Help! Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Smell Bad

I figured out why my daughter’s Dr. Brown’s baby bottles smell bad, and they’re not just little sour either. I found one that had to be soaked, but that wasn’t why it was musty. I thought it was at first, but all of them began smelling like an old damp dishrag, especially the vent inserts. They stunk from across the room, and that was after soaking and washing all of the parts! I wondered how that was possible.

At first I thought it was my handmade cotton dishcloth because they will smell musty when they aren’t rung out. The clean one smelled terrible too! Everything around the sink had the same strong mildew odor, and when I smelled the bottle vent inserts up close they actually took my breath away. Only one thing in my kitchen had recently changed. Do your sponges, dishcloths, and baby bottles smell musty too? It may be your dish soap.

Why My Daughter’s Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Smell Bad

I recently bought a big bottle of Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Apple Blossom Liquid Dish Soap. I wanted a change from my usual Aldi brand. Besides, with the flu going around I figured a little antibacterial soap would kill more germs. My husband and I regularly wash our hands in the kitchen. I never imagined that any type of Dawn dish soap would smell bad. The fragrance seemed fine when I flipped the top and took a quick sniff, but it changed when I used it for washing dishes and hands.

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A Solution to Get Rid of Baby Bottle Odors

Baby bottles go missing now and then, and when they’re found they’re usually disgusting. It’s nothing that a little baking soda and water can’t remove. I soak them for a couple of hours in hot soapy water and about 1/4 cup of baking soda. It’s also important to use a tiny bottle brush to thoroughly clean the vent holes and inserts. I allow all of the parts to fully air dry.

If your Dr. Brown’s baby bottles smell bad after washing and drying, try changing dish soaps, especially if you used Dawn Apple Blossom. For some strange reason, Dawn green apple dish soap makes baby bottles smell bad, at least they did for me. Everything it touched smelled musty including my dish rags and sponges. Even my hands smelled musty after washing with Dawn Apple dish soap!



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