Fun Ways to Propose on Valentine's Day

Fun Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for unique and fun ways to propose on Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to hire a skywriter or spend a small fortune to make it a memorable event. These are exciting and surprising and not nearly as expensive or extravagant. Consider the following unique ways to ask her to marry me. That means you, not me! You can make the holiday one to remember for life. It’s the most romantic day of the year, but she might not be expecting anything more than chocolates or flowers.

Make Her a Winner With ‘Will You Marry Me’ Scratch-Off Tickets –

Fake scratch-off tickets are usually used to play a very cruel prank. The recipient thinks they’re a winner, but they end up the butt of a joke. You can make the love of your life a winner with ‘Will You Marry Me’ scratch-off tickets. Every ticket is a real winner, as long as she says ‘yes’. They look and feel incredibly real. Even the terms and conditions on the back make it look like the real deal. For less than $8 bucks, you can let the ticket do the asking for you. It’s a very creative way to pop the question.

Will You Marry Me Proposal Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Scratcher Replica 4View It – Will You Marry Me Proposal Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Scratcher Replica 4″ X 6″


Fill Her Car With ‘Will You Marry Me’ Balloons –

Balloons are always fun, unless of course someone pops them. Waiting for the impending and very loud ‘pop’ can be a bit unnerving. You won’t want to pop the following balloons. Each one is imprinted with, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Instead of just filling them with helium and handing her one or two, fill her car completely. Blow up enough proposal balloons to fill up the entire vehicle. One bag of 50 should be more than enough. When she first sees the car, she won’t know what to think! It’s the best $11.99 that you’ll ever spend. Hand her one last balloon with the string tied to the ring box.

WAYCOM View it – WAYCOM “Will You Marry Me” Romantic Latex Balloon for Proposal,Pack of 50pcs (White)



Proposal Fortune Cookies –

Are you still looking for fun ways to propose on Valentine’s Day? Here’s another unique way to propose marriage. Do you and your girlfriend ever go out for Oriental food? Pick up a takeout order, and make sure that she gets a very special fortune cookie. The fortune inside is far better than a random message. This one says, ‘Will You Marry Me?’. No, it isn’t cheap, but the message inside is priceless. If she says ‘yes’, it will be worth every penny.

Will You Marry Me? - Fortune Cookie W/Message InsideView It – Will You Marry Me? – Fortune Cookie W/Message Inside















If you use any of the aforementioned methods, be sure to come back and comment. Whether she said ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I’d love to hear your story!

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