Ideas for a Shining Halloween Party

Need ideas for a shining Halloween party? It’s one of the scariest themes imaginable, and with the upcoming remake it’s an excellent choice. I can’t wait for that one! It isn’t like the others since it’s not your typical slasher movie or teen horror flick. The story goes much deeper than victims running from an ax-wielding villain. The fear is real, and you can create an eerie setting. Use the following ideas for a shining themed Halloween party, and make it a super scary, fun, memorable time for all.

Food and Drink Ideas for a Shining Halloween Party

Party food should be delicious, filling, and fun, and a horror movie gathering is no exception. In addition to your favorites such as pizza, BBQ sandwiches, chips and dip, and other tasty fare, consider offering the following bloody good delights.

All work and no snacks make Jack a hungry boy!

  • Red rum – label a pitcher of ‘red rum’ either with or without alcohol. You can add a few drops of food coloring to iced tea, lemonade, and other cold drinks
  • Bloody sweet drink glasses – apply a line of cherry syrup around the rims of drink glasses just before serving
  • Edible redrum letters – pull the letters r, e, d, u, and m from alphabet pasta. Arrange the cooked pasta letters on top of a bowl of ketchup to spell ‘redrum‘ several times. It’s murder sorting out and arranging the letters, but the results are worth the creepy condiment for burgers, hot dogs, etc.
  • Chocolate ice cream and Grady twins toppings – Remember when Danny, a.k.a. Doc had a dish of chocolate ice cream while Dick Hallorann explained what shine meant? Serve scoops of chocolate ice cream topped with light blue sprinkles, edible pink bows, and cherry syrup to represent the Grady twin’s bloody dresses

Here’s Johnny!

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Set the Mood with Music from The Shining

Music sets the mood for any event, and it’s especially fitting when planning a Shining themed party. Several songs strike a chord, but none are nearly as memorable as the ballroom song at the end of The Shining. What was it? The song is ‘Midnight, the Stars and You‘ by Al Bowlly & Ray Noble and His Orchestra. It’s the iconic song of the movie and a must when seeking ideas for a Shining themed party.

What else can you do to make the setting scary?

Other Ideas for a Shining Halloween Party

  • Put a redrum vinyl decal on the bathroom mirror
  • Display an Overlook Hotel 4th of July Ball Ballroom Poster along with streamers, confetti, and red, white, and blue balloons
  • Use an officially licensed Jack Torrance costume prop ax as a dining table centerpiece. Consider offering it as a door prize – literally
  • Make ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ place mats. Copy the text, paste, repeat, and print a stack of copies. Cover each printed sheet with a clear place mat to prevent the ink from bleeding and staining

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  • Use a wooden baseball bat as another table centerpiece. Sign the bat Jack Torrance
  • If you don’t plan on playing the music from the movie, keep the movie playing in the background
  • Decorate a hallway with peel and stick bloody decals
  • Dress up in a Jack Torrance Halloween costume, or find a partner and dress as the Grady twins
  • Pass out Overlook Hotel key rings from room 237. They’re phenomenal Shining movie party favors

Have any other good ideas for a Shining Halloween party? I’m sure others have creative suggestions. Watch the movie again and you’ll come up with additional ideas for a Shining themed party. You may not be able to find a lot of Shining Halloween party decorations, but you can come up with your own using a little imagination.

Learn more about The Shining Film on Wikipedia

You can do more than just scatter bloody axes around the house and say Here’s Johnny! True fans of the movie will know what everything means, right down to the slightest detail. Have fun planning and hosting your celebration!



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