Garage Decorating Ideas | Boy’s Graduation Open House

Do you need garage decorating ideas for a boy’s graduation open house party? It’s the location that most people use when hosting large outdoor summer celebrations. It provides shelter from direct sunlight, wind, and rain. It’s an all-around great place to host a graduation party. Consider these unique ideas for decorating open house tables and more. You’ll create wonderful memories for your graduate with fun and eye-catching atmosphere.

An Easy Way to Cover Unsightly Areas

The garage is the go-to place for outdoor summer dining when hosting a crowd. However, it’s not the most appealing atmosphere. Even the cleanest garage could use a little work. After all, no one wants to see cans of paint, oil and other vehicle maintenance paraphernalia. Instead of using sheets and blankets when decorating a garage for a graduation party, cover unsightly areas with large vinyl tablecloths. They come in every color of the rainbow and stay in place with tape. Just be sure to apply clear box tape or colored duct tape every two to three feet along each side. They make nice backdrops for photos too!

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Hang a Variety of Tissue Poms, Paper Lanterns, and Twirly Whirls

Have you chosen a color scheme for a boy’s graduation open house? You don’t have to go with school colors. Black and gold are sharp and classy and it’s a great party color scheme for guys or girls. When seeking garage decorating ideas for a boy’s graduation open house, they’re a phenomenal choice and extremely easy. Hang a variety of paper lanterns, tissue poms, and twirly whirls from the ceiling or overhead beams. They will create a fantastic party atmosphere no matter the color scheme.

Garage Decorating Ideas for a Boy’s Graduation Open House | Easy & Impressive Centerpieces

Do you want unique edible graduation party centerpieces? When looking for unique and impressive garage decorating ideas for a boy’s graduation open house, consider assembling rock candy arrangements on tables. Take a look at the following option. It’s far more unique than foil graduation hats and other common and cheap graduation open house decorations. Fill heavy glass vessels of the appropriate height with a layer of blue jelly beans and the following rock candy sticks. Strategically place battery-operated tealights with timers inside. You’ll have impressive homemade graduation table centerpieces after the sun goes down.

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Ways to Prevent Open House Card Box Theft

When seeking garage decorating ideas for a boy’s graduation open house you might have overlooked one very important item. Don’t forget the graduation card box! Just be sure to keep it in a safe location where it’s in view at all times. Although most guests will be friends and relatives, you just never know who might show up. Do you want an easy way to secure an open house card box? It’s simple, discrete, and decorative. Simply strap it to a table by running sturdy ribbon through a small slit on each side along the bottom. Knot the ribbon under the table. It’s that easy! Use clear box tape to secure the lid. It won’t be nearly as easy to carry off or open and will serve as another table decoration.

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