How Cat Urine Gets Under the Litter Box

Are you wondering how cat urine gets under the litter box? It’s a bit of a shock to find, especially after buying a brand new one. If it isn’t cracked, how would it run out? I recently found a puddle beneath my cat’s pan, and I discovered why it was happening after a little crime scene investigating. Kitty wasn’t actually going on the floor, at least not on purpose. I had to find a different cat litter box or the floor would end up ruined. Worst yet, it was running under the baseboard and drywall and into the adjoining room! It was a deep pan with a lid, and it leaked in unexpected places.

Cat Pee Leaked under the Wall Too –

Has cat pee leaked under the wall and into another room or into the sub floor? Maybe you can’t get rid of the smell of cat urine, especially when it keeps on happening again and again. It’s a very serious problem! It must be solved before drywall, baseboards, and flooring have to be replaced, and they cost way more than a new cat litter box. The smell is impossible to get rid of in locations that can’t be reached. So, why is there is cat pee under the litter box anyway? You may be surprised by what I figured out, but it’s easy enough to remedy.

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A Flip-Top Seamless Litter Box Will Not Leak Urine –

Flip Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Tarp LinerView It – Flip Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Tarp Liner

How is it Happening When the Litter Pan is New?

You might expect an old litter box to leak, especially if it’s cracked or uncovered, but why would a brand new covered litter box leak? It happens because the cat raises up when urinating and the urine either leaks out through the back seam or through the¬†latches. Some cats can use that style of pan while others need the seamless type.

Why Do They Make Leaky Pans?

Designers and manufacturers must have never owned a cat! Even female kitties will rise up on their back legs. It’s not because the cat is doing anything unusual or wrong. Even the most expensive cat litter boxes are very poorly designed. You’d think that manufacturers would figure it out, but they keep making the same faulty litter pans with latches and seams. They’re just not deep enough for all cats.

How Cat Urine Gets Under the Litter Box –

Now that you know how cat urine gets under the litter box, the only solution is a different design – a style of litter box that won’t leak. It’s a shame you have to buy a new pan when the old one is still in good condition, but it can’t be fixed. It can’t be taped or sealed well enough to make it effective or convenient. What you need is a seamless covered cat litter box. Check out the flip-top style cat pan posted above. Unlike top-entry cat pans it works for larger cats and older arthritic cats too. Kitty can spray as high as he or she wants. You won’t find a puddle of urine under the litter box again, at least not if the cat goes in to use the pan.

How to Completely Get Rid of the Smell of Cat Urine –

Not all pet stain and odor removers work as they should. After learning why cat pee runs under the litter box you’re going to need an effective cleaning and deodorizing product. The odor can be eliminated, even if it leaked under the wall. Enzyme cleaners are the most effective of all. They completely dissolve and neutralize the smell instead of just covering it up. I highly recommend Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine Destroyer. It worked for me after I had to deal with cat pee leaking under the litter box. It had soaked through the bottom of the baseboard and onto the carpeting in the adjoining room. With a new flip-top litter box and the right cleaner it’s no longer an issue.


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