Where to Find a Floating Spinning Potted Plant

Where to Find a Floating Spinning Potted Plant

Want to know where to find a floating spinning potted plant? I saw one for the first time at my dentist’s office. I had to find out how the planter floated in midair above the base while slowly spinning. It seemed to defy gravity! It would make a phenomenal conversation piece in any home, especially one with modern style.

How Do Planters Float and Spin?

The base is electromagnetic, and the planter contains a powerful magnet. The placement and shape of the magnets enable the pot to flawlessly lift and spin. It might look like magic but it’s science at work. They’re perfect for holding lightweight air plants. The one in my dentist’s office contained a tillandsia. However, it can also be used to hold a small potted plant as long as it weighs less than .66 pounds.

The Benefits of a Floating Spinning Planter –

Besides the obvious benefit of having one of the most unique planters available, a floating spinning planter is said to be very good for air plants. Why? Since air plants obtain their nutrients from the air and through their leaves instead of through soil and roots, the act of spinning promotes greater contact with airborne nutrients. It’s also said that magnetic fields are beneficial to plants in general, not just the rootless varieties. No matter the type of greenery you choose, because the pot spins it will receive even light exposure. It’s nice to know it’s more than just a cool looking planter.

Where to Find a Floating Spinning Potted Plant at an Affordable Price –

The floating plant in a white pot at my dentist’s office was the same one listed above. It’s the original authentic floating spinning planter. How much does it cost? I don’t list prices because they can change. You must check for the current price of the LYFE floating planter if you’re interested.

I happened upon the second magnetic floating planter and decided to share it as well. I love the look of that one too. The box that it comes in is as cool as the planter! If you can’t afford the LYFE planter it’s an affordable alternative. They’re both phenomenal gifts. It all depends on which one you prefer.

Levitating Air Bonsai Pot - Magnetic Levitation Suspension flower and air bonsai pot

View It РLevitating Air Bonsai Pot РMagnetic Levitation Suspension flower and air bonsai pot  

Now that you know where to find a floating spinning potted plant at an affordable price, consider what you’ll put inside. Foliage is not included with either one. Despite the title, the Levitating Air Bonsai Pot posted above isn’t just for bonsai. It can be used to hold air plants, small cacti, houseplants, artificial growth, and more. Keep in mind that it can support up to .44 pounds of weight – just a little less than the LYFE planter.

The lighter the contents of the pot the higher it will float above the base. Either one would be great for growing herbs on a sunny kitchen counter top. I plan on putting a tillandisa air plant in mine because they’re extremely lightweight and don’t use soil. A floating rotating planter is one of the most unique ways to display air plants or foliage of any kind.

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