dream , my College campus is 100 years old , and infested with cats . Many cats have died here . In my dream I saw a cat claw marks being made automatically as the cat ( now invisible) was walking towards us . I was the first to notice it , I blocked it’s way with my Feet hoping to feel it physically but it instead started to walk on the door ( Feet marks in the damp floor ) against gravity ! My friend freaked out and I had to console . PS. This was a dream only and I have had read a book in childhood named ‘the cat spirit ‘

    • Hi, Sourabh, That’s a very scary dream! I suppose if you’re seeing cats all of the time and read a scary book about cats your mind could create that type of dream. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I experience the same feeling of a cat walking on my bed. I bought my house six years ago, and don’t have the history of who lived here before us. It always seems to happen right before drifting off to sleep. To find out that other people have been experiencing the same thing is very comforting. I was just telling a friend about this happening to me today. I found it so strange that decided to google it to see if there was an explaination for it, and was shocked to find everyone’s post. I have a fairly new bed and thought it might the pocketed coils, but unless we all have the same beauty rest bed, it probably really is a cat ghost!

    • I have something, dog or cat that starts jumping or walking on my bed every morning at 6 am; not kidding. I don’t own either. The other morning it was behind my head, pulling his paws down the back of my hair.
      I prayed, blessed my room with oil, it left for a week, it is back.
      I am going to smudge next week, I am tired of it.
      One time I felt it jump off the corner of my bed, I heard it’s nails hit the floor.

      • Wow. That’s creepy.

        I was googling this because I too get the same feeling. Like a cat has jumped on the bed but none are there. I own cats. I know what it feels like when they jump on the bed. I can feel it and hear it. I’ve had 2 cats that had passed since I bought my house 6 years ago. Maybe it’s one of them. Sometimes I swear I see a one of them out of the corner of my eye but do a double take and nothing is there either.

        It’s so interesting that so many others have felt this. Good luck with yours. Mine don’t mess with my pillow. It’s always at the foot of the bed. Sometimes on the left side (like a few minutes ago) and other times on the right side of the bed. I’ve even called for my cat after feeling it or looked to see which it was before only to find out no one is there.

    • Hi, Pat. I tried to think of a rational explanation too at first. I thought maybe it seemed to feel that way, but nothing made sense. I also wonder why it hadn’t happened before if a mattress or fan blowing could cause that feeling. The first time I felt it I was sure it was a cat, but nothing was there. I wonder if we’ll ever know? Thanks for sharing your experience.

  14. I’ve never owned a cat and last night while I was sleeping on my couch, I felt like a couple of cats were fighting right next to my head. It felt so real, the couch and pillows moved and I could clearly hear the cat screeches. I tried to wake up and move but I felt paralyzed. When I finally did get the chance to move I awoke and started hitting the pillows to see if there were cats there. There was nothing. I was a little scared to be honest, especially because I felt paralyzed for a good minute. It was 4:14 am when I had finally woke up. I didn’t know how to feel other than frightened. I ended up going back to sleep but in my bed instead of the couch because I was scared there was cats in my couch. This was my second experience feeling an “invisible cat” near me or on me.

    • I wonder if it could have been sleep paralysis, Luisa? I’m not saying that it is since I really don’t know. Look it up and see if it sounds like what you experienced. I would have been afraid too, but maybe it’s nothing to be scared of.

    • I have felt this a couple times, I have a cat that is outside. It freaks me out. I can feel it walk towards me. I am afraid to move or look. I just start praying for my guardian angels to help me and it stops. Glad to know I’m not alone.

      • I used to be afraid too, but I’m not anymore. I figure now if it were going to hurt me it would have already. Praying is the right thing to do, and it works for you. I prayed silently in my mind when I was too afraid to react.

  15. Oh my god I can’t believe I’ve found this! I have had the exact same experience for years after my cat Yogi passed away. I never got another cat after him but sometimes I swear I could feel him jump up and walk around the foot of my bed while I was trying to sleep. I would wait for a while to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it and then I’d quickly look and nothing would be there… I’t makes me cry everytime. It happened just the other night and it made me wonder if other people had experienced this as well.

    • Welcome, Rose. Countless people are having similar experiences. Some think it’s the ghost of a cat they knew while for others it’s something frightening. I’ve had experiences with pets that have passed on too. They’re still around us. 😀

    • yes we recently lost a very dear cat he died in my room i sometimes feel like he crawling on my bed when i turn the lights off to spleep

  16. I have had similar experiences of feeling a cat walking on my bed. I have 2 cats now and have had 3 others that have passed away. The most recent time was a few nights ago. I woke up feeling a cat walking on my bed – neither cat was in the room, but my dog was pacing back and forth and turning around in circles in my bedroom. He seemed distressed. It was unnerving, but I am hoping it will happen again sometime so I can pay closer attention.

    • Sorry for the late reply. It seems your dog knew something was in your room, especially if he doesn’t usually act that way. We can’t all be crazy. It is unnerving, but I’ve never seen anything, at least not in bed. I did see a dark cat walking toward my recliner with an open mouth as if it were hollering at me, and it disappeared underneath the footrest. I had just woke up and wondered if I imagined it, but with the walking on the bed, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s my husband’s dead cat or something else. He doesn’t believe it. At least I’m not the only one. I wrote the post in the hopes that I wasn’t losing my mind. lol

  17. Ive had the same experience im my mothers house. I remember it happening quite a few times when I was younger. I never experienced it after I moved from her house. I stayed with her about 20 years later and it started again. The last time it happened i let it walk all the way to my head and i could hear it breath…. and then in a deafening whisper it said “Do as your told”.
    I had problems with that ear for months afterward…. it felt like my eardrum was damaged….
    I know i wasnt dreaming because it had woken me up minutes before and i kicked my feet thimking it was a cat walking on the bed.

      • Yes I woke up the other morning(10/30/17) with two sets of cat scratches(four claw marks on each set) on my right shoulder. I never felt it happening when done, but it felt sore the morning I found it on my shoulder. Has anyone found a way to banish these creatures from their homes? Would love to know how to do it. johndeere

  18. I had the same experience in our current home that my husband and I bought 17 years ago. The first 5 or 7 years we were here I felt what I thought was my cat jump onto the bed, walk toward me and curl up by my hip or side. I would reach down to pet her and….nothing there! I would jump up and turn on light and no cat anywhere! Once or twice i went looking for my cat and found her sleeping elsewhere in the house. For a while it was nearly a nightly experience. Always while I was still wide awake shortly after turning off the lights. My husband (a heavy sleeper) thought I was nuts. A couple times my cat was asleep next to me in the bed when the phantom kitty came. It stopped for a year or two then happened again for a couple months then stopped again. Its been years since the last visit. appeared to stop for good after my cat died at age 24. I had her for her whole life. I remember wishing to feel her next to me as a ghost but…..nothing after she died. I just saw a show on TV talking about others with similar experience and decided to google. Apparently we’re not alone! I kind of miss my phantom kitty and desperately miss my real kitty…..I know it was not imagination. I am not a believer in ghosts or supernatural etc. But this happened!

  19. So I have been laying in bed at night close to one side of the bed with my back turned to the rest of the bed and I have 2 cats now and no cats that have ever passed away well maybe when I was younger but can’t remember I live in a rental and sometimes at night I feel a cat jump on my bed from the floor I look or reach out my hand thinking it might be my cat but no cats there at all. I don’t know what it is. I call it ghost cat… Not sure what it is thou…

  20. This has been happening to me for about a year and a half. I have three cats but they do not sleep with me – ever.
    I think it is because I have a cpap machine. When I first felt something jump up on the bed, i would always lay very still hoping one of my real cats would snuggle up. But that’s all I felt, the jump onto the bed, no walking on the bed. I’d just think one of them jumped up then down real quick. But it happened more and I would try to see which one it was. Then I began to feel it jump up and then walk a little ways but never settle in. I began to feel it was not one of my cats but something else. But I never gave it much thought in the light of day.

    Then one morning, my son said, “The strangest thing happened to me last night”. And he told me he got up to go to the bathroom during the night – then went back to bed. He shuts his bedroom door always because my cats have chewed on his ethernet cables. He felt a cat jump on his bed. He wants them out right away and turns on the light – nothing. He was tired and figured they were now under his bed and it was too much effort to get them out. So he went back to sleep. When he got up in the morning he opened his door and all three of my cats were waiting in the hallway for him! Now we have proof it isn’t one of my cats! Very bazaar.

    So NOW I’m creeped out. I’ve felt it a couple of times since my son did – fairly normal but a little more walking around. Then a third time, more activity . . . It seemed to be jumping up and down and up and down.

    Then last night I felt it jump up on the side at the head of my bed. Like a very heavy landing. I was just about to drift off and it startled me quite a bit and my heart began to pound like crazy and I felt like it ran up to my face. My mind was kind of buzzing with adrenaline I guess but still in that almost asleep state where you wake up kind of confused. I was trying to get it away. It all happened in a split second. But I’m unnerved by it and that’s what prompted me to search online and I found this conversation.

    • OMG! I’m not imagining it. I thought at first it was a neuropathy issue, but the weight is too heavy on my body, as if my cat is walking on me. A couple of times, I’ve even told my cat to wait until later, because he wakes me up and likes to be petted on top of me, but he wasn’t there. It freaked me out. Sometimes the weight gets even heavier behind me, as I’m sleeping and feels warm and nothing is there, I’m assuming that my husband is still in bed. It’s so strange. I’m so glad I’m not going crazy, but now I don’t know if I should be scared. I suffer from panic attacks. Has anyone ever been hurt?

      • Hi, Linda. I agree completely. It’s not imagined. and even if it was we couldn’t all be imagining this. I’d like to know if anyone has ever been hurt by what seems to be a cat too. A long time ago I had the feeling of someone sitting on my bed every night. That was at different house. I could feel the covers tightening around me as if someone was tucking me in, and sometimes the bed would shake. I prayed but while I was praying it seemed to escalate. It got to where I said my prayers as fast as I could because it seemed to bring it on faster. I was scratched by someone or something one night. I woke up to feel burning pain in my foot. I had three bloody scratch marks. I thought maybe my cat did it, but I wasn’t sure. So many strange things happened in that house. It wasn’t a cat. I could share so many more strange things that happened in that house. In the new house I’ve only experienced a cat or something that seems like a cat. I’ve seen it. I woke up in the reclining chair in the basement and saw a dark colored cat moving quickly toward the chair. It’s mouth was open as if it were meowing or hollering, but I couldn’t hear the sound. It was almost as solid as a real cat but something was different about it. For lack of a better description it was kind of fuzzy and two dimensional instead of like a living being. It disappeared into the bottom of the chair. I thought I was imagining it at the time since I had just woke up, but then I felt the walking and pressure on the bed.

  21. When I was a child the elderly women on my mother’s side of the family spoke of an invisible cat that sometimes would visit them some say it would brush up against your leg or just sit by them they also said afterwards someone usually a woman in the family became sick and passed away so we’ve always taking it as a warning. When I got older the cat came to visit me very strong visit pulled on the blankets jumped on my bed sat on my lap I could see a fuzzy outline of the cat I tried very hard to look at it and not fear it my mother became ill and died of lung cancer two years later. I’m answering this post because the cat came to see me again and I’m concerned that someone in my family is going to get sick and die and there’s any explanations anyone could offer I would appreciate it thank you.

  22. We just moved into our new nome, my cat Max was 16 years old and had kidney failure.
    We saw a black cat with a white stripe and a red collar sitting in the window across the street. I saw him multiple days. Max died on July 3,2017. I met the family across the street and they were out with their dog. I mentioned about the cat in the window and she looked at me and said,we don’t have a cat, I told he,yes, I saw it in the window. Now when I think about it,I have not seen the cat since Max died. Last night ,I felt like something was kneeding
    On the bed-like max use to before he settled down. It startled me at first, I miss my buddy.

    • Hi, Janet. I’m so sorry about Max. That’s strange about the cat in the window across the street. I wonder if they’ll notice it now. Keep us posted if you see it again.

  23. I sleep on a water bed. The bottom half of the bed sinks and stops about waist high. Tonight it happenefvagain and the bed sank up to my chest, I called out. NOTHING When I call for my Guardian angel it stops. Not sure ehat I am dealing with, but I asked my Guardian Angel to tell me. Pray!

    • Hi, John. I didn’t pray out loud in the past because I was too scared. I was afraid to move a muscle or utter a sound. I would do it now, though.

  24. I agree with the others that say Not to give it any attention. Just ignore it/ act like you don’t feel it there. If I Believed in ghosts and thought it really is a passed on cat that just wants human attention, I’d feel Bad or Mean to Ignore it. But I personally Don’t Believe in ghosts. So what ever it is…. If it’s Bad, since it hasn’t hurt me I Believe it best to Ignore it- maybe it will go away by me not showing any kind of
    reaction when I feel it there. If it’s Good then Still I’m going to Ignore it because I Don’t Know if it’s Bad or Good, and if all it’s doing is laying next to me for want of feeling a human next to it. Then I feel like I’m in control of the situation and how I’m going to react. I’m NOT GOING TO LET MYSELF Feel Threatened by it ,Become an Emotional Wreck over it, Or ALLOW Myself to be SCARED! Still- However Im Really CURIOUS What it is??!!!!

    • I’VE HAD A CAT IN MY BED TO. IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR AT FIRST I WAS SCARED. I Had some friends coming and stayed with me with camera stayed 5 hrs with me . Thy didn’t see or hear anything. I know it’s a cat if it’s a SKUNK I don’t want to pass it went to my sister for the it came with me . Went to a motel. It was there to. I’m not scared. I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO HAVE IT I’M ALONE AND I DON’T MIND .I never had a cat that I was close to. And the lady who lived here before didn’t have one.I am living in a old hospital so I’m sure there’s gost here . My friends laid on my bed some yes some no.would love to hear from you.

      • Hi, Linda. I chuckled at the part where you mentioned a skunk. LOL I knew of an old hospital that was made into apartments in Northeast Indiana. I wondered if they were haunted or if anyone ever experienced anything strange. It’s really scary that it went with you elsewhere! At least it hasn’t caused any problems. Years ago I was scratched, but I don’t think it was a cat. I had someone (or something) tuck me into bed every night. I felt the mattress sink down as they sat on the bed. It was terrifying. I’d take the cat any day over that again.

        • i am having a hard time with mine. i felt it was a dog every night it walks up and down my bed. i prayed a year ago to take it away that night it stopped but the problem is it went to our sons room. last week i prayed again to leave my son alone and bother me that night after a year of not being there it left my sons room and came back to me scary when i sit on the computer chair i can feel something pushing on my chair. dont know what to do

          • That’s scary, Paul. If you’re not too afraid when it happens I would pray out loud for it to leave the house. I’ve heard that if you ask for something to bother you instead of someone else, it will. I’m still frightened when I feel ‘the cat’ on my bed.

    • I think that it’s smart to ignore it too. I don’t want to give it attention, but I’d also like to know what it is and why it’s happening. I have called for my dog or my cat when I’m really scared. I guess I’m hoping I will scare it away at the same time, if that’s even possible.

  25. For almost a year,I have felt the crawling/ footsteps of a cat on my bed. It feels like it has extremely lightly jumped up on to the foot of my bed from the floor. Then walks exactly like a cat does, I hear nor see anything at all. I only feel the feeling of a cat walking softly past my feet,it continues moving up till it gets to the inner bend of my knee and stops walking. It feels like it has laid down & nestled it’s self against the back of my knee & a bit on my thy. I used to think it was my own cat doing this because she has many times over & would always lay in the back of my knee bend, on top of one of my thy’s and some times just at the foot of the bed, ONLY when my husband is NOT at home! (Nyla Knows he DOESN’T ALLOW HER IN Our Bedroom! & ESPECIALLY, DEFINITELY NOT ON OUR BED!!) So..she Explicitly stays Out of our bedroom when he is home. & Mostly when he isn’t home. However… Before he moved in with us (Nyla the cat, and myself) and when he is away on business for a few or more consecutive nights in a row. I used to & still do let her sleep next to me. She has Always laid on top of the blanket I’m under- Same with the cat I can feel but can’t see when I look, expecting it to be my Nyla cat. My husband and I ALWAYS sleep with our bedroom door CLOSED. The cat I feel is DEFINITELY NOT MY CAT! This feeling of a cat walking softly up to the back of my knee and settling in,even happens when my husband is home! I’ll look to see if it’s my Nyla so she doesn’t get in trouble for being on the bed, and there is nothing there, or in our (Tiny) bedroom. As I mentioned before our bedroom door is always shut. So if it was my cat, when I look around even turning on the lights to see all throughout the room, I’d see her! Oh I almost forgot to mention that my bedroom’s too Small for my queen bed frame, foot and head boards, so we sleep on 2 box springs with a very full pillow top mattress. Therefore Nothing can be or get under our bed. Sometimes I take naps during the day and I will feel the unseen cat walking softly on the bed next to me and it Is Always Behind me. as others have mentioned having this experience. It Really Freaked me out for about the 1st 5 times it’s happened, it isn’t very often it happens, maybe once a week or once every two weeks. It hasn’t caused me harm, I can always go right back to sleep, so now I just ignore it. Nyla is the only cat I have ever had. So I don’t think it’s a passed away cat ghost, people who lived here before me didn’t have any cats ( they were allergic to cats) I’ve lived in this house for 17 year’s and 4 months as I said before, this experience of a cat jumping up in to my bed then walking up to the back of my knee (I’m a side sleeper) has only been going on for the past year and some months.

  26. I’ve had this happen to me twice now. The first was the night after my beloved cat of 20 years was put down. I was grief stricken laying in bed trying to get to sleep when I felt her walking up the center of the bed, but her steps felt unusually heavy (dead weight)?
    Two years on now, and it happened again, last night. I was experiencing chronic insomnia, just as I was drifting off, something jumped up onto my side of the bed and began walking up beside me, I became quite alert by the time it made it’s way onto my pillow, then it was gone. I like to think it’s my old girl visiting me, when she’s able to find me in the right sleep zone. A little unnerving though, but I look forward to more visits.

    • I too have exp. A light weight walking/touching sometimes as if it was playing chess across my covers when my husband and i would sleep at nite..though my husband never felt it, though i didnt discuss it..after my husband passed about a year seem to stop..but last night i experience it again..touching , moving across the bed..this time got very close to my pillow before drifting into i annointed my bed this morning with Holy oil and asked GOD to reveal this type of engery/source/ spirit to i know HE will…

  27. I’m not religious nor consider my self believing in the occult. I thought nothing of it, until i noticed the bruise.
    The house cat is a pain in the arse, it will meow till i let i my room. It does the rounds and then insist getting in my face, only settling once it begins to drive its claws into my soft arm muscles. Serious, this cat just keeps it up, digging claws in till it falls asleep. So as i watch its routine another cat jumps down onto my pillow behind me. My first thought was the Red from next door is in my room, fuck its going to be on! these cats hate each other.
    As i sat up the house cat protested, which i thought was odd she should of been doing that ” this is my house, Fuck off growl”. I must i drifted off, there was no cat, i just imagined it.
    Then the doona moved. Anyone that has cats, you know what it feels like when a cat walks over your bed. So i got up and turn the light on, ffs no cat! i must of been dreaming.
    Now wide awake, i crawled back under the doona again, turning my back on the house cat now snoring.
    Then i felt the weight on right leg, ffs i’ll never get to sleep, so rolled onto my back expecting to see the house cat purring at me from my feet. As i did, i now felt a snake creature under the doona. i fluffed the covers in a panic and looked at my cat. this must be a dream shes not moving. Did i just feel that? The weight once again returned over my right ankle and then spread to my left. As a bloke i thought interesting, now images or flashes entered my mind. A balding figure with a long jaw and arms held me down. sounds strange but i later described it as Alfie (tv) with no or little hair. This amused me and i tried to lift my right leg thinking it was nothing more than a leg cramp. The painful cramp was now been bent over a bar with all its might.
    Ex service i had spent many hours on parade grounds and began to wriggle my toes. Then to my amazement the doona moved again. This time it stopped at my chest, fearing the worse, i felt it weaken.
    I knew it wasn’t supernatural, it had passed between dimensions. The more i relaxed the quicker it lost its grip.
    The next day i thought nothing of it other than my wicked imagination. Till my ankle hurt. Removing my sock there was no finger marks or impact marks just two bruises. One long one and one on the back of my leg.
    Easily explained somehow, i had hurt myself during the night and dreamt of a reason for.
    Few days later i told my lady how i bruised my ankle and my dream of, short version.
    She went off. you where powerless, frighten and it looked like goluum? No! ” i wasn’t powerless, i went with it. the bruise i did in my sleep. Then she said something that got my attention. “it felt like a cat in your bed”?
    She started to rave “its called, “sleep parralise” or something like that”.
    As guys do, i started thinking the worse ” std “. She had these dreams and via sexual transmission, i was getting them. “omg its syphilis”!
    Tho it didn’t explain the bruises and the images. She had called him goluum and i saw it as a bald Alfie and her knowing “it felt like a cat in your bed”. I hadn’t told her this stuff. I gave her the short version. how could she know?
    She believes its attuned, “beep beep” special ppl, that can see this stuff.
    I didn’t see it, i had images, i felt the cat like steps. If it wasn’t for the bruises i might never of mentioned it.
    My bed is huge with no tangle points. Tho keep in mind bruises take a few days to appear, why was mine there the next arvo? lol time dilation?
    lol as a guy i think i’m gunna stop thinking about dream lovers. lmao.

  28. Hello;
    I will share my experience truthfully but please be aware it may look “spooky” at first – it’s not – so if someone uncomfortable with spirits thing please don’t read further.

    I have the same feelings since many years and these experiences started after I start doing some spiritual practices (Tantra; Meditation..)
    I feel it when I just start to fell to sleep; it’s like someone (not a cat) “landing” on my bed and start walking very gently .. sometimes I feel like it lies down behind me (always behind me) and sometimes I feel gentle touches on my head and body; or gentle pull to my bed sheets
    I was very curious and interested although sometime I felt a little afraid
    after many years of experience I figure out what they are ..
    they are spirits .. what we call in my culture “jin” or “geni”- I am not Western-

    How I know that?
    because I saw them and talk with them!
    I am saying the truth here; I am just sharing my experience .

    How this happened?
    the experiences became more intense by the time until they develop to this :
    Seconds before I fell to sleep I feel something landing on my bed; then movements around me then I feel like a very light human walking in my bed; then I started to feel like a balloon or a ball entering my body and moving from down to up ; it’s a little painful feeling such as a strong message .. after that I saw this ball get out of my body and became in a figure of little human I see it as a bluish white phantom in a figure of 1.5 Meter human or so .. I did talk with it and it claimed that she is a spirit and she loves me !

    I was very curious back then and have many experiences like that.. it will take long to talk about it so I will jump to my conclusions from many of experiences :
    1- the walker on my bed are spirits.. some are females some are males.
    2- they claim many things but most of it are totally lies.
    3- they enjoy to be with humans.
    4- they try to do sexual intercourse and they enjoy it.
    5- they enjoy playing games and saying lies; and seeing our reactions..they enjoy when the human become afraid and anxious from the experience.
    6-they don’t make any harm if they know you don’t afraid of them. So DON’T be afraid they are nothing and I saying this truthfully from years of experience.
    7- they afraid from strong humans and stop playing when they know that the human doesn’t believe them and very firm in order them to stop.
    8- as I said they enjoy the presence of human and they do it to a lot of people without feeling them.
    9- The people like us who feel them have some kind of hypersensitivity or has strong spiritual abilities ; this sometime enhanced by spiritual practices .

    What happened next?
    After I had my conclusions and get bored of there games and lies I was very firm and they stop coming as figures any more ; and the experiences then got back to just feeling of landing and walking in the bed
    Till now I have these feelings and I just ignore them ; and to be honest I don’t want them to stop!
    Yes I am happy to have experiences beyond the normal life; and maybe because of this I still have these feelings .lately they become more frequent and that’s why I searched for the subject .
    Maybe be they become more frequent because they felt that I miss them!

    I don’t know if your experiences have the same level of mine; I just wanted to share my experience cause I thought it will be helpful for some of you .. although it looks freaky and the type of experiences most of you don’t like to know but I think sharing my experience – which is a little intense!- may encourage you to confront your experience without fear as you saw they are harmless and easy to control ..
    I am here; and I am fine and I didn’t suffer any mental; physiological or physical problem from this experiences.

    What I recommend ?

    1- If you like and curious on spiritual experiences – like me- you may open your self to your experiences – mentally and psychologically – to go with it and see what will happen.. knowing that most of what you will hear and know is just games and not true so beware of taking things seriously .
    2- If you don’t like going with these experiences and want them to stop; just ignore them!
    know that they are harmless and don’t think about them.. by doing so the experiences will fade gradually until stop .. I don’t think there is a need for sages or prayer ect.; Just ignore them and know there harmless traits .

    In short you can consider this beings as a new kind of pet you may or may not enjoy interacting with .. and act accordingly as I recommend above .

    I am very satisfied and happy to know by experience – not faith- that we live in a very large; strange and interesting Universe 🙂

    I hope this may help and I like to here your comments; but please save me disbelieve comments I know them all by heart!
    What I said is true and real.

    • Fafa, your story is very interesting and I respect your spiritual belief and culture. But even though some of our experiences are similar, I don’t think they are all exactly the same. My “bed walker” definitely feels more like a cat than a small human. And I’ve never felt it inside me or try to have sex with me. That’s too creepy.
      You say you can communicate with it? How? Does it speak in a human voice? Can other people hear it too? Or are you communicating only mentally?
      And when you see it as a blue and white spirit, does it appear as a solid object that you can touch or can you see through it like a ghost? And when you say it lands on your bed, where does it fall from? If a small object falls onto your bed from the ceiling, it would feel different than if it came from the floor.
      The creature on my bed doesn’t do much more than walk back and forth behind me (and always behind me). But it lands on the floor at the foot of my bed before crawling onto my bed. I can even hear a light thud on the floor right before the crawling starts. However, I never feel it actually “landing” on my bed. More like it just crawls up from the floor. Sometimes I can feel it inside the matress and sometimes it pulls on the bedsheets. And there is always a slight vibration coming from it too. It almost feels like an invisible, electronic, pulsating device that can crawl like a cat. Always at night time, never in the daytime.

      • Hi Brian;

        Before these experiences happened I didn’t believe in “spirit worlds”.. I just believed when it did happen.
        I am Left minded person and did the spiritual practice as an experiment with open mind.. and they work!

        Yes I don’t think all the experiences here are the same;but I thought that by sharing my experience I can help others to deduce what may happening to them.

        So as there are human like beings; your experience shows that there are animal like beings .. I don’t know what they exactly are; but I am sure that they do exist and sometimes they interact with humans.

        Now to your questions:

        1- All communications happened in a strange state of consciousness; it’s some kind of a state between sleep and wakefulness though it’s more close to wakefulness than a sleep;when the experience happen I am very aware of every thing; I know that I am in the bed; I remember every thing happened during the day; I know that I have an experience .. in short I am totally aware of every thing around me..

        this state of consciousness is well known in spiritual and occult sciences ; I just experience it for real.

        2- I meant by “landing” is the feeling of something drops gently into the bed; it something like a big bed-sheet or a big towel drops on the bed; most of the time it started like this.

        3- The communications are not always begin with a ball; sometimes it just begin by seeing the figure after feeling the movements; and sometime it happen without seeing a thing; just feeling there is someone laying beside me and start talking. I just mentioned the extreme situation.

        4- If someone watching me in my room during the communication ; I think he will think I am talking while I am sleeping he will hear my voice but not the voice of the being; for me I am totally awake and I hear my voice loudly and the being’s voice.

        5- what I can see from there figures are there general form (shape of the head; the body and arms).. most the time they have a small heads and long arms .

        6- the figure doesn’t look totally solid; but when I touch a part of the body I feel it as a solid thing; most the touches happened as holding there hands; there were many different experiences; sometimes I felt that there hands are similar to ours but they feel smaller and very soft; sometimes there hands have 3 fingers!

        7- Yes they communicate with human voice; weather female or male voice..they speak in my language and rarely English..
        I think they can speak any language according to the human they contact with.. and they have nice voices!
        but sometime I hear some kind of grumble or hissing so I don’t understand what they are saying.

        8-All communications happened before sleep; but not necessarily in the night sometimes while I am trying to sleep afternoon, It’s all about the consciousness state.. this is well known fact in occult science but I did experience it for real

        I hope these will answer your questions.

        about your experience and others who talk about a cat figure I think this :

        1- It maybe a kind of animal like spirit trying to be in a presence of human; as I said it’s obvious that these things – whatever they are- are very attracted to humans; I don’t know why.

        2- but I doubt this cat like figure is a disguise of human like figure; they did in many occasions mentioned to me that they can have any figure they like; So why they show themselves in this animal figure?
        I don’t know for sure; but maybe they don’t want to frighting the human and they suffice to be in there presence or maybe it’s one of there “Childish” games.

        For me I give 70% for the second thought.

        But Remember they DON’T do any harm if you don’t take them seriously knowing that most of what they say is totally lies .. Just go with the experience as a game or totally ignore it.

        Taking them and there claims seriously may affect your normal life; So don’t do it!


  29. I’m so glad I’m not the only one, thought I was going nuts. Our family cat Rocky was a precious cat to me and passed away in late 2010. I would experience things that felt like she was still jumping up on my bed but nothing was there. I decided it was just me missing her and my imagination was going beyond when I was really tired. It slowly went away, until just recently. It returned, I’ve become more jumpy, and it’s hard to get rest when you cant see something walking on your blankets… I can’t help but feel stressed, confused and wonder what in the world is going on. It could be leg muscle twitches, my imagination or a ghost of some kind… You think I would be happy if was the ghost of my cat but I feel vulnerable, and creeped out, maybe that’s why it wont leave me alone. I’m tempted to let someone else sleep in the bed and tell me if they had the same experience. It is close to the anniversary month Rocky passed away, maybe the stress of life made me miss Rocky and her going to sleep with me. All of you who struggle with this situation, I hope you find peace and a solution. I know reading that I’m not the only one, helped me find a silver lining in an odd situation. Thank you for sharing.

  30. I had it last night and many times before it feels like cat is running on my bed. I also felt wind made by its moves when it run just in front of my sleeping head. When I move my hand or feet the invisible cat feeling dissapeer for a short time and then it comes back after that. It feels too much complicated to be just a muscle vibrating because it feels like invisible cat was running in circle around me and all this wind i feal when it run near my head or leg.

  31. This has just happened to me the past 2 nights. I am Empathic and prone to premonitions, but I have never had a spirit visitor. The night of the solar eclipse, August 21, I had a light presence visit the side of my bed. I was awake. Last night, (the same?) a presence visited me, walking from the bottom of my bed up to the side of my body. It did not frighten or startle me; I was just aware of it. It felt like a cat.
    I’m afraid to ask why it is there; I don’t want to invite anything negative. My dogs are not alarmed by it. I have never had cats, but I definitely sense that it is there for me, and not attached to the house. I have lived at this house for over 2 years and this is the first time I have experienced this.

  32. Yes i have had the same experience. I’m laying on my bed and it feels like someone is walking on my bed. I have a small dog and a cat and i look and they aren’t up on my bed. I want to say its an animals because its really light indents feeling. But I’m not saying it could be a hand. Its definitely a spirit. I always say its nothing because i don’t want to feed the spirit because idk what it could be here for and i don’t want to find out. I’m good on that. Ive also have had other feeling of air being whip up behind me like someone walking by but on one was there. Your not alone onbwhat your facing. You might want to get some sage and find a native American prayer to walk aroundbthe house and free them and let them know everything is okay. So spirits haven’t found their way yet and need a little human help

  33. I have felt this for years and am just now getting to research it. Started work the feeling of someone sitting at the side of my bed when I am just laying there trying to go to sleep…. Now I still get that at times but most of the time it feels like a cat jumping onto my bed then walking around and nothing is there. So weird, question for everyone: does anyone have Night Terrors/Sleep Paralysis? I do but not while this is happening. Strange phenominon. Love to all.. Kin

    • Kim, no I don’t have night terrors or sleep paralysis. But I always have a hard time falling asleep. Even as a child as far back as I remember, I could never fall asleep fast. In fact, when I was little, everyone in our house would be sound asleep long before me.

  34. I felt the same thing shortly after moving into a previously occupied house and several times since. My own cat died a week ago and last night the sensation was the strongest ever. It sent chills up my spine.

    • Hi, Doug. I’m so sorry that your cat passed away. It’s a very scary experience when you feel an invisible animal on your bed. It’s still unnerving to me.

      • I started having the cat jumping onto, then walking on my bed, sensation for a couple of years now. It started occurring when our last family cat passed. Three of my cats out of the 13 I have had over my lifetime were overweight so I do notice weight differences in the jumping and walking. Sometimes it’s two “cats” and sometimes only one. I definitely believe it is the spirits of my kitties that I loved so much. However it freaks me out so when I go to bed at night I tell them how much I love(d) them. I then say all their names and ask them to stop jumping on my bed because now that they have passed it is no longer appropriate and that they are scaring me. The occurrences are down to maybe once a week instead of every night.

  35. I’ve been noticing that right before the creature starts crawling on my bed, I always hear a light thud on the floor. As if it falls from the ceiling or something. Has anyone else heard a light thud on the floor? I don’t believe in ghosts or supernatural entities. But I’ve never heard of an invisible cat that falls from the ceiling, can crawl on top of or inside a mattress, and has a strange vibration to it. To me, it almost seems mechanical because of the vibrations. An invisible, remote-controlled cat, lol. Are there any other current websites or chat rooms where people who are experiencing this can discuss it openly? So far this one is the most recent one I’ve found.

      • Well, I guess I don’t hear it every time because I normally sleep with a fan on. But if I don’t have the fan on, I hear the thud on the floor right at the foot of my bed. And I always feel the footsteps right behind my back when I sleep on my side no matter which side I lay on. The pattern of steps is very predictable too. Walking back and forth behind me until settling right behind my head. Of course when I turn around, nothing is there. Creepy!

        • I sleep with a fan too, and my room is carpeted. I’m not sure that I’d hear anything. Are your floors wood? Lately I’ve felt something touching the blanket. Other times it seems as if something is slowly pulling the blanket down. It’s creepy to say the least. I still feel the footsteps too.

    • Hi Brian….For the past few months I have been experiencing the strange walking of something on top of my bed at night too. Like most ppl, I dismiss the sensations or feelings, thinking it must be something the body is creating so I simply ignore it, but when it continues I have to seriously ask, “what is going on?” We have never owned a cat, but the previous owners did and as far as I know, when they moved out 22 yrs ago, their cat was still very much alive. We currently have a mini Poodle, our second since living here. Our first mini, Katy, died in 2003 and that’s when we got Maggie. I can relate to most of the stories here about the ‘lightness’ of the walking, it almost feels as if it could be a cat, but I never feel it just jump up on the bed or ‘on to the bed’….it just appears. It is a most disconcerting experience, the other night for the first time causing my heart to race. As with other times, I sat up and tried to observe some movement on top of the bed, but there never is anything visible. Strange you should mention it, but the other night for the first time, I also felt some type of ‘vibration’ through my pillow. At that point my dog was laying next to me and I wondered if she was grinding her teeth, but quickly I realized she had never done this before. With all the stories related here, it is truly remarkable that no one has been injured by these ‘phantoms’ of the night.

    • I hear the thud every night, then comes in my bed. I have used cameras to video tape but never seen anything been going on for 8 years now, got rid of a good mattress and spent loads of money on peppermint oil, mice traps etc… had my sister lay in my bed and she felt it too! My little pest loves my feet but occasionally walks up to my head, spent many nights with light on but I guess he got use to that it would come to bed with, never seen a dropping of any sort so I am guessing it is not a mouse

  36. Wow! I can’t believe I finally found other people who know have experienced this too. But does anyone know how to stop it? This has been going on for too long and I’m really sick of it. I would just like to go to bed without this happening.

    • Burn sage and make sure its from native Americans not the factory farm sage. Sage
      For removing negativity and for healing, White Sage is preferred.

      Sweetgrass is used for blessing after sage has been used. It is used to attract positive energy.

      The Art of Smudging

      The first thing to do is to make sure that the area is well ventilated and open up windows so that the negative energies have an easy means of exiting.

      Get a shell or any flat heat-proof container. It is good to have a feather to move the smoke away from the person or object that is being cleansed.

      Light the smudge stick and when you see a flame, put the flame out and the stick will continue to smolder.

      Move the smoking stick around your body starting at the feet and use the figure eight motion as you move the stick up your body. Continue this until you get to the top of your head. At this point the energies have been released into spirit, and you can then proceed to cleanse another person, object, or space. You can do chanting or prayers as you use the smudge stick. Make it a sacred ceremony for yourself.
      As the stick burns, put the ash in the shell.

      When smudging an area like a room, house, or car, it is beneficial to acknowledge the main directions, which are: north, south, east, west, up, and down. Continue to use the figure eight motion and use the feather to move the smoke away and out through any windows.
      It is recommended to smudge all closets in a house as negative energies often store in those areas.

      When you have finished Smudging, extinguish the stick by dampening it with water, crushing it against the shell, or placing it in sand. Keep your smudge stick, feather, and shell in a special area, medicine bag, or on an altar.
      Start doing this and watch the changes that occur in your life. You will be amazed at what starts changing! Artical by ~ Cherokee Billie

  37. July 6th of this year I lost my pet Shi tzus abd buried him in my yard. He was 16 and my faithful companion. After a vacation the end of July with my husband, we returned to spend the night with my mom. While laying in bed wide awake thinkin on my to list, I felt small animal like footprints walk from the end of the bed up toward my back and then lay with it’s back against mine. When I looked there was nothing there. My pet dog used to do that at night. It was a comforting feeling.

    • Hi, Dee. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a shih-tzu, and I dread that day. After my American Eskimo dog passed away several years ago I heard her bark each time I came home and rang the doorbell. Each day that passed her bark became more distant. About the fourth day I could no longer hear her. It sounded as if she was in an empty room or space that I couldn’t see. I’m sure that it wasn’t my imagination. She was doing what she would have done in life.

  38. For about three months I have had this cat like thing crawling around on my bed it now seems to be physically attracted to me to the point where it literally sucks my toes and is constantly hunching on me. Is terrified in and tried lots of things nothing seems to work . Now it no longer walks around on my bed but I can feel it in my mattress up under me and constantly licking. I am just about to go crazy. I need help so badly

  39. About a year ago I was asleep and heard scampering coming down the hallway towards my bedroom, i thought that sounds like cats. It sounded like 3 of them. They run and jumped on my bed but seems like 2 of them jumped to fast a fell off the bed on other side. They jumped back on and were playing with each other.
    Then as they were getting off the bed i managed to grab one from its front leg. It was white and it just looked at me with out struggling. It gave me a look like “can you let go now”. So i did and went back to sleep. From the time i heard them in hallway i was like i don’t have any animals (just fishies in living room). I was sleepy and thought i will investigate in the morning.
    Then about 2 nights ago i felt them playing on my bed again. This time i ignored them, then i felt like little mice about 3-4 of them run across my forhead. All this happened about 4 am and went on for about 30 min. I woke up when i felt the cats and looked at time, fell asleep and then cats were back and this time felt like the mice on forehead and i looked at the clock. I only felt the mice one time.

    A friend said maybe it is from animal spirits from many years ago. I live in the country and this area is wooded and no houses were ever here before my moble home and landlords house. Maybe squirels etc.

    • By the way i was not scared during either of these times.
      Have experienced things in life and this is no biggie. But i do wish i knew why it is happening.

  40. This was happening to me and the occurrences got stronger every night. After the ‘cat walks’ started, I tried to ignore it. Then shortly after the bed would shake or jolt. That was usually the time I would leave the room (and go sleep at our lake house). We had a lady come out and pray over the home & us. It left. For a while anyway.
    But I’m also a therapist. I have a mystery illness that leaves me unable to work for weeks at a time. After a long bout of illness & not working, I’ve be become well again. This week I’ve started seeing 3 clients a day. Now the ‘cat walks’ are back. I try to do my best to not connect to deeply with clients to take on any of their ‘junk.’
    I’m not sure if the two are related, but this is starting to get old. 😕

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, J. I’m sorry you’re dealing with the mystery cat – if that is what it is. I haven’t felt the ‘walking’ lately, but I still feel the jolt of ‘it’ jumping on the bed. I’ve been ignoring it, but lately it seems as if someone or something is slowly pulling my blanket down. I suppose it’s trying something new to gain my attention. I’m tired of it too. 🙁

    • Hi JHazel and Others
      I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles and your illness. I truly hope things get better for you. I also have experienced what feels like an animal crawling over me at night. It began to occur after I stayed in a creepy airbnb with my family over Christmas Holiday this past year. I woke up the next day and informed my family that it felt like something was pushing and crawling on the bed with me. I have a cat but as others have mentioned I wake to find nothing else in the room with me and my cat was not in the room either. I was also getting super and cold that night.
      After that experience I didnt think much of it, however, when I got home to my apartment a few days later the phenomenon continued. The pressure is so real and has become so intense I started sleeping on my couch. I can still feel the crawling but it is not as strong for some reason on my couch as in the bed in my bedroom. I have tried to think of every possible excuse (as I have a background in the Sciences) to no avail. Including my fan might be creating the pressures, blankets, sleeping different ways, bed positioning, but nothing has stopped the occurences. I completely stopped sleeping in my bed until I moved into my new house and I thought the feelings would stop at my new house but they have not only continued they seem to be stronger. The pressure is intense and it feels like someone or something is crawling from the bottom of the bed towards and around me. I was also in an intense study program when this all started and feeling very drained.

      I am wondering if the vulnerability was sensed upon and if something could “follow me.” I was hoping the move would stop the feelings at night only thus far but they havent. I have read that it can be a sleep like paralysis syndrome but this is before I am even close to falling asleep sometimes. I can just lay down and still be very much awake and it will start. It happened last night and it was so intense I had to move back to the couch. I havent slept on my bed in my new apartment now in the past few weeks because of it. I was finally going to give it another shot when all of that ensued again.

      At first I thought it was my childhood cat whom meant the world to me and I loved him so dearly that I miss him everyday butI dont want to think that he wouldnt have crossed over. Plus he passed almost 7 years ago, why now? And none of this started until I slept in that air bnb that my family rented over Christmas. Its all so weird and I dont know where to turn to. It is a creepy feeling to have this occur. I wish the best to anyone else going through it and I am sincerely sorry for the uncomfortabilty that comes with this presence. I completely understand what you are going through. Best wishes. Peace and Blessings.
      I am going to burn more white sage and do a cleansing myself and ask the presence to leave. I have done this before but it did not stop but I am going to do it again. Anything is worth a try to two at this point.

      • Hi, Lyndsey –

        Something you said sounded very familiar. I’ve always slept with a fan, and back when I lived in a different house I also wondered if what I felt was caused by the fan, air pressure, etc. I also tried to rationalize everything. Back then the problem wasn’t a cat. I had what I now call ‘a bed sitter’. Every night shortly after I lied down I felt someone unseen sit on the bed next to me. The pressure was real. It couldn’t be explained away. I hadn’t been asleep and there wasn’t a rational explanation. Next I felt the covers tighten around me as if someone was tucking me in. My bedroom was in the basement, and I couldn’t help but feel as if I was six feet under in that room. I kept thinking about an abandoned graveyard. Who knows what was on that property before the house was built. Something or someone was in that house. Other things happened too, but I won’t go on. I wrote about that too.

        Anyway, it sounds like you brought something home from that airbnb. You’re doing the right things to get rid of it, but as long as you leave the room and sleep elsewhere it’s not going to leave. It has the upper hand. I understand why you’re sleeping on the couch, but you have to take back your room and your bed. As scary as it is, try doing all of those things that you mentioned when it happens. Good luck to you. Please come back and let us know how it’s going.

        • I too have experienced this cat walking and I can say that the fan had nothing to do with my case. I do have a fan running in my bedroom but 3 days ago I was at my daughters place 3 hours away and the first night I didn’t get much sleep. She does have 2 cats but they were nowhere in the room as they stay very close to her and she was upstairs sleeping. I have no cats at my home and this experience has happened to me several times in my home but this was the first for me in another home. I don’t know what to think !!!

  41. I have had this happen to me I wake up can’t move . Then I hear like if it was little people running around the room . I look at the mirror beside the bed I see nothing and I still can’t move hen all of the sudden a dog jumps on me somehow like a puppy and then turns into a cat then jumps off I tried to call my friend that was sleeping on the bottom of the bunk bed but I couldn’t even speak or yell I just want to know the meaning of these things .

  42. I feel the same thing. It jumps on the bottom of my bed , walks to the bend of my back and I can feel the weight pushing up against me. At the slightest movement from myself it is gone. This has been going on a long time. One night it walked to the bend of my back and stopped. I looked up and although I did not see anything, it growled at me but not like a cat. It also walks up higher to my shoulder and I feel as if someone put their hand on my shoulder. Another time it touched my hair. I have burned white sage in there and a friend sent me holy water. I do not think it is a cat. It is entirely something else. Any tips?

  43. I feel the same thing. It jumps on the bottom of my bed and lightly snowing in the mountains the mountains and the bend bend bend bend bend you you walks to the bend of my back and I can feel the weight pushing up against me. At the slightest movement from myself it is gone. This has been going on a long time. One night it walked to the bend of my back and stopped. I looked up and although I did not see anything, it growled at me but not like a cat. It also walks up higher to my shoulder and I feel as if someone put their hand on my shoulder. Another time it touched my hair. I have burned white sage in there and a friend sent me holy water. I do not think it is a cat. It is entirely something else. Any tips?

      • I have told it to leave in the name of the Creator and Jesus Christ . Then burned the white sage and sprinkled the bed with Holy Water. This thing is messing with me.

  44. Ed
    I thought I was the only one…. 🙂
    It’s happened over the past few months but has really increased in the past week. I reach as everyone does and it’s not there. I open y eyes wide and it’s gone. I always know that it will. I figured it was the spirit of a much loved cat that died a couple of years go. Past few days it has gotten consecutively closer and I can feel a hint of fur or just almost the first cold glance of the nose. The purring has become more pronounced to. Well, tonight it kept stopping at the top of my head and sniffing it and then it would down to my right arm and hand in particular and sniff that. I have nightlight in the other room and just a nit of light comes into where my bead is. As the “cat” came circling around I barely opened my eyes and it wasn’t a normal can face. The top the cats head was normal but from the nose down it was humanistic and twisted. I Let it circle me three times see if it was just shows playing and it wasn’t. On the time around I caught it’s eyes and it notice I could see it and it was of just hate and anger. Scared the hell out of me. I told it be begone and it got down but kept reaching up and touching my feel and the sides of my leg. I’m not a big praying man but I got up, found a cross, said as many prayers as I knew nd climbed back into bed. It, or they’ jumped up and came up and sniffed the cross and I told them to leave and they have. This just happened a mere 45 minutes go. I’m not saying all cat spirits are bad… but I am saying maybe there are some bad things that that use the form of a cat as a ruse.

    • That’s terrifying, Ed. I’ve been feeling ‘the cat’ on my bed again. I’m afraid to see what it is, although I’ve never been able to see anything in the past. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Happened to me for the first time today… Every time I’d be falling asleep I heard a cat jump on my bed and walk around me…. kept me awake till 4am…. what could that be? I really want to know…

        • Hi, Alex. It’s still a mystery. All I know is more and more people are experiencing this. I’m not sure if we’ll ever know why.

    • Ed, this is a demon harassing you. I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and in Him there is no darkness at all. I urge you to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, find a good Bible-believing Christian friend and church to go to, and command that thing to leave in Jesus’ Name. We have the authority IN CHRIST to command these demons to leave us alone.

  45. Yes!!! I just now had the experience, again! and have felt it many times before . I’ve ignored it before. But tonight was freaky. cause I know I felt something. like a cat kneeding right beside me and walking up beside me, but nothings there. I have felt a cat jump on the bed but look and feel around and their not on my bed. I have cats, but they’re not in the bed when this happens. I have in the past yr n half lost 3 cats, one was my precious I had 15 yrs. My mom died July 2014, it’s her bed I’m sleeping in now too. Lately I’ve had a hard time sleeping in the bed. I just came back to the couch cause tonight it freaked me out. I KNOW I FELT IT. And I KNOW it wasnt my living cats. So I decide to Google it and I can’t believe I see this. Like wow!! What the heck is it? Could it be my cats that have passed away?

  46. You described exactly what is happening to me with the invisible cat jumping and walking around and the entire mattress moving or rocking. At times it feels as if a 250 person sits on end of the bed. I also do not believe is ghost this can happen day or night. I just wanted to let you know your not alone.

    • I don’t know if I should feel better knowing that other people has felt the same thing I do. But what I want are answers. I don’t want to tell anyone because I’m afraid they will think I’m crazy. If anyone has an answer, please let me know.

  47. Omg! This is weird, it doesn’t happen everyday, but last night it happened
    Again. I’m lying still just watching t.v. and it feels like my cat just jumped up
    Onto my bed and is walking around me. I don’t really believe in ghosts, so I
    Rationalize it as a mild earthquake. I live in california where they are common.
    The lights were on still and I turned to look like three times and nothing was
    On my bed but I could feel something. I never said anything to my husband
    Until this morning, with the risk of him thinking I’ve lost my mind.
    He admitted that he too has felt something lightly walking on our bed
    Sometimes. My cat is not even in my room when this happens either,
    Because I’m one who will investigate, and everytime she is in the living room
    Curled up on the couch. Then I look it up on the Internet and read that others
    Are having the same thing happening to them just peaked my interest.

    • Belinda every single thing you said is what I felt last night. I woke up feeling like maybe it was an earthquake as we live in Cali too but there are no reports from our area. It was the most realistic strange feeling of an invisible animal walking on the bed next to me and on my legs.

  48. Your not crazy lady I have the same feeling My dog has passed away along time ago at nights I can feel him jump on bed & walk all the way up next to my face then rest

  49. Hi.

    I’m sure it is a cat. On waking in between both worlds I saw the cat spirit in my bedroom. I do like cats they are protectors. I feel the cat too sitting or moving up the bed. And heard it jump off too. They will be in their etheric form so we can still sense the sounds and feeling that would be physical but not quite physical. When I saw it i was like a cat. I turned the light to see if the cat was in the bedroom under the bed. The cat dissapeared from my vision after a few moments in the dark. Cats should keep negative entities away.

  50. I have the feeling of a ghost cat and sometimes a ghost rabbit walking on my bed too. (I’ve had several pet cats and rabbits, all dead now.) It feels VERY real. It can be very freaky!

  51. This first startd with me always waking up in the middlr of thr night and i didnt know why.
    Thrn i was awake between 1am and 4 am just reading on my phone and heard a sound in my room. I was alone and no pets and my door was closed. I flashed my light and saw nothing. I decided to ignore it. Now last night i felt a pinch on my shoulder. I was dreaming at first and in my dream was saying stop! This woke me up and o dozed back off. Then i was woken up by the feeling of something walking up against my left side. I was laying on my right side. When i realized what i felt i gently opened my eyes barely enough to see bc i wss scared. I thrn saw two glowing green eyes & heard a growl. They were just floating. No body that i could see. I was so scared i just closed my eyes tightly and brtan to pray the lords prayer and asked for protection and to send away any energies good or bad. Rebuke etc. this is hoe i found this thread. I am so confused. I never get good sleep and ALWAYS feel exhausted. Now this has happened and i am wondering if therr is more to it than i thought.

  52. Thanks Sara that makes a lot of sense. I’ve been dealing with this along time and your comment opened my eyes.

  53. I had written another article on this subject on a different blog. A guy named Jake commented last night. He’s terrified and needs help. In his situation, it started out as a ‘cat’ but it’s definitely not feline. I’m not experienced in getting rid of demonic entities and didn’t want to suggest something that could make it worse. I advised him to seek help from someone experienced in his area. If anyone has any other advice for Jake, here is the article. Hopefully he will receive the replies. Good luck to all.

    • Am a man of science and an atheist and does not believe in ghosts. I felt a cat like walking on my bed too many times. When it happened, i kind of grab it in the location where i think it was but there’s nothing. I even moved my legs to where it is and there was none. So, i observed when it always happened. The feelings happened only when i was always drowsy or when i was about to sleep. My conclusion is, it has to be in my brain. Maybe i lack sleep. This happened to me 10 years ago and coule have happened for about 3 months. Perhaps in this span, it occured 10 times or more. I was diagnosed to have anxiety after this. My advise, get enough sleep. That’s all you need.

      • Only problem is: Every time after an encounter with it, my head is pounding under extremely high blood pressure. As soon as I get up and sit in a chair, it quickly returns to normal. High blood pressure is the number one silent killer.

        The more sleep I get, the more I experience this thing. It is not a fiction of my imagination. At one stage I got up for a few nights and actually played with them. I would lie down with my head exactly where I felt them in order to have my eyes close to where they were and to show them that they do not scare me.

        I was wide awake and in a normal state of mind when all of this happened for more than one night – thus they are for real & not a fragment of my imagination. It has talked to me on more that one occasion & every time in the same pre-recorded robotic type of voice.

        They are for real – I can say this for an absolute fact!

      • I have experienced this many times. Since i love cats beyond description, i am very happy with the phenomenon. Four years ago, it finally happened when there was a witness. My then-husband and i had just turned out the light. The bed was still. Then the “cat” landed at the bottom of the bed and took a few steps towards us. I said “did you feel that?” without mentioning anything i suspected, and my husband said emphatically”Yes I did!”

    • Three nights ago I once again kicked at this thing feeling like a dog and “scratching” itself on my feet. In a voice that sounded like a re-recorded voice in a toy doll, it said: “Don’t kick me!” I kicked at it again and this time it ran on the bed right up to my face and mocked laugh at me in a robotic type of pre-recorded voice.

      Soon after that in a dream I was shown two strong men, they looked like real body builder men without shirts. I am so fed up with this being forcing up my blood pressure high at night (or anytime I’m in bed for that matter) that during my next encounter, I first rebuked & bound the strongman & then out of frustration began to pronounce a curse on this thing – yes I know we should bless & not curse – but I have reach the point where my very life is at stake.

      This time round this thing backed off & has been doing so every time the above was repeated up to now. It does not leave, it just quiets down & stop bothering me as far as I can tell.

      It is still too early to form any definite conclusion. One thing I know for a fact: It ain’t no deceased pet & it does not have good intentions for me. It is erratic, unpredictable & has no real purpose apart from causing me harm. I am convinced that by laying at ones feet it is feeding off ones energy. It is bad to the core & should have absolutely no place on my bed. It might pretend to be a cat as I have also heard purring before, but it is merely disguising itself. If it can be accepted peacefully, it can go about it’s business without resistance. I have physically felt it only once and what I felt was a hairy tail in my hand when I grabbed at it. The scratching part is it’s frequency changes that allows it to sort of exist in two different dimensions at the same time. When I curse it, I call it Succubus & it responds. I am convinced that it is a succubus.

      That’s what I have for now…


  54. Okay so I didn’t read all the replies to your story because there was too many to read. What I would like to say is if you are still feeling this cat moving your bed you should try taking a picture of it. For the past two years I’ve been feeling things around me seeing things around me and I have been quite terrified sometimes I what I find. Is very hard to take a picture of the invisible but there is a way by using the front face camera on your cell phone take a picture that way. You may see a ghostly figure it out whatever it is or you may not. If you cannot see anything at all tried taking a picture in a mirror shoot the camera towards the mirror to catch what is in the background. This is always work for me also pay attention to the reflection on objects that have a black shiny surface like Electronics or anything black and shiny. There are so many things in my photographs that I’ve had to seek psychological help I haven’t seen everything from little tiny people to Demons and angels and animals that are very odd-looking. Some animals have the face of a human in the body of an animal. I have come to a conclusion that what I am seeing id hell walking on Earth. I believe that the LH CD that is the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland has opened a Gateway between hell and Earth. This is the only logical explanation I have been able to come up with. I am not schizophrenic I’m not on medications drugs or do I drink alcohol. The problem I’m having is learning to live with it because there’s no way to make it go away through prayer or meditation or reaching out to your higher power candies your symptoms and help some comfort please feel free to email anyone who would like to share if they are experiencing the same thing I am. Also pictures of the sky you will see a lot of things flying around that aren’t visible the way you see them is by a sparkle of light that’s reflecting off of their craft whatever it maybe look for Sparkles of light in the blue sky where there’s nothing else there is very hard to see but once you see it you’ll see it everywhere. God bless you and I hope we all will live eternally in Heaven and not hell. If I mispronounced anything or left out periods and commas are question marks is because I’m using text to talk instead of typing this thank you have a good day

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jared. That must be horrifying. I haven’t tried taking photos. I’m too afraid to do it. I looked up Large Hadron Collider to find out what it was. I remembered hearing about it after reading the article. Who knows? Some things we may never find out for sure. God bless you too.

    • There is no such place as hell it’s a many made story. Karma is real. You safe yourself not some lord. You are your own beingood.

  55. I experienced this same thing recently except I heard purring too. I have no pets. Scared me so bad, I haven’t slept at home since. I’ve got to get over it, but it’s hard when you know you’re not dreaming and can’t explain what’s going on.

    • It is scary to feel or hear something that you can’t see. I know the feeling. It used to scare me half to death. I haven’t felt the ‘cat’ in a long time now. I don’t miss it either! Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

    • I don’t think it’s a cat. I can feel the featherlight steps on each side of my body. I consider myself a man of science, and this is very hard to explain.

    • Thanks for sharing the link, Hennie. It is very interesting! I haven’t felt the cat in a long time. Maybe it’s gone, at least for now.

  56. I have been feeling the ghost cat walk next to me for a few years now. Last night it happened again. I could feel it jump on the bed and curl up between my legs. Then my roomate walked in the next room and i could feel it jump back on the floor feeling its feet take steps as it walked. A minute or two later I then felt it jump back up and walk between my legs. I could feel it making biscuits as some people call it and then lay down between my feet. I could feel the purring through the blanket. I am an empath and have had many experiences with the paranormal and I know this is my cat Debo that passed away a few years back. It makes me feel very comfortable and safe when he visits. He comes every once and a while. When it first happened, I thought it was my cat that is alive jump on the bed and walk up my side. when it got towards my hand I lifted it to pet her. But nothing was there. I looked up and she was across the room sleeping on her cat house. I knew right away it is my cat that passed because the way it walks and where it walks and it’s actions I feel through the blanket are the same I used to feel.

    • Thanks for sharing, James. At least it isn’t something to fear. Others are having experiences that aren’t very comforting.

  57. I’ve had a ghost cat following me around for the past 25 years. At least, I believe it is the same one. It has crossed oceans, and been with me on 3 different continents.
    I have almost always had cats my entire life. So the first time I felt something jump on my bed, curl up on my pillow while purring, I thought nothing of it. Until I tried to pet it. My hand went right through it.
    My Grandmother gave me a set of blessed rosary beads for my confirmation, and they stay on my headboard. My cat, Walter, also sleeps with me every night. He literally “guards” the bottom of my bed, and will occasionally chase things off. However, this small being that feels like a cat will come in, and curl up against me, sometimes even touching Walter, who I can feel moving his head to look at it, then going back to sleep. it always leaves me with a peaceful feeling, like it’s saying “Everything will be okay. You’re safe. You’re loved. You’re protected.” So I don’t think it’s an evil entity. More like a guardian angel in kitty form.

    • This is happening to me. Its like a long legged, delicate trouncer has come upon me. This thing lightly walks up my side as I lay there, terrified really, then I roll over, and there’s nothing. Help!

        • That’s very scary, Liz. Do you demand it to leave? I haven’t felt it in a long time now. My cats seem to be waiting for something in my room. They sit on my bed or on the floor facing the door, and they’re wide awake as if they’re watching for something to enter. It’s very strange. I also wrote about this in another article that I titled, I Think That I Have a Ghost Cat in My House. A guy named Jake said that it starts as a cat but it isn’t a cat. He’s being terrorized now. I didn’t know what to tell him other than find someone in the area to help. Maybe you could give him some advice? Thanks for commenting. It’s a strange world we live in. Everything can’t be seen or fully explained.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Bekki. It must not be bad if Walter approves. 🙂 My cats also seem to watch for something. They must see things that I can’t see.

  58. I have felt a cat walking on my bed mainly around my legs and feet. I’ve only experienced this since my beloved cat passed away a couple of months ago. I have had many experiences with the paranormal before but nothing like this. At first it scared me but now I feel it must be my cat’s spirit, she just wants to be next to me like she always did when she was alive. I have been woken up several times now probably at least 5 times in the morning hours usually around 8.30 am. I can feel a cat walking on my bed just like she would when she was here in the physical form. most of the time when I wake up because I feel her when I sit up in bed it stops. But this morning when I felt it I just laid there with my eye’s closed just to see if it was just a dream but no it continued to step one foot on the bed between my legs and one step by my wrist, so I thought ok instead of sitting up in my bed I’m just gonna try to move the blanket by my hand but I couldn’t move it, so than I sat up and I feel the cat jump off my bed! I’m not scared of it now. I have had an expeience with the paranormal before when I was getting ready for bed one time over 2 years ago.I always say my prayers and read my Jesus Calling Book every night. In this experience I had just laid down as normal. I got comfortable on my right side, got my book and was about to start reading it when something pulled me off my pillow towards the foot of my bed, of course it seemed strange at first more than anything because it just didn’t seem real. So I don’t think too much of it, pull myself up on my pillow and again just as quick as I laid my head on the pillow the same entity pulled me off towards the foot of the bed. I’m talking a good 7-8 inches if not more! At that point I was scared, I knew something was in my room and it could actually move my body where It happened so fast I could not stop it! I instantaneously started to pray in Jesus name for it to leave and I have never experienced any thing like that again. I found out a couple of months later that my ex-Mother Inlaw had passed away around that time. I feel it was her because for some reason she never liked me, she was one of the most cold harded person I’ve ever met in my life! Real life scary story but True. and I’ve experienced other things but will
    not mention them as I feel I have already written a lot!

  59. Finally made some progress on these scum – yes, that is EXACTLY what they are. Before going to bed, I put some Tea Tree oil on my heart, forehead & head front head sides. Now this beast can no longer chase up my blood pressure or give me bad dreams. Instead, it is now suddenly all over me at night vibrating all the time as it moves. I think it is trying to find another soft spot through which to attack me.

    The Holy Spirit warned me that if I do not take care of this thing that it will eventually succeed in killing me. Hard to accept in the light of Luke 10:19. However, from personal experience I KNOW that this thing is out to cause my destruction.

    In any case, for those that experience these absurd events any more than in a mere deceased cat/owner reunion like experience, the above just might be of some help to you.


    South Africa

  60. Hi …I just wanted to post and update from yesterday. I had high anxiety about this after that night. I didnt want to go to bed. But I knew if I gave into it I would develop a phobia or something. So I went to bed and said my usual nightly prayers and talked to my Dad in heaven. I told them both what was happening and asked God to somehow guide me to know how to protect myself if it was something evil. I told my Dad and asked if he had any way to send me a sign if he knew what was going on and if it was good or evil. I did fall asleep, but left my light on (I never sleep unless it is very dark) . I woke up about 6 and felt the paw steps going around my feet again and concentrated on what it really felt like. It felt like a cat. I decided for the first time to quickly pop my head up and look. I saw nothing. When I woke up again about 8 I lay there thinking and I remembered that in the middle of the night I felt something holding my foot, by the toes actually. It was a soft touch. I wiggled my foot and it very softly and gently released my foot. I then realized that I felt safe…that the paw steps must be the spirit of one of my cats, I am thinking Bobaloo….and the touches are my Dad. I feel that it is a gift and I feel good about it. I am not afraid to go to bed tonight. I let my fear get away from me. I am thankful for stumbling across this site. I wish you all well

    • I’m glad that it’s nothing scary, Debbie. I wish you well too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  61. Hi everyone! I have been having this same experience going on for quite some time now. At first I thought I was dreaming. I have 10 cats right now, I had 13 at one time. I have lost some and they are buried in my backyard. I love them all dearly. I first felt what felt like a cat, somewhat heavy, walking in a circle around me, over and over and over again. My cat Bobaloo used to do that. It was very hard to sleep when he did this. He would step on my hair an pull it. I eventually made my room cat free so I could sleep uninterrupted. Well it happens pretty regularly, as well as other things, like the other night I felt what felt like a human finger poke my finger. It woke me up and I quickly withdrew my finger. I just figured it was my Dad in heaven. I have sleep apnea and sleep with a cpap but sometimes the mask slides off and i stop breathing because mask isnt on right to help me. My Dad had apnea also and used a cpap and I think he knows when I stop breathing and wakes me up. But last night the cat like walking happened again and I had just told my Mom about it. This time it scared me more, I dont know why. It felt heavier and two footed. I dont dare open my eyes, I just keep them closed until it stops. I did that last night but for the first time I felt an intense urge to kick my legs to stop it but I was too scared to do that also. I dont know why, but instead of thinking it was a cat, feeling the heavier feeling and feeling that it was two footed my scared brain imagined a red demon with hooved feet. I dont know why I got that in my head. Now that I have read that it actually is happening to others I feel so comforted. It is real. It is a real thing. I am not crazy. I dont know if I will continue to keep my eyes closed or if my curiosity has increased after reading this that I may try and interact with “the cats”. I just proof read this and realized that how I described the image of the demon in my head sounded like the devil, although in my head it didnt look like what images I have seen to be the devil in books, etc. That is kind of scary. My mind must have just gone into overdrive and imagined too much. I am going to just relax and believe it is spirits of my wonderful cats that have passed.

  62. Hi, I’m Jody. My story started out as a cat on the bed. But evolved to something different. Every time I lay down, I feel something settle in between my feet.
    Then it feels like large gentle hands massage my feet. If I wiggle my feet, it goes away. I absolutely love it. It totally helps me sleep. At times , it feels like someone is pulling at my socks from different angles, whether I have socks on or not. It doesn’t seam to want to communicate with me, but it helps me releave stress. I hope it never goes away.

  63. I’ve been experiencing the same phenomenon for a while now, maybe a couple years. I feel it get on the bed and curl up. Never owned cats, but have had many dogs and a few I had put down. A couple of weeks ago I got an idea, to investigate, and took a K-2 EMF device to bed with me. Bought it for the grand children when they became big fans of Ghost Hunting on TV.

    I was laying awake on my left side with my left arm next to a pillow in the middle of the bed. The K-2 was powered on and laying on the pillow. The K-2 has a row of lights to indicate the strength of the
    EMF detected. The first light on the left comes on when the unit is powered. As I laid with my eyes closed, I felt IT get on the bed and opened my eyes. As soon as I felt IT touch the pillow, the second light on the K-2 illuminated, but immediately went off, as if the light coming on scared IT. I felt IT slowly creeping back on and off the pillow, causing the K-2’s second light to blink on and off in rhythm with what I was feeling. IT finally gave up and got off the bed. Wanting to know if IT is evil, I checked the web and found your post. Have any solutions, if needed?
    Thanks, Opa


  65. Hi, All. Last night it finally got to me to the point that I googled it. They say no idea is original, so I guess in the same vein, nothing that happens to you is happening for the first time “ever.” Unless it occurs during space travel. This will be the first time I’ve ever “said” any of this to anybody “out loud.” And, as disturbing as this phenomenon can be, I guess at my core I didn’t want anyone to judge me as crazy, or to tell me my home may be inhabited by a presence other than my own. I don’t know if finding I wasn’t alone in this makes me feel relief or more anxious. Reading through some of the comments, at 3 AM, at the same time made me feel scared and not…

    Here’s my story. I can’t recall if this started in 2015, or 2016, but I know it hasn’t been happening for much longer. I specify that because I’ve lived in my condo since 2003, and I haven’t owned a pet since my early teens (I’m 43, now). I also have no knowledge of the prior occupants of my unit, and I don’t “feel” like, or at least recall, that it’s been happening for much longer.

    So, as it usually happens, I’m laying on my side in bed with the sheet wrapped over my head so that only my face is exposed. I have the radio on very low hoping to be lulled to sleep as I’ve been insomnia-tic the past few weeks. Then it happens; I feel and hear what sounds like tiny little footsteps right above my face on the sheet. It always feels like it’s walking from the back towards the front of my face.

    Like I always used to, I wait to see if “it” will eventually go past the edge of the sheet so I can actually see it. It never does. Most times I throw the sheet off or make a sudden jerk that would hopefully toss “it” away. No such luck because once I’m comfortable again, it happens, again. Like many of you have experienced, I’ve felt the bed shake, but in the beginning (I’m realizing right now as I’m writing this) I would think I was in a dream, or quite possibly experiencing very small tremors of an earthquake. Again, I’m coming to some realizations as I write this, so there is a chance this may have been happening longer than I’ve been cognizant of it.

    None of my neighbors ever mentioned earthquake activity, so I never did either. Last night may actually be the first time I’ve been aware of the bed shaking with the footsteps in the same episode. Now, many of you (I only read about 3 or 4 accounts) reference cats. I’ve never before thought of it as such. It’s never felt THAT heavy. My house it critter free save the occasional mosquito or fly that manages to circumvent my apparently faulty screens. So, I would always think that it was something of the sort that 1) because of the quietness of night, and 2) the closeness of the sheet to my ear seemed magnified and louder. However, now that your “cats” have become part of my thought process, and the shaking of the bed added to the same equation, I don’t know what to think.

    I used to have other theories that the footsteps were actually my blood pulsing through my veins making contact with the sheet. For clarity, we’re never aware of our blood pumping (unless actually taking a pulse), but, again, in the quiet of night; with the sheet laying on just the right spot, I thought maybe that was the sound I was hearing/feeling. Or, my other theory was that I was in that perfect place between awake and asleep where I was more susceptible to the dream world than reality… But, I’ve had THAT dream where I think I’m wide awake, laying on my back staring at my ceiling, but for the life of me can’t get up or scream. It feels like something invisible has me pinned down. I dispelled this as part of the phenomena because in my inability to move or scream, I groan loud enough that I usually wake myself up, and usually my first thought is what the hell do my neighbors thing is going on in hear (if they heard that).

    I tried Once to catch it on video, but the fact that my camera phone light was so bright, I don’t think I ever relaxed long enough to allow it to happen. And in the strange likelihood that “it” is an actual sentient entity, it’s very likely smarter than to show up withe the camera rolling. Like I’ve seen many times while scrolling here, it is definitely “UNNERVING!” The thought that some “thing” or “Someone” may be invisible and still having a “real” affect on me is exciting (as long as it means me no malice), terrifying (if it isn’t decent in intent), and crazy because I can’t PhucKing see it!!!

    It only helps a little to know I’m not alone. Only a little.

    • You’re definitely not alone, Melo. I’ve wondered many of the same things too. I have to wonder why it hasn’t happened my entire life if it’s a case of blood pumping, etc. It started around 2007 for me. Also, I’ve felt it just seconds after lying down and long before drifting off to sleep. Maybe we’ll never know what it is. Thanks for sharing your story.

  66. Good afternoon all I’m glad you are all feeling thing as I’m am mine are many different thing and they seam to start as so as I get into bed like they missed me there one that seam like a rat on hamster clawing on the sheet and then come closer and closer I open my eyes but nothing there and I can still feel it I kick the blanket waiting to hear it hit the wall or floor but nothing then there is a small deer or sheep that like to prance around the bed now this has to leave foot print because I can feel it on the bed and it want me to know it there after a little while it go down and lays on my feet and nibbles or sucks on my toes then I have people that crawl on my bed and lay right next to me it seam like they are cold and want to get warm up they rub on my back and legs and play around with my ecap mask now I can feel the weight of them and their movement and ever their heartbeat so how does a ghost have weight or a heart beat hand that I can feel on me and does this ever stop I am not scared so much and more but then again not sure why it going on what do they want there other people in my house but no one ever said any thing about them well it not normal and like most of you starting to thing I’m crazy

  67. I’ve been feeling a small creature (Id call it a cat if it wasnt for what transpired tonight) on my bed for about a week now. It definitely has four legs and it is very small. It had mostly stayed around my legs and I even felt it rest its head or some other part on my left leg. I ignored it and brushed it off at first thinking there is no such things as ghosts and its just my mind playing tricks on me, but lately I really am thinking Im losing my mind.
    About an hour ago I was trying to fall asleep and I felt it circling at the foot of my bed I grabbed my phone at the bedside and turned the light on to point where I was feeling it. I suddenly felt it run towards my face and I felt a cold run through and around me starting from my head going down to my toes. I laid dead still out of deep fear for about a minute, threw my covers off, turned on my lights, stared at my bed, then came downstairs to google whether Im going crazy, and now Im here.

    My hairs are still standing on end. Im a 35 year old man who is now afraid to go to bed. What the hell is this? I dont think its a playful cat. Its something trying to mess with me.

    Im glad I found this sight to know Im not the only one. Before this week I would have laughed at all these posts. Now Im writing one.

    • It is scary, Rob. You’re not crazy. It’s a phenomenon that seems to be increasing, and I don’t have an answer. At least we can discuss it here. I still feel a cat or whatever it is on my bed at times too. I’ve even felt the mattress compress near my arm, and I’m sure that it’s not my imagination either. We can’t all be crazy.

      • Thanks Kim, I still feel it every night. Even when I tried sleeping on the couch. It seems to only bother me when I try to sleep. I no longer fear it. If it was going to harm me it would have done so by now. It is annoying, it would be so much better if I could just see the stupid thing(s). I just ignore it the best and I can and hope it eventually lose interest in me.

        • You’re welcome, Rob. I still feel it, but not every night. I wish that I could see it too, but I also no longer fear it. I saw a ‘ghost cat’ in my home a few years ago. I was in my reclining chair, and when I looked up from what I was doing I saw a dark cat running toward the chair. It was looking right at me. It must have been meowing because its mouth was open as if it was, but I couldn’t hear it. I could only see it for a few seconds. It looked almost as solid as a real cat, but it seemed to look a little blurred and whitish, for lack of a better description. The cat disappeared into the bottom of my chair. I had the footrest up. Needless to say, it was very strange! It didn’t scare me, though. Maybe it’s what I’ve been feeling on the bed.

  68. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever felt. I have never believed in ghosts or paranormal things. My boyfriend and I stayed at a Doubletree Hotel last night and I felt a “cat” walking up the bed. I shook hard thinking it may be a rat or something to try and flip it off the bed and it stopped. I could feel each paw depress the duvet, I could feel the duvet touch my skin as it walked. I cannot believe there are others who’ve felt this before in the same manner. I am perplexed…

  69. I got woken up at 430 this am by something doing what could only be described as purring in my ear. I don’t know anything about the paranormal but I know what I heard. My eyes in that split second that it takes to wake up and focus saw movement right by my face. It disappeared so quick. There are no pets in this house and it was just built in 2014. I was scared at first because it startled me so badly that I heard myself say “Leave Me Alone” I’ve heard myself say things half in and out of sleep and it wasn’t in the tone of fear it was annoyance. Like this has happened before and I don’t remember it.

  70. I observed the following during the last few weeks:

    1. When I wake up due to visitations by this “cat”, my blood pressure is so high that I can hear it in pumping my head. As soon as I am awake, it slowly returns to normal.
    2. Since sincerely rebuking this thing, it moves very gently & quietly so as to not to attract attention to it.
    3. Lately it jumps off my bed and fiddles with me standing on the floor next to my bed.

    Thus I can safely state the following:

    1. This is indeed NOT a deceased pet!
    2. This thing seriously wants to harm me & try to wear me out.
    3. It responds to rebuking if I keep at it until it does so.
    4. It is trying it’s best to interfere with what I am dreaming – giving me bad dreams instead.
    5. It sends invisible creatures up my legs, sometimes on the inside. I’ve read about this somewhere, so my experience is not unique.
    6. If you search under folklore, you’ll find accurate descriptions of this, however most believe folklore only to be stories.

    Anyway, most would not believe all of the above – it serves as mere food for thought for those troubled by all of this. These are not deceased pets, that I can now state with certainty!

  71. I have felt the sensation of something jumping on my bed like a cat or small dog for sometime. Sometimes it feels like someone sits down on my bed. It’s never really been anything worth any concern for me. Although last night it escalated for me. I woke up after a strange dream not bad just strange. When I woke up it felt like something was shifting it’s weight in my mattress like it was trying to get more comfortable. I moved to the side and punched the spot it came from. IT MOVED AGAIN. I looked in the mirror later that day and A scratch is on my chin that wasn’t there the day before. My finger nails no matter how hard I tried couldn’t scratch me. I keep them cut to short an OCD habit of mine. I am seeing stories all over online of the same experiences but no one has a name or any idea of something supernatural.

  72. Sometimes at weird places, like school, I’ll feel a cat brush my legs. At school. I look and there’s nothing that could have done it. I had three cats that are now dead, but I don’t know if it was a strange cat with problems that made him like a dog instead of a cat or if it was the cat that used to be mean but then mellowed and kept me company while my mom read books to me…

  73. G’day, I’ve just experienced something of similar that freaked me out, thinking automatically a ghost just bloody woke me up..Therefore I am now wide awake for the rest of the night while I’m guarding my wife and kids. So, here I am asleep and something pressed on the mattress or walked around my pillow, which definitely got my attention. I woke up straight away, only to find my 2 months old baby boy had his bedsheet covering his face!?? I freaked out and pulled it off within seconds. I looked at the time, which sadly fell right on MIDNIGHT!! Wtf! Goosebumps straight away!
    Today’s time and date when it occurred: 12:00am January 20.
    Any ideas what just happened? A guardian angel perhaps?

    • Hello. That is very scary, AJ! I would like to think that it was a guardian angel. I’m so glad that your son is safe.

  74. I’ve had the same thing happen several times last week for the first time, it kind of freaked me out a bit, but after the second time I found a logical explanation that seemed to make sense and put my mind at ease. It’s your heart beat and that’s all it is. When everything is quiet and your body is still, especially if you are in bed, you can feel your pulse all through out your body, which in most cases it feels like the mattress is moving along with your pulse.

    After coming to that conclusion I basically came up with the courage to kick my bed sheets, open my eyes and swipe my hand where the pulse (invisible cat) was located, just to prove 100% that some BS cat spirit isn’t trying to freeload on the comfort of my mattress. Sure enough, nothing happened.

    Rest easy everyone, we are not being visited by fictional creatures, we’re just slightly more observant to our surroundings.

  75. Okay, so I’m definitely relieved to know that so many others have experienced this as well. But I want to know what it means. I used to experience it every night, not owning a cat, but just feeling like it was definitely a “invisible” cat walking on my bed. Weirdly enough, still having the same bed but living in a different house, I don’t experience it anymore.

  76. I have had the exact same thing for years. I didn’t tell anyone as I was a militant sceptic who would have only been teased about it! It would happen twice a week for probably 7-10 years.

    Then, one morning my brother came out of his room saying the bed he was given a few days ago, was haunted and described the same experiences i had for years!

    Then I came clean and told everyone about my experiences! It felt like a kitten, which took a very regular path around my bed.

  77. Herewith a follow up: The praising God bit helped for one night only. The very next night this thing/things would not budge. The next thing I did was praying quietly over & over “I pray that the blood of Jesus & fire of the Holy Spirit surrounds me like a penetrable wall until the morning”. It did not remove it/them from my bed, but it/they did not touch me all through the night.

    I have found the following on this topic:

    2Co 12:7-9  And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.  (8)  For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.  (9)  And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

    Mar 9:28-29  And when he was come into the house, his disciples asked him privately, Why could not we cast him out?  (29)  And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

    1. This happens to the strongest of Christians
    2. Some things just cannot be cast out

    I have absolutely no idea why this is so. But I’ll have to live with it, same as Paul did.

    For my non Christian friends, I came upon the following:

    Really WEIRD stuff, but so is what is happening to us.

    Hope the above can be of help to some of you.


  78. Hi All,
    So glad I decided to do a search on this. It helps validate the real experiences we are having. Two days ago I decided to take a nap. I was almost asleep when my cat jumped on my bed. I thought “Oh darn, I don’t want her coming in my room (cat hairs all over), but then she walked over and snuggled next to my calf(leg calf…not baby cow,,,lol) I decided to just go to sleep because it was so sweet. I woke up and opened my door (first clue), and simultaneously saw her in the living room! Then I remembered this had happened a few weeks ago too.
    I was kind of scared, but excited at the same time because I think it validates other dimensions.
    About four years ago, my bed was on the floor (no frame) and I felt something pushing up from under my bed. Even though I knew that was not possible, I moved my bed around anyway. Then I feaked out that maybe something was inside my mattress. I felt this on about three or four separate times within a couple of weeks. It then stopped. However, the next thing that happened on a frequent bases was that my bed would vibrate…even when I was fully awake. This continued for about three years. I finally thought of doing a search on it. To my amazement many, many people across the globe have had the same experience. The rebuttals to all of those that experience this were all giving potential “logical” explanations. The thing is, you can easily tell that they had not experienced anything like it and did not understand the reality.
    I absolutely do not think any of it evil, but rather a blessing to be able to realize paranormal experiences giving insight into the truth of knowing there is more than what we can see and touch.

  79. I get this quite frequently too. It first started a few days after my cat passed away, around this time last year. Woke up with the feeling of my legs being scratched, kinda just knew it was him so let it continue until it got a bit annoying so just moved my legs and it stopped. Then I felt him at the bottom of my bed another night, kneading away, so I just talked to him, as crazy as that sounds. Lately he doesn’t jump up unless I talk to him and say stuff like ‘you coming up to see me’ and just all the usual things I would say to him when he was still alive. I don’t find it scary at all. Some nights I call him but he’s not around and I feel a bit sad that he didn’t visit that night. Glad I’m not the only one this happens to, was wondering if I was going a bit crazy or just imagining it all because of missing him but I know that I definitely feel him there. Strange.

  80. These are Incubus & Succubus spirits. They have every intention of harming you, especially your marriage, causing depression, suck your energy, manipulating your thoughts etc. I am a dedicated strong Christian. Rebuking them did not work using the name of Jesus. The * * * ONLY * * * thing that works is to start praising God the moment they appear. They cannot stand this & will leave within a minute or so.

    If you are not a Christian, then I have no remedy for you. Maybe there is, but I don’t know of it.


  81. Hi Kim,
    One thing Ive noticed in reading other peoples replies is that they all seem to have happened in the last 3-4 years or so.
    It’s the same with Me as well. In 2013 my Cat died here at home. I couldn’t bury him here so I buried him at my girlfriends apt. She had a big backyard. Shortly after that, One evening I felt something jump on the bed. It felt heavy like my Cat. He was a big boy. It startled Me but I was intrigued by it. I talked to it, experimenting a bit, somewhat humoring my own imagination and feeling slightly silly but in the back of my mind I wondered if it was my Cat visiting me or had he ever left? So then, every once in a blue moon this would happen. Id say, once or twice a year up to now. Maybe around 5 times total. It’s so infrequent that I always forget about it. Well, Two nights ago, Tuesday night, it happened again. Scared me because I was just settling down to fall asleep, it was late around Midnight or so. It just landed on my bed as if jumping up from the floor like it had in the past. No activity other than that. Just the landing thats it. Now, I jumped up from laying there and scrambled for my nightstand light and turned the light on. Like always nothing was there. I felt all around the bed, no warm spot or sensation or anything like that, that would indicate sometging actually was there on the blankets. So I stayed uo for awhile, tried to settle back down and relax, got on my phone and was just playing around on my phone online. About 20 minutes later we had an earthquake.
    Originated in Nevada but we felt it here. Pretty weird coincidence but I think we all know the story of animals acting strange right before earthquakes and big storms. But, im starting to not think it’s the Ghost of my Cat, seeing how that’s a lot of activity for Ghost Cats in the past 3-4 years with everybody. I find the timeline that everyone is experiencing for the most part is slightly peculiar. Im included in that timeline with my Ghost Cat as well. It could be something other than the Spirit of our animals especially since others have reported this phenomenon to progress. To become more aggressive or bold. Now, If you put any weight on Paranormal occurances and/or Spiritual/Metaphyical things then that is typical with Poltergiests, Spirits, Demons etc. They feed off of energy, Good or Bad, BUT Negative energy like Anger and especialy Fear are like Super Catalysts for it. In the Spiritworld/Otherworld/Astral Plane (whatever you like to call it) – which overlaps our physical material world we live in- Supernatural beings/things are attracted to energy of various forms ,Emotions, thoughts, even the residual affects of physical action like extremely violent incidents or great tragedy are felt on the Subtle Plain and cause impact some stronger than others. They draw energy to become stronger, it feeds them (in a sense). I tend to think if your prayers seemingly do not work it may actually be working. Whatever it is it doesnt like it so its lashing out and fighting back. It may be very strong as to withstand your prayers and your own personal power and faith. I would advise to continue praying. Ramp up the effort and hit it with everything youve got. Be persistent and unrelenting. You may be going to a spiritual war with something you dont really want to know and this is only the begining. It appears to be playing little games with you, seemingly friendly and innocent at first and then it will turn.get stronger, braver, bolder. I wouldnt talk to it as I have done and others have done. It sounds like that doesn’t really do anything but continue it’s activity or enable it. As of now I will be resorting to my religious beliefs to send it to where it belongs. But like I said earlier, it MAY be something other than a Ghost Cat or It may NOT be anything more than that. Could it be that the spirit ofnyour beloved pet is coming to visit and play? Is it REALLY you Cat that just hasnt moved on to the afterlife and is sticking around or even stuck here? Maybe some of these people are experiencing their Cat and some are experiencing a more Malevolent Force.The question is…How curious ARE you? Lol.

  82. About two weeks ago, I felt as if our cat jumped on my bed trying to knead as she always does to find comfy spot. I thought I might have left mt door open, but I always keep it shut at night. Soon after the first knead on the right side of my head, another one started on the left side. That’s when I got scared and pulled the blanket over my head and prayed. Whatever they were they settled down. I got out of bed later to see if my door was open, but it was shut. It has only happened the one time, but I still do not have an explanation for it. Someone said that pioneers once lived in this new subdivision, which may be true as two minutes drive out of here are fields of corn in summer.

    In the old house a couple of years back, many times I would sense that someone gently laid on the pillow beside me. A close relative had just died so it was easy to attribute it to her ghost as this is the same bed she slept in when she came to stay, sometimes months at a time. But still, it startled me. Because she was murdered in her house, it is my belief that the soul does not rest until the time came for her natural death. It stopped after a while, which to me confirmed that this was the case.

    I had another experience when I was about fifteen. I was always the last one to go to bed after finishing homework. The table was in an open area where the road is visible and this one night I looked out and saw two white things with sheet draped over them. One looked like and adult and the other a child perhaps. When they moved, it was like jumping in slow mo. They headed towards our house. I was so frightened, that I put everything away in a jiffy and went to bed. When I related it to my mother the next morning, all she said was that I must have imagined it. Since moving to Canada, I have come to know that it was the time of Halloween which coincides with a period in Hinduism when the dead is observed. There was no deaths in the neighborhood that I knew of for the short time we lived there, but it was real….I saw them. I still see it vividly as if it happened last night.

  83. I have to ask; of all the people commenting here, who all has taken or takes either a PM medicine (Tylenol PM or off brand) or Benedryl? I know this may seem crazy to ask, but believe it or not, these medicines have a trippy side effect quite often. It took me about two years to figure this out. You don’t have to take prescription medicines to hear, see, or feel things that aren’t there. I used to hear unintelligible radio noise, see black patterns dancing about the room, feel little feet walking around my legs and head, and feel like things are biting or crawling on me. On several occasions, I would get up and turn on the light, convinced bugs or something was crawling in my bed. Only once did I really have an insect in my bed and it was a ladybug. The only common factor was that I was taking the cheap Tylenol PM and Benedryl from the dollar store. For a while, I honestly thought I was in the beginning stages of schizophrenia. That was the only logical conclusion I could come up with. Then when I realized I was actually still being logical, that idea was thrown out. All of the things you all are describing are very real to me, as I have experienced most all of them. In the end though, it wasn’t demons or ghosts. It was bad fillers in cheap OTC nighttime and allergy medicine. I do not feel, see, or hear things anymore. I would have thought I was allergic to the main ingredient if it weren’t for the fact that other more expensive brands didn’t have the same effect.

  84. I have had this very same thing happen to me but its not just cats with me… a couple of times it has felt like a dog (the typical weight of a lab) is walking up to me… i have also had a cat like creature thing land on my legs once and i found bruises… so this is really scaring me, i’m 16 years old and this is so freaking creepy…

  85. Hi there :]
    I can’t believe there are so many of you with the same kind of supernatural experience. I thought I was going nuts and didn’t tell anyone. No drugs, no alcohol, no medications, no mental disorders, no animals in the house. I don’t really remember when was the first time I have experienced this “invisible cat jumping on my bed” phenomenon but I think I won’t ever forget the most recent time this happened.
    I woke up along with my boyfriend early in the morning and once he left for work I went back to bed to take a short nap, set the alarm on my cellphone and put it right next to my head. Straight afterwards I felt as if something like a cat jumped on the bed and started moving from where my feet were towards my head. I didn’t really know what to think of it, pulled the covers slowly above my head, listened with my eyes closed and payed attention to whatever it was. Now the . . . unbelievable part starts . . . once it came to my head it took my cellphone and started observing it. That was the moment that made me feel like “what the f*ck” and (still with my eyes closed) I just . . . grabbed it. Yes, I actually felt . . . something, unbelievably unusual. I didn’t dare to open my eyes though. I didn’t want to see it. This little thing lying on my chest, observing my phone didn’t really seem like being bothered at all. Once I let it go, it just put my cellphone back to where it found it (more-less), moved a little and… to be honest, I don’t really remember what happened past that moment. It’s strangely blank. I might have fallen asleep after that, or… Anyways, even though reading all your comments, I still don’t know what to think of this.

    • Hi, Alice. I felt that way too at first. That’s when I went searching for others with similar experiences, and then I decided to post on the subject. We can’t all be imagining things or losing our minds. It’s very strange, to say the least.

    • Alice, I had a similar experience several years ago. It was actually more of a funny story than creepy. I’ve had night terrors since I was little. I actually wake up seeing things (in complete darkness mind you) that aren’t there. I usually turn on the light and that fully wakes me up. Then I laugh at myself. So about 8 years ago I had a dream that this big furry spider dropped down from a web in my ceiling fan and into our bed. I got a hold of the furry booger and was beating the fool out of it when all of a sudden my husband woke up screaming “What The Hell!” He turned on the light and asked me what the hell I was doing beating him in the leg in the middle of the night. I still haven’t lived that one down.

  86. So this ghost cat sensation just happened to me last night staying at a holiday Inn in Florida. Never had this sensation happen before but have seen spirits (which is freighting to me), felt presence of spirits for very long time. I am very intuitive. I was awakened four times last night with what felt exactly like a cat walking across the top of the sheets, going towards middle of bed. I’d fall back asleep and it’d happen again. So I looked on Google and to my surprise found all of you. Told the gals at the front desk about this and they definitely seem sceptic but that’s OK. I really don’t know what I’ll do if it continues…

    • Hi, Andrea. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is very scary at first. Have you experienced anything since going back home?

  87. I’m sooo happy to find these posts are still active. I lost my dog about 6 months ago. He is buried in my yard only like 50 feet from my bedroom window. Anyway, since his passing I’ve experienced what feels EXACTLY like him jumping on the bed and even making his spot comfy (sorta walking in circles) than plopping down to “spoon my butt”. Let me add, he’s a small dog about 25/30 pounds and although it felt like he was lying down to cuddle, I didn’t feel it say on my leg just the bed and blankets. I REALLY hope it is him and I’m NOT going crazy!!! I mean every time it happens I immediately think of him and can imagine what and why he’s jumped up there.
    IDK but it feels good to share with those who’ve felt it too.

    • Hi, MeLisa. Like I’ve said many times, we can’t all be imagining things or losing our minds. Something strange is definitely happening.

  88. This has just happened to me its 5am. Ive experienced this a few times in the last few days, but tonight I woke up to the feeling of a cat jumping onto my bed and then fighting with another cat. I heard that classic alley cat fighting sound.

    I do not believe in ghosts, but when you are in a dream state it seems real. I have just lost a pet cat that i was extremely close to and i think it is just grief or something. The strange thing, might just be coincidence, is that i was having a dream about my other cat, who is very solitary and still alive, walking around my room. I thought it was him that jumped on my bed, but he would never come into my room and never has. So while i was sitting up in my bed reading some of the comments on this blog my other cat starting meowing at my door. I almost had a heart attack, i got such a fright. A very strange coincidence as he has never done that before and i cant recall ever dreaming about him before tonight.

    I know this is just my imagination, and i have never ever had a nightmare or anything of the sort before. I will see what happens in the next few days and make another post.

    As i said, i dont believe in ghosts, i do believe it was just some sort of dream as it happened at about 4.30 – 5am, the time of night when your dreams start happening.

    • Look up lucid dreaming, Adam. That might be what you experienced. Dreams can seem very real! I’ve awoken with my heart pounding in fear.

  89. I had a dog pass away and buried in my yard about 12 years ago. Me n my German Shepherd did everything together, kinda like two mischievous brothers lol. He always understood me n knew what to do. In the passed year or so I would be at my desk on the computer and I would turn around really fast to what sounded like a big dog jumping on my bed. It would be really loud, n the back board would Smack the wall.

    When I would lay down I would hear my really clicky keyboard being pressed. It’s one you really gotta press em to even hear the click too

    This also started the same time I felt these cold breezes while I’m in the computer even on a hot day with the ac off.

    Idk he’s been gone for so long, but this has only been happening in the last year or so.

  90. I’ve had experiences with the paranormal for quite a long time now. First known experience was in my first owned home. A little girl would skip down the hallway. You would only catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. What was funny is that it would only appear when no one was home, to include my daughter who was young at the time. What was really odd is my daughter always talked about her sister when she was little. She is now 24, married, and has no recollection about it. At the time we didn’t think about it too much because she quite a character as a young child.

    Whatever this thing was only shook me up once or Twice. This occurred as my son was born. The creature would make its presence known by a feeling of electric energy near you and a smell of spoiled milk. When it was around I’d always look for baby bottles left behind the couch. Then you could feel this presence. When we moved out I ran into the person I sold the house to. She was about to ask me a question, but stopped in mid sentence and left. I know she was going to ask if I’ve ever experienced anything. When you have sen this first handed you know the face of someone who has seen it too.
    Now in my new home I have the ghost cat feeling on my bed. I thought it was the sleep number bed adjusting, so I took it apart and fixed the foam on the inside. It stopped for a while, but if you fall asleep on the couch, it sometimes you can see it there also.
    I’ve seen tops of plastic lids being thrown up in the air in the basement and little kids voices. Not sure what may be next. I’m only writing this because it was there last night. It awoke me in the couch, I’m not quite for sure because I woke from a deep sleep, but I believe it had my blanket suspended in air and threw pillows at me off the other couch. I got up and went to bed with my wife.

    • Hi, Chris. It sounds like in your first house it was either a child or something more sinister that could have been disguising itself as a child. I’ve even felt ‘the cat’ on the arm of the chair next to me. I can feel the arm of the chair sink down. It is a strange feeling. I’m sorry that you’re having those experiences. As far as I know I have nothing more than a cat spirit in my home. I’ve felt and heard others passing through, but not since I quit staying up late. I could hear someone or something coming down the stairs right next to me.

    • That is intense!!! WOW! I believe you because I have had a variety of experiences, but nothing to this degree. It is real.

  91. I am so glad to read these posts as I have had the same thing happen to me over the past few years.
    Some of the time I just feel them jump on the bed really lightly and the sit on the end of the bed. Other times I have woken up and seen them one even followed me to the bathroom and waited outside.
    What does this mean?

    • Hi, Janet. I really don’t know. I wish that I did. I usually only felt a cat jump on my bed at night, but the other day I felt it after lying down for a mid-afternoon nap. I waited to see (or feel) what would happen. I felt a little movement again, but it didn’t walk toward me as it usually does. It seemed to lie down. As long as it leaves us alone, I wouldn’t worry about it. As strange as it is, I’ve become used to it.

  92. Hi,
    I have the same thing happening to me. This started right after my husband passed away. I hear it walking on the carpet and then it jumps onto my bed. I was also alarmed at first and very scared. It sometimes walks up the side of my body to my head and then turns around and walks down to my feet again. Sometimes it shakes like a cat or dog that is wet and tries to shake the water from their bodies then lies down. This does not just happen in by bedroom it also happens at night when I sit at my computer. I never sit right back on the chair and it will then jump onto the chair. It seems to follow me wherever I go, even on holiday. I have had 3 pastors at my home to pray and clean my house – did nothing. I have been for prayer, still happens. I also pray and have my bible open on my bed, does not help. I have seen the indentations on the bed as it walks. Lately it also started to touch my hair then I would shake my head and it stops for a while but continues again. I cannot see anything and neither can my daughter or my mother but I know its there. Sometimes it will lay on my legs and then I kick and turn around. It stops for a while and then starts again. I have now accepted it.

  93. the past week i have felt something that felt like a cat hopping up on my bed and something going across my legs it freaked me out i woke up and truned on my Tv and there was nothing , i turned the Tv off and went to sleep never thought anything about it then a few nights later i felt it again this time i turned on the bedroom light and got up and told my son about it , he told me try and go back to sleep i left my bedroom door open this time usually it’s closed just a little bit and i finally got to sleep when i woke up that next morning i felt like i hadn’t slept . i’ve been going through depression this past year i’m wondering if something is giving me some kind of sign i’m speechless


    I found your post from Google and thought that I related to it to a certain point.

    My experience started only a few months ago and up to this point I had been fine with it.

    For me it feels like a cat jumps on my bed and then curls up on my side or between my legs, but mostly on my side.

    It started at my parents house and it freaked me out a little bit only because my cat is crated at night and only my dog laid with me (on my other side). I would look over because it distinctly felt like a cat curled at my side. Of course nothing was there. However I usually passed it off as just my extremely soft memory foam topper being weird or something.

    For the most part I kept ignoring it and just passed of off as nothing, my body settling, or sometimes I would tell myself that it was my deseased dog of a few years laying with me again suddenly (which I still kind of believe. For a while after she passed it felt like she was there but that was because she slept with me every night for years).

    However a couple of months ago I moved about two hours away from home for college and into my friend’s house. They have several cats (as in like, 12 or so) and I also brought my own cat with me. However in my room only one or two of them come in occasionally, so it’s usually just my cat and I in here.

    I have noticed that I still get the feeling like a cat has jumped up and then decided to curl up on my side. I usually just ignore it (although I will look to see what’s there and then see nothing or move my hand down thinking its my cat to pet him, only to feel nothing). It doesn’t even freak me out or anything. Sometimes it makes me feel happy knowing that there is some kind of kitty wanting to lay with me.

    ….but these comments, man….

    They kind of freak me out.

    I’m just going to stick to its nothing but a ghost cat laying with me.

    Tonight I’m going to ask my housemates if they ever get that feeling (although I doubt it because they all have a couple of cats with them at night).

    We’ll see if it ever escalates or if anyone in my house feels it too.

  95. The same thing is happening to me…………with no cats around. It doesnt happen every night but very frequently. I can feel them land on the bed and then walk over my feet. The funny thing is my adult daughter is experiencing the same thing and she lives in a different home……

  96. I had similar experiences for a number of years as a teenager into my early twenties. It was a soft comforting feeling for me, as though a lightweight cat was walking on my bed on first one side and then the other side. It started at the bottom of the bed on one side from my foot up to my hips and then on the other side. I was never frightened; I just thought it was a puzzling comfort. I tried to explain it to a counselor, years after it stopped, and said “You know that feeling like there’s a cat walking on the blanket when you lie down to take a nap in the afternoon?”…and she said, warily I think, “No.” Her response puzzled me like she thought maybe I was making up a story or it unnerved her. Anyway, I explained it to her and that was that. Finally, just now, I decided to look it up on google. And this has been my story!

  97. I have had very similar experiences in the last week. I felt the weight of a cat jump on my bed and make its way towards my face. I could hear the cat purring. When I opened my eyes there was nothing there. Anyone else felt / head the purring? It happened again last night, this time it felt like a smaller creature. I have been worried sick that it could be a mouse! Again made its way towards my face and I could feel the purr. I dont have any cats right now but maybe I should.

    A little petrified to go to sleep tonight.

  98. OK, I have the same thing going on here. I thought maybe it was my passed away dog at first, but now I feel it’s a cat. I have a cat and the cat animal spirit only visits when my cat isn’t in the room.
    I tell the cat to leave the room but she just continues to walk around me on the bed, playing at my feet, laying by my back or laying by my head. Its very annoying because I can’t get it to leave.
    Do I need a medium to get this cat to move on.. Good grief..

    • lol. you make me smile Good Grief!! No worries, I think it is cool to be sensitive to other dimensions. Sounds like you got a playful onery one!!!

  99. well here I am ,was trying to research why I felt a cat walking around on the bed and it put me on this sight.Im going through this every night.If it would lay still so you could sleep maybe it wouldnt be so bad.Im the only one here and when I mentioned this to my daughter I think she thought I was loosing it. Im really glad Im not alone on this.And by the way I slept in the spare bed once and it came to that room also.So hopefully there is a reason for this.

  100. I have had the exact same experience yesterday morning. And I am confidently sure that it was a cat that jumped onto my bed. I don’t have any pets currently and there was no way a neighbour’s cat could’ve gotten into my place and if it did, I would have clearly seen it. I was alone in the flat. It was an awesome experience though. I had a cat that passed away – he was my everything and it felt like he just came to visit me that morning.

  101. I know I’m not crazy! The past 8 years or so off and on, I will feel the bed move slightly. Almost as if someone walked by the bed and bumped into it. Now this will even happen when I am sitting in bed reading or watching something on my tablet. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms… he gets up for work before 3am and I have fibromyalgia so it just works out better for us. I have now experienced the animal thing 3 times in the last couple of weeks, but it doesn’t feel like a cat to me. We have a Shih Tzu who weighs about 16 pounds, and it feels like a similar weight so to me it feels like a dog. I never feel it jump on the bed, only the walking on the bed. Last night I was so convinced it was our dog I reached out to pet her, only to find nothing there. My door was closed so she couldn’t have gotten in the room. The strange thing is that I am a VERY jumpy, easily spooked person, but I was not uneasy at all. It almost felt calming. My husband thinks it’s our previous dog we had to have put to sleep as he was dying of kidney failure. I don’t know what it is but I would like to find out. I would be interested if others have had a sense of calming.

  102. I came across this blog after I went searching on the internet for a possible answer to something that I experienced last night. While I was asleep, “something” jumped onto my bed and landed on my lower legs and feet! I immediately sat up and yelled out our cat’s name, as I turned on the light. The really strange thing is that our cat is an outside cat/Barn cat and was not in our house, nor did he have any way of getting in. I looked around the room to no avail, no cat “of course”, which is when I woke my husband and asked him if had thrown his leg on top of mine. He was confused and when I woke him and said that he hadn’t thought so…. he had been in a deep sleep. So I turned out the light and just shook it off as “weird” and soon fell back to sleep. Not sure how much time went by when it happened again! The same feeling of something about the size/weight of a cat jumping on my bed and lower legs and feet, which were covered by several heavy blankets happened just like it had before. This time, I yelled out, “Stop It!!!” and jumped out of bed after turning on the light next to my bed…. I was now terrified… My husband was sound asleep and again, no cat was in my room nor any other animal for that matter. I absolutely know that I was not dreaming. It was as real as the time that our older daughter accidently let our cat in during the night and he really DID jump on me …”my head” to be exact! After the second time, I was afraid to turn out the light. My husband hadn’t felt anything either time, and became irritated that I had the light on, so I reluctantly turned it off and did something that I had been neglecting for a while now…. started to pray to God for protection. After lying there for awhile, I was finally able to go back to sleep and there were no more episodes after that. I will conclude that over the years, I have experienced times when I have felt what I would say was “the mattress moving” or a feeling that there was pressure on my mattress/something moving on it. One time I was sitting on the couch many years ago very early in the morning while it was still dark outside, studying for a Nursing exam… I was the only one up and I felt the cushion next to me compress as if someone sat down next to me… It was very surreal and I never told anyone. I’ve never felt anything actually come into contact with my body though until last night. I sure hope that it was the last time!!! Glad to have come across this blog so that I don’t feel totally nuts.

    • I’m glad that I could at least help to make you realize that you’re not alone. As you can see, many others have also experienced something similar. We certainly can’t all be imagining things. It can be very scary.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one too! It’s really annoying me. I’m fed up of being scared by it, but what can you do? Maybe I could put a bible under my pillow and put a cross up. I’m not religious but I’ll try anything. Any tips much appreciated, Julie X

        • Julie – It sure wouldn’t hurt to put a bible under your pillow and a cross on your wall. You might even tell it to go away using the same tone of voice that you would use if it were a living breathing animal. It’s worth a try.

  103. I have had a similar experience but I didn’t think it was animals. I have a big puffy down comforter and random nights an unknown entity would poke at the blankets. It would poke one spot and then another and another. I would look and see no one , but I can feel the blankets move as it poked the blanket an I can hear the sound as if a person likes a down comforter. The first time I rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ, it immediately went away.
    About a month later it happens again. This time I calmly watch it for a while. I see the blankets move at the pokings, I even pinches myself. I then told it to go away and leave me alone. That worked for 3 seconds and poking again.
    So I used the authority of The Name of Jesus Christ.
    It went away immediately and I went to sleep.

    I think they are demons, looking to be invited in your life.
    I don’t associate with demons so I always command them to go away in Jesus name and they do immediately.
    It’s happens 5-6 times in 3 years

    • That’s very scary, Julie. Years ago it felt like someone sat on my bed every night. I tried to pray quickly because it seemed like praying made it worse. I never tried speaking out loud to whoever or whatever it was. Other things happened in that house too.

  104. I have been experiencing what feels like invisible cats on my bed for about two months. I can feel when their paws sink into the bed. It mostly starts and stays at the bottom of my bed. If I’m on my back with my legs spread, I can feel something walk right up to my crotch then stop. If I am on my side, every once in a while I feel something walk on the bed behind my back. I too have felt something like a breeze. The first time was a couple of nights ago. It’s so unnerving that I have been getting my husband to lay with me until I go to sleep. I feel them while he’s in the bed too. He does not feel them, so he is convinced that it is RLS , Restless Leg Syndrome. I looked up the RLS symptoms and nothing like this is a symptom. It was a blessing to find in this blog that other people are experiencing the same thing. I remember a while back that my bed would feel like it vibrated very slightly. I just ignored it . I am going to get checked for RLS and maybe take meds for it and see if it stops. My husband thinks I am over reacting, but he’s not the one feeling the invisible cats every night. I moved into this house two years ago.

    • Hi, Marsha. I don’t see how it could be RLS. I can’t find those types of symptoms either, and I haven’t heard of anyone else reporting the sensation of cat(s) walking on the bed and RLS. I don’t think that you’re overreacting either. It’s easy for those to say who aren’t going through it. I was very scared at first, and I understand. I still experience the cats, and I don’t like it, but I’m not as afraid as I was. I used to call out for my dog. I figured that he would chase it away, and I wouldn’t be alone. Nothing bad has ever happened, and I just ignore it now. Maybe these ghost cats, if that’s what they are, have taken a liking to you. I know that isn’t comforting, but I don’t have an explanation. At least you know that you’re not the only person with this problem. I searched after dealing with it for months. I had to see if anyone else experienced it too. We can’t all be crazy or having the same medical problems. It’s real.

  105. here’s a theory for you. Maybe it’s just strong memory for a beloved pet physically manifesting. The memory and loss felt makes the mind actually trigger muscle memory of past interactions with your pet. or then again it could be cat ghosts. Kim

  106. Hi, We can’t all be nuts an we? lol. Recently my cat Snickers passed away. We were very close. He developed pancreatitis plus a large cyst on the pancreas, had several kidney stones and also small spots on his lungs. He went off his food and started going downhill fast. Two different vets tried various treatments and I tried syringe feeding him for just over a week but he had to have fluid IV several times and anti nausea meds just to keep anything down. The antibiotics they put him on just caused digestive issues and diarrhea. In his last week he ws getting weak and messed(runny diarrhea) on my be a few times which was not good but since I knew he was very ill I just washed things and let him stay on my be on an old comforter which he messed a few times. Anyway after trying to save him and not succeeding, he just started getting weeker and weeker and developing jaundice due to a slow liver function/failure. I decided it was time to relieve his misery and had him euthanized so the suffering would end. It was obvious he was not going to turn around. Well a couple of days after bruying him in a sealed container with his blanket and toys 3 feet down in the vegetable garden I have some very strange things happen here. The day he dies I put his littler box out in the carport with the intention of cleaning it the next day. the next morning some animal had used the box> Of course this could have been any neighborhood animal but it was a spooky. Then the weirdest thing happened. I decided to get rid of the carpet in my spare room, cutting it out and leaving just the foam under pad. Well the following morning there was a diarrhea stain on the under pad and it was fresh, not only that, beside it was a urine wet spot. I do have another cat but she is doing fine at the moment and was not ill with diarrhea. So this was unnerving to say the least. I also had the sensation of a cat jumping on my bed twice, 2 nights in a row. the second night it even nudged my hand like he used to do when he wanted to be petted. A third incident happened as well. He used to jump up beside me at the computer desk. Beside the desk there is a electronic piano keyboard. He used to jump up on that to get in front of me. Well it had an obvious sound when he used to jump on it. You know, the sound of a cat jumping up on a keyboard. lol. That was the last incident, which happened about a week ago. I like to think he was just telling me he was ok and not to worry about what happened to him. Or I’m going nuts, one or the other. rofl. We can’t all be nuts, can we? ha ha. Kim. p.s Missing Snickers so much. He was one of a kind.

    • That’s true, Kim. We can’t all be imagining the sensation of cats walking and/or jumping up on the bed. It’s happening to countless people.

  107. Hey guys Colton back here with an update to my theory and it turns out that is 100 percent true at least for me that it is something like my legs expelling energy causing feelings of movement. I highly advise everyone here runs until their legs get tired and then lay back down. If it fixes it for you please share this information with everyone that experiences this issue. Have a nice day everyone and happy days for all who are fixed because of this

  108. This is happening to me as well although I feel something a little larger than a cat or maybe it’s more that one thing. I’ve felt it more vividly during sleep paralysis episodes, but when I fully wake up I feel it lightly on my bedding and when it touches my body it feels tingly and sometimes like mild electric shock. I do feel this electric shock sometimes throughout the day, but the I only feel it crawl on top of me when I lay down to sleep. I feel and hear the bedding move as it creeps up. I’ve felt it connect to my chakras or energy centers along my back while sleeping on my side, so my main theory about what it ‘wants’ is energy. I do feel a slight shaking, pulsing and vibrating from the entity and sometimes coming from inside my body. Since it has happened to me when I travel I feel it is something connected to me rather than my home or bed.

    It is slightly comforting to read Kim’s post and everyone’s replies, and I’d like to commend the courage and strength of everyone. You all sound like wonderful, sensitive people. Another thing I take comfort in is that nobody seems to have been hurt or suffer any health problems as a result of this. LIke me, most of you seem to be very sensitive people with good energy. I have decided to not be afraid of it anymore. Thank you Kim and everyone.

    • You’re welcome, Chris. It’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not alone, and it’s helpful to talk about it. I thought of something today. My cat stays with me almost all night long. I don’t feel the invisible one jump up on my bed when he’s there. I think that he senses it, and he’s protecting me. My bed is only twin-size, and I make space for him by my head. If I roll over, he goes to the other side. He has to be near my face, and he watches the floor. It’s as if he’s waiting or watching for something. Sometimes he leaves for a minute or two, but he always comes back. As strange as it sounds, I feel safer when he’s with me.

  109. Nice to know, I am not crazy!!
    I have felt cats jump on my bed.
    Also one night I even felt a human or
    Something with human feet. Jump from the
    Floor to the bed. I have tryed not to let this brought me. Tonight of all nights home alone
    With both of my baby’s. My little girl is sleeping
    N her room. My little boy is only year old. As I was laying with him. On my bed getting him to
    Sleep. I felt the bed move a little. I am on my phone talking to my husband. When 3 jump up on and at the foot of my bed. It pissed me off then all at once. As I was moving my phone to see what was there. It happen again !! I have felt my face being touch befor.. Also my hair being pulled and my covers getting tuged on..
    I have also felt it move on me. Yet as if it was getting bigger. My back kills me of the morning.
    Sometimes I can’t even set up to get out of bed. Also as if I have no energy next morning..

    • That’s scary, Tina. I’ve been touched before too, and it wasn’t a cat. I felt the hand of a child on my thigh. I could tell that it was small, and it was warm. No one was there. I don’t have small children. Another time I was scratched on the ankle, and it bled a little. I had three distinct marks on my ankle, and it burned terribly. That was years ago at another house. I haven’t had that problem since, but that house was haunted. I’m sure of it. I could tell you story after story on things that happened there. An invisible cat would have been the least of my worries. I can’t sense anything here but a cat. I hope that you find a solution for your problem.

  110. I just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for a rather unique post. I had this happen to me about 17 years ago when my son was just born. I went through a bizarre time when I swore something was always in the bed with me and I would slam on the light switch to nothing there. I would see the covers decompress and hear humming into my pillow when I tried to sleep. I would hear something walking across the room and stop next to my side of the bed, with the jingling of keys, I thought, but could possibly have been a dog / cat license. I could not get my own dog to enter the room. He was a Rottweiler and he would stand up to my long mirror, barking loudly, trying to jump up on my dresser. I broke the TV in 8 months sleeping with it on constantly, because I was terrified of what was happening. I had a breakdown from lack of sleep for about a year and quit my job. Consequently, my mother loves cats and we have had quite a fair share of animals, many of which are buried around the house. Now, I tend to ignore anything strange going on, which is rare. Just last night I had something move up my legs to about my hips with an electric charge, like when you get that winter static in your clothes. This is in a different house, newly built house. I did not get afraid at all, and it stopped right away. I tend to have lots of paranormal things happened to me, as I’m highly sensitive and they follow me wherever I go. My son is grown and now I have a four year old daughter and we always keep in mind the children’s well being in these situations. I was completely alone in this and my father told me just deal with it years ago. I had terrible sleep deprivation which only amplifies the situation and I lived a small tightly-knit community where help for the supernatural was not readily available.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you, Lee-Ann. I’m sure that I’m highly sensitive too. If something is near, I know about it. Thankfully, it’s only a cat in this house. I can understand how those experiences would keep you awake. I would keep a small dim light near the bed at night. Best wishes to you.

  111. They are literally messing with me right now. I came up with a theory though, what if these feelings we get are caused by built up energy? I live a fairly dormant lifestyle and I’m thinking what if this is our bodies way of releasing some energy to keep us more balanced or something idk? Anyone else agree ?

    • That’s a plausable theory. I’d like to know if more than one person can feel these creatures at the same time. I haven’t heard from anyone who has experienced that. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know why or how it happens. I still experience it too, but I’m no longer afraid.

      • I’m yes yes of course for this is not a mental disorder, from what I believe this is your bodies way of releasing unused energy (causing odd jolt sensations that feel like there is a presence around us) I strongly recommend if these feelings are keeping you awake that you go for a good run, enough to tire your legs out. And also have a great day.

      • I have also had dreams like that … last year exactly on this day I was dreaming an animal was inside a can trash can banging to get out, someone opened the top of the trash can and it saw it was a cat and when it jumped up to get out I woke up (through the whole time of the banging in my dream I was scared) when I woke up I felt something jumping (hopping) toward me, it got all the from my feet to my chest ! But something that everyone has had in common on these comments is that they have all had a cat and I have never had a cat in my life … I got out of bed cause I was sooo spooked I thought it was a rat or spider something that could have been real from how real it felt ! But nothing was there, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t so I got up to go lay down with my grandma when I got into her room my grandma was talking on the phone to her niece who called her to tell her that her brother had passed away a few minutes before calling … which was exactly the time that I felt that. Today Is a year that he died, I hadn’t had that feeling since then till this day. So I am scared ! Has this ever happened to anyone who has no cats !?

  112. im sooo glad i read your blog. i have been having an invisible cat walk on my bed for a few years now. and sometimse…i swear its a human being walking on my bed. yep i was scared at first and sometimes i start to get afraid esp. if its the human type steps, but like everyone else i just decided to not care. because whatever it is, its invisible and it seems to have no real physical power beside walking around invisibly. once, my nephew slept in the other side of the room on a mattress on the floor and he said yes, he felt the footsteps at night sometimes but like me decided it didn’t matter. its still a mystery though but, it feels pretty good to know im not the only one.

  113. I get these cats all the time. I recently moved and it have been happening way more than it used to, and like 3 even 4 cats sometimes. They seem to be very friendly and rub against me and pur even. I can see them but they are just like a shadow or transparent. A few years ago i found out how to leave my body and explore (astral projection) To do it you first have to bring your body to a certain state or vibrational level. The reason i talk about it is becasue that state you have to be in is the same state you are in when you feel and see the cats. If your not frightened by it try to go a step further next time and try to roll over and out of bed without actually physically doing it. One day you will and from there the possibilities are endless. I can actually interact with these cats but only with my spriritual body, not physical. Its hard to explain but when it happens to you it will all make sense. Don’t be scared, there is nothing to be frightened of. If you get attacked just know that it can cause you NO physical harm and whoever you believe in ask them to protect you. 😀

    • That sounds scary, Jai. I felt that I could do that when I was a child, but in time I no longer had the ability. That’s a completely different subject, but it’s one that’s just as interesting. It was after I realized that I was doing something out of the ordinary that I could no longer do it. I’d rather not interact with these cats. I’m a bit frightened by them. I’ve been ignoring them. It scares me to feel something that I can’t see.

  114. my sweet cat ursey was born in my home in the cellar in the christmas decorations a white ball of fur with blue eyes, he was with us and grew up with my son who was 5 yrs old , he was with us for 20 yrs when his kidneys failed i brought him home after he was euthanized to bury in our yard, then decided to have him cremated instead in case we move. A few months after I felt him walking on my bed when i was trying to sleep it happened many times and scared me so I moved around to avoid the feeling, well last night I woke up at 5am from noises outside suddenly felt walking on my bed I froze but decided to be brave I lay still and felt paws walking over my legs as he used to do then I felt the whole body rest down onto my legs I remained still and felt a paw needing the blanket then Felt a claw on my leg as I remain still I could fell a strange purring . This experience will be with me forever.

    • Hi, Terry. First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is losing a family member. You were fortunate to have a visit from your kitty, Ursey. 🙂 You will likely feel him now and then. You might even see movement from the corner of your eye or feel him brush up against your leg. You might hear him too. I heard my kitty Ginger jump down from a kitchen chair days after she passed away. It’s nice to know that they’re still around. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • I also live next to an old folks home where many people come to die so I have always believed and had dreams of ghosts my whole life very vivid scary dreams a few supernatural things have happend over the years but nothing like this. I wondered when this spirit started following me and attached itself to me ive been to some crazy mental hospitals to get better and theres also a hospital on the otherside of the old folks home and around the block a graveyard. So to determine where it came from could be anywhere.

    • I had a scarey incident worse then usual. My husband was in another room. And I went to bed early and it felt like something jumped on my legs and I looked nothing was there. Then I felt same olé thing not constantly mabe once a week. But last night scared me so bad yelled for my husband to come quickly after the bed was jolted. afraid to go to sleep.

      • I’m sorry that happened to you, Carolyn. I’ve been scared badly enough to call for my dog. I feel safe when my pets are in the room. I’ve never actually seen them on my bed, but I definitely feel them too. We can’t all be losing our minds or imagining things.

  115. I am so relieved to read that other people have this happen to them too. Both my mother & I would have this happen if we slept in their spare room – we would joke that it was the ghost of our neighbours deceased cat Claude. My mother died 4 years ago and the ‘cats’ have started again, in my home, with more regularity. I never used to be frightened and wondered if it was my mum trying to reach me, knowing that I would recognise the pressure of a what feels like a cat walking on the bed. Lately, I’ve found it a little frightening so no longer sure what to think. It wakes me and my whole body freezes with fright now. I’m not explaining this very well sorry! I always knew I wasn’t losing my mind but I still can’t understand whether this is something good or not.

    • You explained it well, Paula. I’m still experiencing it too. I often feel a cat jump onto my bed, but nothing is there, of course. It’s scary in the dark. As silly as it sounds, I sleep with a nightlight. I want to see what it is – if it’s ever visible. I don’t want any surprises, although feeling an invisible animal jumping onto my bed and walking across it is always a surprise. I’m scared the first few seconds after it happens, and then I try to think of something else.

  116. I haven’t noticed the cat(s) lately. Maybe they’re gone now. I’m not sure, but I haven’t had any more issues. Maybe my lack of a reaction did it. I stopped allowing myself to be scared, and I didn’t encourage them either.

  117. Hi Kim, the cats started walking on my bed only 2 or 3 months ago and it only happened a handfull of times. I would sit up in bed and look thinking it was my cats but there never was anything there. I am still pretty freaked which is why I googled it and found your blog. I was very surprise to actually find something about it because I was seriously thinking I was losing my mind. About a week ago tho, things got really scary. I was having an afternoon nap and felt a jolt in my middle back in the centre of my spine. This woke me up but I was still in a trance or something. I felt like a spirit had entered my body thru this specific area. I felt like I wanted to call out to my daughter (who was downstairs) but my words wouldn’t come out. Both of my arms were stretched out and I was totally paralysed. She came to my room (she said she could hear me call out but not sure of what I was saying) and when I looked at her in the doorway I told her “It entered my body”. I’ve been sleeping on the couch since. These “things” only happen in my bedroom. As you can see, I’m still researching this. I am very uncomfortable with it and kind of scared. Yes, I’ve been praying as it is the only thing that seems to calm me down. It’s also comforting to know that I’m not alone. When I first moved, my cats would not come upstairs to the bedroom, they would stay in the stairway and meow. I am positive they feel it to.

    • That’s very scary, Monique. I wouldn’t sleep in there either. Someone else said they’re afraid that these spirits that seem like cats aren’t really cats. The guy reached out toward one after becoming comfortable with the situation, and he was pinned down. I don’t know what to think, but you’re not losing your mind. It’s something that seems to be escalating. Countless people are trying to find answers. My cat watches something on the floor in my room, but I can’t see whatever it is. I figure that it’s the invisible cat that I feel on the bed.

  118. These types of experiences are hard for most people to understand unless they have had one of there own. I have found myself to be in tune with things periodicly throughout my life. Although I can’t just call up a spirit or tap into any type of mind reading abilitys they seem to just happen and when they do it feels so natural that I dont even know I am doing it. My ex wife never really believed in any type of supernatural abilitys untill I had an experience that she was directly involved in. I am a hunter and had harvested a beautiful blacktail deer and was In the process of hanging it up in my garage and skinning it one late afternoon. I was doing a little celibrating and had drank several beers while I was skinning this buck. I was reall focused on the task at hand and enjoying the process. At one point I heard the phone ring and my wife answered the phone and said oh hi sis. I just continued working on the deer listening to there conversation for about 10 minutes when I realized our garage is about 30 yards from the house and the doors and windows were all completely closed as it was late fall and raining. There was no possible way I could have heard any of this conversation. So I walked into the house and there was my wife talking on the phone. I waited for her to finish her conversation and then asked was that your sister? She said yes. I then preceded to recite the whole conversation word for word. She was amazed by this and actually looked around for any type of recording device. The weird part was while this was happening it was so easy and felt so natural. It was like I was right there on a third phone. Heard everything clear as a bell. My wife became a beleiver especially after another time when she wrecked her truck a few miles down the road and I knew it happened and immediately headed that way just in time to pull her out of a burning truck. These random touches with the supernatural always feel very natural if only I could tap into them at will. Now that would be cool. Its like a lost ability that I beleive we all have yet know nothing about. Very exciting for sure.

    • That’s a good way to explain it. Except for the cats I can’t make anything happen. However I purposely keep my mind closed to that sort of thing. Well usually. About three months ago I visited a 100+ cemetery that is literally in the middle of the woods and basically abandoned. As we walked there I consciously opened up. I little said “I’m open so feel free to communicate”. I knew I had a great great grandfather buried there but I had zero idea what his name was. I just knew it wasn’t my last name. We walked around the 100 or so tombstones and I found myself stuck looking at one grave in particular. I stayed there for awhile and took a picture. It was the only picture I took of a tombstone that day. Afterwards I called my dad to get the ancestors name. When he said the name I almost couldn’t speak. It was the tombstone I took a picture of. I also found a picture I took with a young boy standing in the woods looking at my friend and I. He was dressed in early 20th century clothing. Nothing really scared me about that day but it did kind of wake me up to how I can open up to other energies. I closed back up after that day and nothing else had happened. Except for the damn cats. I don’t even like cats is the weird part.

  119. I’ve gotten so used to them after a few years. When they don’t come right away I have a special way to call them and they jump right up to me. Even when I go away overnight they follow me. Once, My mother was sleeping in the same bed and she felt them as well. They’re harmless.

    • It was wrong of me to say that they’re harmless. They’re feeding off of us, energy or something I can’t explain. I’m pretty leery of them now and get visits quite often..

  120. I believe you, Kevin. That’s very scary. I’ve wondered if I would be able to feel this cat if I reached out. Maybe I’d better not try that. I wouldn’t want to sleep in that room again either.

    • I’ve been tormented by entities (mostly cats) for about six months. They scratch the end of my bed, climb up, walk around, on me, on my pillow, and basically do whatever they want. I’ve felt their nails go through the blanket and touch my skin. I can see them although they are transparent. Their eyes stand out the most. Worst I think is I hear them cleaning themselves and can hear them yawn. I thought I was going crazy. Thankfully my wife has experienced this as well otherwise I may have checked myself in at this point. She has only had a couple of instances but it’s been most nights for me. When it started I was very intrigued. The more I give it attention the worse it gets. I don’t think they are my cats or even cats at all. I think it’s something playing tricks. It wants me to give it attention and play back. I did at first and then the people started showing up. It’s spoken to me on two occasions. “You’re right beside me” is the first time I heard it. Absolutely terrifying. A couple days later things were going nuts and I had to wake my wife. As we held each other in fear we heard it say “pray” or “stay”. She heard it as well. The same night I watched a white kitten yawn. I heard it while it was happening and so did my wife.
      Do not reach out to these things. The more you engage the more it will test you. It got bad and I went to the only place I could think of, church. It helped a lot. The more I pray the less it happens. In a weird way I’m glad it all happened/is happening because it brought me back to God. It these things are real then so is God. Most people have blind faith. I have physical proof (at least for me) that we are not alone. Something else much bigger is out there.
      I’ve always had some abilities but I quickly repressed them when I was really young. Since their happened my abilities have returned although I purposely tune it out. I met with a psychic at a party and pretty much freaked him out just with my presence. He knew that I was similar to him and he encouraged me to embrace it. It’s scares the crap out of me. He told me “they can tell you and teach you many amazing things”. That doesn’t sound like the work of God and even sounds like something a bit evil. I would be lying if I said it’s not tempting but I pray hard to repress any temptations to reach out to this thing. Evil will never present itself as evil. It will trick you gain your trust. Do not fall for it. This is all my opinion but I don’t think it’s worth finding out for sure. Your soul is way to special to gamble it on curiosity and temptation. Hang in there. I hope it doesn’t trouble you the way it has me.

      • I’ll take your advice, Phil. I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with that, but like you said, at least it brought you back to God. I’ve had many other experiences. I’ve just started sharing them here. I must be sensitive to spirits and other entities. It has scared me before, depending on what it is, but most of the time I’m taken off guard now and don’t have time to be afraid. I could tell you story after story. I don’t want it to happen to me either.

        • Thanks for the initial post though. I don’t wish this on anybody but it is relieving to know that other people experience this sort of thing. Everybody else I’ve told (very few) just think I’ve lost it. The part about people “ghosts” doesn’t surprise them but once you say you have six or so cats running around on your bed….all of a sudden I’m crazy. Go figure. I may have had the same reaction before it happened to me so I don’t blame them.

  121. I have been having thr ghost cat experience for several years now. It started after my cat of 16 years weatherby had passed away. It stopped for a few years and in the last year has started up again and becoming more frequent. I have felt her walking around and even snuggle up and lay down next to me. I go to feel and nothing there. I have also had her brush up on my face and walk on my pillow. I have always welcomed this and had no fear of it at all. Things changed this morning though as I was I guess you could call it attacked. The normal feelings of her walking on the end of the bed started slowly working her way to the middle of my back. I just layed there and even opened my eyes to verify I was completely awake. As she was getting closer to my pillow I pulled my had out from beneath the covers and laid it on my pillow next to my head. I was basicly inviting her up and was going to se if I could feel or pet her. She started walking up and then all of the sudden it was like a pounce of pressure on the upper half of my body mostly on my face and exposed hand. I then found myself unable to move with this strong pulsing vibration pounding thru my body. Its almost like there was a lapse of time during this encounter but when I finally broke free it was like coming out of a panic attack and I was very uneasy about the whole thing. I then went back to sleep to wake up to a small constant vibration at the end of the bed. I am now questioning whether it has been weatherby at all or did something pretend to be her to get me to let my guard down. I am hesitant to even sleep in there again really. Anyways I am not the type of person to blog or post anything on the internet. No facebook no nothing but I feel compelled to share this experience. Sorry for the long winded nature of this but I am a little tripped out here.

  122. This happens to me, too, but only in one bedroom. The same room sometimes looks misty, kind of like sun haze but when it’s not sunny. We lost our cat to cancer just before Christmas, but this has heen going on for a couple of years. I don’t think the previous owners had cats, but they did have a small dog at one time. I tend to hike up the duvet and ignore it, but I haven’t quite managed to be unafraid yet. I sometimes wonder if it might be sleep paralysis rather than something supernatural, but that doesn’t explain the mist, or why it sometimes happens when I’m awake reading. I’ll probably never know, but it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    • Hi, Amanda. Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe we’ll never know, but you’re definitely not alone. Many people are searching for answers. It’s hard not to be afraid when you can’t see what you feel. When you can’t see it, the question always remains on whether it’s something negative. That’s the part that scares me, but they seem harmless enough. Maybe it is our kitties. They still want physical love. 🙂

  123. I started having this happen about 2 years ago. Amazingly it feels like a cat jumps up on the bed and walks toward me. I don’t see anything. It was quite frequent at one time but has slowed down lately.
    I was scared at first but am used to it more now. Have decided not to be afraid.

    • Hi, Marie. That’s exactly what happens to me! I finally decided to not be afraid too. After all, what could it do? Thankfully, nothing bad happens.

  124. Kim you’re not crazy. I started having the same experiences 2 1/2 years ago. It has been every night since. Like you I don’t drink or do drugs. I have felt as many as 4-5 on the bed at one time. Based on the walking jumping on and off my bed I’m sure they are cats. I consider them ghost cats. I can hear them land on the floor when they jump off. I live alone ( kids are all grown and gone) I currently have no pets. When it first started it would wake me up with one walking across the end of my bed, I would think and animal had gotten into the house and I would violently kick at the covers. Then realize there was nothing there. It has gone as far as having intermittent contact. Yes at times I have felt their whiskers on my skin, can feel them lay right next to me, I cannot touch them even though I know where they are. It’s real. I can’t explain it. I believe there is so much we don’t understand about our world, that it could be certain people have a higher sense when it comes to the unexplained, not by choice, it just is. I do at times think about it differently and wonder am I loosing it?
    Best wishes

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Roy. I’ve been experiencing it more lately. It can be kind of unnerving. I know they’re harmless, but I don’t like coming in contact with things that I can’t see – at least not most of the time. I have seen it out of the corner of my eye before. Another time I saw it heading toward my chair as if it were going to jump up, and then it disappeared. I thought I was going crazy. I know that I’m not, but it’s good to hear that it’s not just me. Thankfully there’s only a cat in this house. I’ve had many, many experiences with human entities. Only two really scared me to the core. One used to sit on my bed at night and tighten the covers around me. It also shook the bed. I visually lined up the bedpost with something on the wall to make sure that it was really shaking and not just my imagination. One night I was scratched on the ankle, and it burned terribly. I could go on and on about that house. I’m no longer there. At the time I chose to ignore it. Thanks for sharing your situation. Those ghost cats can be pesky at times. I wonder if my cat is aware of it? It seems that he is.

      • This same exact thing has been going on with me for years now. Sometimes it’s just one but other times it’s up to 3 at a time. My family thinks I’m soft in the head. I am so happy to find that I’m not the only one.
        Sometimes I feel them jumping up on my bed, walk the full length of my body and ends up settling at my feet. Other times I feel they’re cleaning themselves and vibrating, like a strong purring feeling. When there’s 3 of them there is so much activity on my bed that it’s hard to go to sleep. They’ve never hurt me so I’m not too worried, just curious.
        Thank you so much. This has put my mind at ease to know I’m not alone in this mystery.

        Mindy C.

        • If you could read my journal that I started in Feb 2015 you would see an entry for everything that I have read on these posts!The biggest difference would be the cats.I have never owned or had a cat.I have some strays that hang out but I am not particularly fond of cats.I refer to mine as a small dog,monkey,gorilla and spider monkey that plays in my hair.Mine started in 2014 as small things that came at me from bottom of bed.It would find an area where I came in contact with the covers.It would peck or nibble in a 3-4 inch span.It felt like a cricket.If i moved the covers it would go to the next area that was touching me.Needless to say it kept me moving and awake.I would hold covers up to light to try and see what it was….nothing.I put everything in dryer on high….nothing…I bleached all my bed linens….still no help.I would have to keep covers on waist down.I even stripped all clothes off…..then they went to my hair….ugh.I talked to co-workers about it. Meds? fan? told me to tell my doc. They weren’t coming from me, always towards me and always some type of material between me and them.Didn’t matter where I was they followed! I learned to live with it! Fast forward to Feb 2016.I got into bed and immediately felt like someone dumped a box of puppies on the bed.I got the nerve to turn over…pillows all over the bed…how did i feel feet?The next night i felt something coming from the corner,big,under the covers….held my breath….when it got to me it stopped.i turned over to look….covers flat….nothing there….so then i started trying to film….i bought night vision cameras….only orbs…..lot of orbs….i am the only one who feels them….I have tried several things for verification….flour in a pan for prints….plaster of paris….glass of water….laser light!!!!! I contacted ghost hunters…they never responded…contacted another group….they came and did a meet and greet and hear my story.They are supposed to return and set up some equipment and try to get the proof I need.Oh and tin-foil…ha ha they walked all over it….never made a sound or dent.I have 1 that is always here…he comes first….sometimes as many as 4. The 1 is always here when i wake,and I was extending my arm,palm up,and asked Why are you still here?Are you lost?Do you need my help?what do you want? The investigators said not to interact. Tell them to leave….At first I would place my Bible on the pillow and say the Lords Prayer out loud….I also put rock salt on all corners….didn’t help.I don’t think that these are ghosts.I think they are something far more superior.If i want to know where he is,I rock my foot.he goes there….I scratch my pillow….he goes there.This is EVERY NIGHT.As soon as I get in the bed and take 1 breath,before I exhale he is halfway to me….comes to my head.down to my feet,back to the edge of bed,and if I don’t move he plops down like a dog….any movement and he is on top of it.I gave about 10 people access to my camera so they can check in on me during the night!Some believe me some do not! It is very frustrating to not have proof! My daughter came in here pretending to be me….didn’t work.They do touch me….sometimes he curls up against my back…I feel his gurgling like a dog.He is neither cold nor warm.One gets in my hair and very gently pulls on the strands.Sometimes they have something against me that is ice cold…like a stethoscope that has been in a freezer…..that scares me!They don’t like for me to rock my feet….they jump up and down,I felt him gently feeling on top of the covers from my knee to ankle trying to figure out what I am doing.One sat morning when it first started,I woke up and the usual one was still here…I said,Why are you still here?Then i realized there was another one at my feet.The arch of my foot felt like i was stepping on a Lego,but I couldn’t move it.The other one had something stuck to my side…ice ice cold.I then realized that I didn’t care! I felt like I was on laughing gas.I felt wonderful,euphoric…..this was 10 am.I thought i had been like that a few minutes…It was hard to wake up…looked at clock….2pm.What did they do to me???? I have no prescription drugs…I don’t drink! Just a nobody from noville! I stopped letting my grandchildren spend the night until I get answers.The investigators told me that( he) was listening and would probably be aggressive that night…He immediately went to my feet and did something like a scan but I could feel it going up my leg low voltage wrapped around my whole leg….stopped at my knee….this is the same leg that they don’t want me to rock.Last night he made several attempts to do something. I would move or get up…I didnt go to sleep until 630 am.My bed trembles when they are morphing from orb to a walker. Thats when I know there is going to be more than one.I have slept on the couch,but he kicks the bottom to let me know he is there.The 1st week of march I went on a weekend outing with a friend, this had only been going on for a couple of weeks….I told her my story on the way.That night we went to bed, she was on her phone.As soon as I pulled the covers up,he was there.walking towards me.The other one was in my hair.I told my friend that my ghost had come with me and asked if she would take pics of my hair….she took several but of course we saw nothing.Later on,while she was asleep(not me) He slid off the bed like a child….feet first…he was gone a minute or two then jumped back on my bed from her bed!!I almost had heart attack! I told her the next morning that he had gone to check her out! Not funny!!! SOOOOOO that means that they go where I go….How do i get away from them!!! I have yelled for them to leave me alone and head to the couch…..they cant walk there but I can’t sleep there.I have been so focused on one,trying to figure out what he is doing,when another will sit on side of bed right by my back….scares me….they get on my pillow….i feel the pillow moving,but cant see them. I know this is a long post,but this is just a few of the things I have experienced.It has been about 8 weeks,every night.I am so glad I started a journal.I have been researching all I can to find an answer.Don’t know how i ended up here.but I am glad I did! I am on laptop in my bed,If i stay on too long,he will kick me in my back through 3 pillows. I had felt something bump the bed from underneath before all this other started but thought I was imagining things! Ha Ha The hair playing was going on too….felt like spider,,,,but I hadnt had the other things happening yet.I finally realized that the things biting or pecking at me are one and the same. That is why I don’t think they are ghosts.These things are feeding off of me for energy and have evolved into a form that can walk! P.S He is here now! Going to be an interesting night if he can read! I hope my paranormal people will be able to capture something…If they do.I will post it

          • Hi, Kathy. I feel bad for you. That must be exhausting and terrifying! I’m sorry that you have to deal with that. It will be interesting to learn what they find out. I felt something on my bed last night and had trouble sleeping. It pulled the sheet more than once, but I didn’t feel the walking that I often feel. I couldn’t fall asleep because of it. I felt better when my cat came in and lied down next to me. I feel like he’s protecting me somehow. He watches something in the room that I can’t see. It doesn’t bother me as much when he’s there. Be sure to come back and post again if they discover anything.

          • They kept me up till 5am!!! .Glad I don’t have to go to work! I was wondering what we could possibly have in common with each other?Mine started in 2014 as small biting,pecking, crickets.The weird happenings like the feeling of someone in room, knocking on window and bed,laptop coming on by itself etc started late 2015 and by Feb 2016 became walkers.Do we live in same state? Are we close to military base? Just curious as to why we were chosen?

            • I feel for you. Start by getting rid of the mattress topper and try another one. Ignore the cats or whatever they are as difficult as it sounds. I think they become worse if they’re given attention.

          • Hi Kathy, I am so glad I read this and thank you Kim for blogging. Not very computer savay. It started about 2 yrs ago form me. Thought and still think I am loosing my mind. I have not told many people for fear of um….. A straitjacket. I would sit on the edge of my bed and many like 50 to 100 mice sized waterbaloon type creatures. Sorry but my best description of them. They would coming running and enter my foam rubber topper bedding I would see nothing. Then one day the cat or cats started showing up. I have had terrible experiences with theses things. As they now seem to form harden objects under me and it’s as if they will not allow me to be or get comfortable. It feels like laying on a set of drum sticks. It moves as you move almost to the same spot lower ribcage area. I just had back surgery and three incisions it’s almost like they know and they are using it. But the cats seem to get worse and worse. There was a time I could actually take a nap. This seems to really upset them. The other day the cats came up on or out of my bedding there were many. Its real and it’s scaring me badly. It seems like the foam rubber topper and pillows are a key in the ability for them to move through I have three feather pillows and it’s as if they can not move in them or enter them I’m not sure. I live with other family members my mother and my daughter. I really pray that my daughter never had to experience this. Being a father and worring about possibly protecting my child from something you can’t see really worrys me most. She is 23. Again praying she never had these ghost cats or whatever these things are. I help to know it’s not just me. Thank you

            • I would consider changing the foam rubber topper to another kind. See if that makes a difference. That’s very scary! What you described regarding your rib cage sounds like something that happens to me. I can’t get comfortable either, and it feels as if I’m lying on a round hard ball on my right side at the bottom of my ribs. It feels like the end of a drumstick. It hurts, and no matter how I re-adjust, it doesn’t help much. It’s odd that you should mention that. I’ve never told anyone. I’ve been ignoring the cats. It isn’t easy, but I don’t know what else to do. I feel the most comfortable when my cat is next to me. I feel that he protects me from them. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

          • Everything you have said, i to just started experiencing about two weeks ago after I started meditating. I feel like the feeling of my energy to and I don’t feel like a cat sleeping at the end of my feet. Well I Initially thought it was a dog jumping onto the bed on the floor, our family Yorky that died two years ago. It happened in the daytime to

      • Hi, I have been feeling what is either a person sometimes or animal walking on bed jumping on to bed purring or itching like a flea is on them it walks up and down my left side to feet to hip I look nothing there can feel the indentures on mattress where it stands last night it really scared me what usually is about 10 to 15 pounds was like 50 60 pounds scared me. Wakes me up sometimes I feel something push me on back and shoulders and my head jerks and im like whoa. I heard some weird throat clearing squeel quietly woke me I looked nothing then so loud again I jumped up and screamed what loudly it scared me again it happens from 11pm to 9 am ive felt it. If I think about it sometimes shows up it plays with my toes cause I curl them when I feel it tightly and I can feel it trying to relax my toes as if massaging them. Iam a pshizophrenic so its funny that someone mentioned there not. Ive questioned am I having an episode am I not right in the head right now but im on my meds havent had a problem in over a year but this and this is not my brain or psychotic episode its a ghost of some form I have been where Im hallucinating and hearing voices but this is so different I can physically feel it and prompt it sometimes. Somenights more active then others. I prayed outloud to god to help it find its way it was gone for 3 days then returned..I believe in supernatural things in my mind I believe some people have a gift and can see things others cant being a pschizo you have many weird experiences its like daydreaming or dreaming these other realities I have felt like dejavue like I dream the future but most the time I dont realize it till Its happening like an after thought I have voices that talk to me when im in an episode sometimes they come thru as people I know or famous people talking to me but thats my pschizophrenia this is not an episode amd im kinda tired of waking up to these ghost entities I already have insomnia and now this sometimes they are really active and I get irritated to the point I am restless and cant sleep at all not good when you have to work that next day. So far thats been it I sometimes I feel like I enjoy the company but like I shouldnt my real cat also makes me feel safe but she doesnt stay long.

        • If you believe Christ is Lord and know Him, you can tell those things to go by the authority of Jesus. If you’re not, you could make things worse. Jesus only can clean your house. Every supernatural being is under His authority.

          • Also, if there are any willful sin patterns in our lives, we can open the door to this stuff. Sin can give demonic spirits openings to torment us. God will show us if we seek Him.

          • I felt cats walking over my face and purring (that’s why I Googled the subject and ended up here). I got out of the experience as soon as I could. I opened my eyes and said “May the blood of Christ cover me and protect me”. That ended the experience.
            I don’t care how innocent you think these “ghost cats” are. They are ghosts! They’re not here to do you good! The only one that can help is God and claiming the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross!
            Next time, fall asleep with the audio bible playing or some old school church hymns playing….see if the “innocent” cat ghosts still come by.

        • Must be difficult to be schizophrenic. The good thing is that you are aware of it, accept it and take your meds. You are able to differentiate between the unbalanced brain chemistry and the paranormal. You are not having episodes. We all, here on this site, know the experience too.
          You are o.k.

      • I have been having the same experience. Last night, it was so intense my husband got up and looked around. But there were no cats in our room. I do have 3 cats but they stay in the living room at night. It’s been very eerie. But I consider it a friendly thing. I googled it just now and found your page. Thank you for sharing.

      • Hello I know I’m jumping into this conversation a little late but when I Googled “feels like a cat jumping on bed and walking,but no cat” ur post came up and I’m so glad I’m not the only one out there that is experiencing this.I too have felt and heard the what feels like a cat jump on my bed,walk around and then circle a couple times before coming to a rest against my body.I have never owned a cat (just for the record,I’m more a dog kinda girl).I do have a small dog but he is crated in my room at bedtime. I think I should also mention the fact that I everynight feel my bed shake,while I’m wide awake I feel this,laying perfectly still,I have even sit up and seen my mattress moving along with feeling the vibration. I feel this no matter what house I’m in,what bed I’m in,it’s the same thing no matter where and when.Ive seen other post of people going thru this and comments like it’s a “sleep disorder “…i can lay down day or night,be completely awake and feels this,so I personally do not believe this is a sleep disorder. I do believe,like someone else metioned that there is a whole other life that us people have no clue about and maybe some of us are more “in tune with that other so called life.who knows…?? But I do know this is definitely not the most comfortable thing to deal with,the bed shaking thing has been going on for so long it almost like the norm for me.I just wish we had more answers.thanks for reading!!!

      • Hi i am going through the same thing. It has been 5 yrs now but i never get used to it. I think its a cat because of the way it moves. It doesn’t matter when i lay on my bed day or night it is always there. It causes my leg to vibrate so i just kick at the covers but it doesn’t help. Sometimes i have scratches on me for no known reason. My husband says its because i scratch myself in my sleep but as i tells him that is not possible because i cannot reach that area. My husband says he don’t feel anything and i says it’s because he doesn’t believe in that stuff. I say to it every single night please do not get on my bed tonight i beg you. I am tired so please leave me alone. I tells it i bought this house because i love it and that it whatever it is is more than welcome to stay bt just leave me alone. In the middle of the night when it wakes me up i tells it to f*&&^ off and go back where you came from or please follow the white light lol. I think i’m losing my mind.

      • Are you still experiencing these cats?
        It has to be something for all of us to be going through this?
        Are there any other weird things going on in your house like banging noises?
        Or scary weird noises?

    • I’ve had a similar experience or I guess I’m having a similar experience every night I feel at least one get on my bed. Lately I’ve been getting irritated about it and I think it knows. I can feel it/them come right up to my face and then I feel a quick breeze or puff of air in my direction. I also feel them on top of my left leg (I sleep on my right). It’s annoying and I’ve gone as far as to try and talk to it/them but nothing works. Recently I came across research about auras and how they can attract entities but I’m obviously skeptical but how else do you explain it? (This has been happening every day for months now)

    • When I sleep on my right side only, I would feel something moving on the bed behind me and then in front of me. It would wake me up and I would look to see if there is anything in the bed. Nothing at all. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with this.

      • My goodness,

        I felt the same thing this morning and a coule of times before.

        Between sleep and awake I can feel the cat walking on my bed from the bottom to the top behind me and purring.

        I have no cats, all my wondows are closed and hear the purring. This lasts for about 10 seconds and then I’m awake. I leterally stand up and look for a cat and theres nothing.

        I can feel the weight of it’s paws on the duvet, when walking from the bottom up and then the purring in my ear, i turn around and theres nothing.

        How is this possible?

        Please can some one help me?

          • Funny that I finally searched this, because my husband brought it up last night. I had the same thing happen to me 2-3 years ago. Maybe 2-3 times a week? I was even wide awake once asking my husband if her could feel a cat walking on the bed. He couldn’t. We had a cat for almost 15 years, but she was long gone by the time this started. Since I have some nerve damage in one leg, I wrote it off as a physical issue. Weird. It didn’t really scare me, but I am happy that has not returned.

    • I had these experiences since I was around 10. At first I wrote them off as being a pet that passed but the timing of when it showed up didn’t align. When I would have no covers it would mess with my hair. I accepted it as perhaps being something positive but then it happened when I slept with my child and I couldn’t ignore it or feel that something positive would do that. In addition to that there have been numerous times when other odd occurrences would happen including my dogs watching and barking at “invisible things”. I started to piece things together when it got bad, my children were fearing something at night and I kept feeling this depression trying to overwhelm me. I had enough and talked to a Medium. She suggested it may be a poltergeist that attached itself to me long ago from a haunted house I had once lived and manifested itself on my fears from the torture it had done and then on experiences throughout my life. This made a lot of sense because I realized that was the same place the sensations had started from. First off DON”T BE AFRAID but do not welcome or live with these sensations if you are experiencing a lot of anger or sadness in your life(if you feel this could be negative at all). Sometimes when negative feelings come in and it doesn’t feel like you, IT MAY NOT BE. I started the battle and when I stopped accepting the sensations, it got worse …at first which I was told would happen because the negative energy wants to stay and it had become a part of me. Mind you I had heart issues, panic attacks, headaches all which couldn’t be cured…You NEED to find God and not just the action you have to open your heart. If you don’t feel you can do this or you argue you don’t need GOD, find a priest to bless you and your home. Practice Spiritual cleansing and cleanse your home. Either way start envisioning the light, the positive bright light around your heart, your home and your mind. I pray for all that experience this and if you feel it’s okay, that’s your choice. All I know is once I battled this out and yes it attacked me in the end (the cute little animals that would crawl and vibrate on my covers) I felt this weight gone and the anger and sadness too. I feel born again into the life of Jesus, by every meaning of the word. I do not speak for all that experience this but I don’t believe most positive things linger in the dark and would hang around when our minds wander into subconscious. Prayers to all. This can Stop and if you pray make sure to talk to ArchAngel Michael.

    • You are NOT losing it Roy. It is real and I agree with your assessment. Be delighted to be sensitive and have insight into other dimensions!

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