How to Unlock a Kenmore Elite ULTRACLEAN Dishwasher

Need to know how to unlock a Kenmore Elite ULTRACLEAN dishwasher, model number 665.1470 or 665.1475? If the red lock icon is lit up like a Christmas tree, you won’t be able to do anything. Pressing or holding in the cancel button won’t work, but don’t panic!

It happened to me the other day, and I don’t know what I pressed to lock the door. I tried just about everything including looking up how to unlock a Kenmore Elite dishwasher panel, but I couldn’t find an answer or anything remotely useful.

When in Doubt, Don’t Damage the Control Panel!

A guy in a troubleshooting forum said to drive a nail through the lock icon on the dishwasher panel. I wasn’t about to do that!

First of all, it’s still under warranty. Secondly, I wasn’t about to damage my dishwasher. The solution sounded ridiculous, to say the least, but I suppose if it was old and wasn’t under warranty I would have been willing to try anything.

NOTE TO MY READERS: Do Not Drive a Nail Through the Electrical Panel of Your Dishwasher!

I knew there had to be instructions for unlocking a Kenmore Elite dishwasher, but it took a little more digging.

After watching a few YouTube videos and browsing a couple of websites, I finally got off my rear and searched for the instruction manual. Those aren’t thrown away in my home, but they have been misplaced. I had a pretty good idea where it was, and it was right on top of an evergrowing stack of instruction manuals.

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How to Unlock a Kenmore Elite ULTRACLEAN Dishwasher According to the Instruction Manual

I started by searching the use & care guide for Kenmore Elite unlock troubleshooting, but I didn’t initially find what I needed. Yes, the red lock button was blinking when pressing buttons, but the section on blinking lights didn’t help.

It said, ‘If Start/Resume or any status lights are blinking and it won’t run, close the door and press Start/Resume and call service at 1-844-553-6667 if it still won’t run’.

Wonderful. Now what?

Although that didn’t work I wasn’t ready to give up. The dishwasher was loaded, and I wasn’t about to wash it all by hand. I figured the instruction manual was like the yellow pages of my dusty old phone book. The info you need is never where you’d expect it to be, and I was right.

Quick Fact: Did you know you can find and download PDF instruction manuals for all sorts of major appliances? It’s a good idea to keep them on hand!

Ahha! Finally, some pertinent information on how to unlock a Kenmore Elite ULTRACLEAN dishwasher. Why don’t they make it easier?

When the lock button is lit, all of the buttons on the panel are disabled. No sh%$# Sherlock!

If the dishwasher is in sleep mode press START/RESUME or CANCEL/DRAIN, or open and close the door. That wasn’t my problem.

Next, press and hold in SANI RINSE for three seconds and the red lock light will turn off. Your dishwasher will be functional again, and your nightmare will be over.

It worked! Hooray!!

Now I could go back to sitting on my rear and doing something much more productive.

Don’t Call for Service Until You’ve Exhausted All Troubleshooting Options

I just wonder how many people call for service when all it takes the press of a single button. Why on Earth wouldn’t they make it clear on the panel? What does SANI RINSE have to do with the lock? I never would have guessed how to do it.

Oh, well. It doesn’t matter why. All that matters is the fact that it’s working again. I won’t forget how to unlock a Kenmore Elite dishwasher panel, at least not until it happens again.



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  • August 27, 2019 at 2:49 PM

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this – save me tons of time as it was one of the first things that came up when I googled locked Kenmore elite and it worked great!

    • August 27, 2019 at 2:59 PM

      Hi, Monica. You’re very welcome. I’m so glad my instructions helped. I was extremely frustrated when it happened to me. Thank you for taking the time to thank me! 🙂

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