Garage Decorating for a Pink Graduation Party

Ideas on garage decorating for a pink graduation party are in high demand. Not all graduates want to decorate in school colors or common themes. Many would rather go with personal favorites instead. You don’t have to settle for cheap open house decorations. On the contrary, you can come up with DIY pink open house table centerpieces, discount graduation party decor and more. Do something different than everyone else! These ideas for pink graduation party decorations will give you a few creative ideas and spark a few more.

Start with Dozens of Eye-Catching Pink Tissue Paper Pompoms

Hanging decorations are a must when decorating a girl’s open house in light pink or dark pink. The pompoms resemble giant flower blooms. Consider the following pack of nine in three sizes. They come in 14, 12, and eight inches in diameter. The strings are already attached. To achieve the best look, hang them from varying heights above the dining tables. These are low-cost pink decorations for an open house, but they won’t look cheap. They will look absolutely amazing, especially if you add pink string lights.

“SopeaceView It – Sopeace 19PCS Tissue Craft Decoration Kit | Pretty Party Supplies: Pom Flowers, Garland &Lanterns | Pastel Pink, Gold Polka Dot & Ivory | Perfect poms for a baby shower or girls first 1st birthday

How to Attach String Lights to a Ceiling

Do you need to know how to attach light strings to drywall? It’s easy! Tape doesn’t work, and it looks ugly. Use 3M Party Ceiling Hooks to attach strings of lights to the ceiling. They will light up the night in eye-catching and impressive ways. You’ll find other 3M hangers and hooks that make open house garage decorating fast and easy.

Easy Lighted Pink DIY Candy Centerpieces for Open House Tables

It’s hard to find unique and affordable pink centerpieces for a graduation party. How about making easy lighted pink candy centerpieces for a graduation open house? It’s really very easy with clear glass vessels, shimmering pink jelly beans, and sticks of sparkling rock candy. You can add lights too! Place tealights with timers under a layer of jelly beans. Add several rock candy sticks in pink and in white or some other secondary color. They will look amazing! Best of all, guests can enjoy the sweets.

Garage Decorating for a Pink Graduation Party – Jazz Up Ordinary Confetti

When seeking ideas on garage decorating for a pink graduation party, don’t forget the confetti. It’s fun, colorful, and it makes basic dining and serving tables look phenomenal. It can look even better! Sprinkle it down the center along with small faux pink, white, and green flower heads and/or small faux jewels. It doesn’t have to be made of all card stock, plastic, foil, or paper.

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  1. Pink is in these days, and this article will help many interested people know that PINK is the way to go and how to do it.

    • Thanks, Linda. I hope that people find the ideas helpful. I think that it would be fun to decorate in pink instead of the typical colors.

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