Good Way to Keep Deviled Eggs Cold at an Outdoor Party

Want a good way to keep deviled eggs cold at an outdoor party? They must stay chilled or they’ll spoil. Foods mixed with mayonnaise are especially risky on warm days. Thankfully iced platters are available. You won’t have to worry about spoilage and you won’t have to put it away before the meal ends. Consider the following egg holder with ice for indoor and outdoor use. Check out the features and details, and choose one that’s perfect for you.

Deviled eggs are a favorite side dish in my family. I wouldn’t dare show up to a picnic or potluck meal without them. An iced platter with an egg tray is perfect no matter the season or the reason. You won’t have to worry about people getting sick, and they will taste phenomenal when properly chilled. After all, no one wants warm deviled eggs, even if they aren’t spoiled.

You’ll Want a Chilled Egg Platter with a Lid

Search online for chilled egg trays and you’ll find a few that hold ice underneath, but they don’t all come with lids. A lid is very important whether you plan on transporting the dish or not. Plastic wrap doesn’t stay in place, and any other fitted cover ruins the yolks. You don’t want them to look like a big mess. It’s ideal for storing them in the fridge or carrying them to another location. Take a look at these options.

No matter the design of the egg tray, it won’t stay cold if ice isn’t used. Try balancing a plate on top of a bowl of ice. It won’t work. It must come in direct contact with the bottom of the tray, and a regular bowl will make a huge mess. Consider a 4-in-1 Serving Tray on Ice. It’s designed to hold more than just egg halves. It’s also perfect for keeping appetizers and raw veggies chilled outdoors or indoors on warm days. It’s also ideal for salads. Best of all, it includes a lid for transport and storage.

It’s a Good Way to Keep Deviled Eggs Cold at an Outdoor Party

Now that you know of a good way to keep deviled eggs cold at an outdoor party, don’t hesitate to make and take them to your next event. You will be able to keep deviled eggs chilled outside for hours on end. With an egg platter on ice you won’t have to worry about anyone getting sick. It stays cold on the hottest of days both indoors and out. Simply pour out the water and add more ice as needed. Just bring along a small cooler filled with ice cubes. It will keep the food safe all day long.

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