How to Track a Package from Wish

Do you need to know where or how to track a package from Wish? I tried to locate mine through a link on the app, but it took me to a ‘we’re sorry’ page. If they were truly sorry they’d fix that broken link! The item was already late, and I wasn’t given the option to report it or request a refund. All I could do was accept the new anticipated delivery date.

That’s one of the many problems with ordering things from China. They typically take more than a month to arrive – if they show up at all. Late and missing Wish parcels happen. Many of mine have been late, but in all fairness, I’ve only had one package go missing thus far. They refunded my purchase in the form of ‘Wish cash’.

Where to Track a Package from Wish

After using their Wish parcel tracking link to no avail, I went on a quest to find my missing package. I really needed that knee brace, but they didn’t have an answer. The help I chatted with was nothing more than a bot that used prewritten cookie cutter replies. In the end, I still didn’t know where or how to track a package from Wish.

That’s when I searched Google using the terms tracking a package from China. Voila!

Go to ChinaPostalTracking to search your tracking number, and be sure to come back if you still don’t have the info you need. Chances are you’ll be none the wiser after attempting to find it.

What to Do if You Still Can’t Find the Location of Your Package

If your Wish order is late and you’re not getting answers, attempting to track it off-site won’t make a bit of difference. When I searched the tracking number it didn’t produce any more info than the site.

Will the order ever arrive? That’s a good question!

All you can do is wait and keep checking back for options other than delivery date extensions. Eventually, they’ll let you request a refund, but don’t wait too long.

When my last order never arrived I was told that I missed the refund date by one day! In the end, it wasn’t a total loss because they still issued Wish cash.

What to Do if You’re Tired of Waiting

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond tired of waiting weeks or even months for a late Wish order. By the time they get here, I no longer need the items! I needed that knee brace when I ordered it, but not anymore, and I still don’t have it.

Keep in mind that some if not most of the things at Wish are also available on the Amazon Website. Search for the last items you bought from Wish and you’ll see what I mean!

I’ve found the same items reasonably priced, and the delivery dates were much sooner. It’s certainly worth a try when you’re tired of waiting for something you needed six weeks ago. Some items from Wish just aren’t worth the wait.

Having Trouble Deleting Your Wish App Search History?

Now that You Know How to Track a Package from Wish…

Now that you know where to track a order, think about all of those times you were disappointed when the items finally arrived. I’ve made a few purchases that saved a considerable amount of money, but more often than not I wasn’t happy with the size or quality. I’ve found that it’s best to pay just a little more for the same things when the place of origin is NOT China.



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One thought on “How to Track a Package from Wish

  • December 9, 2019 at 5:45 PM

    Thank you for your review on late Wish shipments. I realize now that they set a delivery date, then extend it and extend it to the point past one’s ability to receive wish cash or refund.
    I didn’t click on wish cash and later found out that it doesn’t work anyway. I’m waiting on a Nov 4, 2019 order of 7 products and they have extended delivery dates 1-2 times already, so I’m leery now that they won’t honor their end of the fully paid for transaction in delivering any of the items and refusal to refund any money for what is clearly their fault for all the delays.

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