Ideas for a Stephen King's It Movie Party

Ideas for a Stephen King’s It Movie Party

Need ideas for a Stephen King’s It movie party for teens or adults? It’s one of the scariest Halloween party themes since the newly released movie. There’s nothing quite like a killer clown. It does for storm drains what Psycho did for showers! Consider the following Pennywise the Clown Halloween party ideas for your next event. Some of these ideas are simple and inexpensive but they make phenomenal nightmare fuel for horror fans. Some of the very best decorations and treats are the DIY kind. Delve into the deepest recesses of your imagination and build on these suggestions with your own evil clown party ideas.

Nightmare Fuel for a Stephen King’s It Party –

Red helium balloons on strings are iconic of Stephen King’s It movie. They’re ordinary children’s toys that become absolutely terrifying. Imagine walking into a dimly lit room with one single red balloon swaying near a floor vent. Would you look to see if a pair of evil eyes are looking back? Of course you would! When seeking ideas for a Pennywise It clown party, red helium balloons are a MUST. It wouldn’t be an ‘It’ party without them! Tie a single red balloon to every accessible floor vent in the house. Make it extra chilling with I Love Derry balloons. No, vents aren’t storm drains but they’re the next best thing indoors. Guests will never look at floor vents (or storm drains) the same way again.

Stephen King’s It Creative I Love Derry Balloons Halloween Party Balloons 12 inches 25 Pcs (Red)

Don’t have floor vents? No problem! Make storm drain grates using heavy spray-painted cardboard. Attach balloon weights or big metal washers to keep them on the floor. Fill them with a portable helium tank if you want dozens of red balloons when creating your house of circus horror. You’ll save money in the long run over party store balloons. Besides you want to fill them right before the party. Latex helium balloons won’t float for more than 12 to 24 hours, but… we all float down here. As simple as they are, red helium balloons will set the mood for an evil clown party.

Greet Guests with a Life-Size Animated Pennywise the Clown

Morbid Enterprises Life Sized Animated Pennywise, Yellow/Red/Black/Green/Purple, One Size

Ideas for a Stephen King’s It Movie Party: Easy Treats to Die For –

How about making treats to die for? Serve sandwich cookies dipped in blood red candy melts. Add colorful circus-inspired sprinkles. You can find candy melts and sprinkles in every color imaginable. Red candy melts are perfect for an ‘It’ themed party. No explanation is necessary!

  • Use a brain-shaped mold to make gelatin desserts
  • Create an evil clown veggie tray (shredded carrot hair, green olive eyes, radish nose, etc.)
  • Serve red punch in fake plastic food-grade syringes
  • Make severed head candy apples – carve large peeled apples to look like severed heads

Easy Decorating Ideas for a Stephen King’s It Party –

  • Stick bloody footprint decals on floors and ceilings
  • Decorate walls and windows with bloody hand print decals
  • Fold paper napkins into paper boats
  • Attach red helium balloons accross the center of dining table(s)
  • Use circus party decorations to embellish tables, walls, and doors
  • Set up a motion-activated light that illuminates Pennywise as guests arrive

Plan on Dressing for the Occasion?

881562 (XS) Pennywise Costume With Mask It The MovieView It – 881562 Pennywise Costume With Mask It The Movie

Wear a Pennywise the Clown Costume or…

When seeking ideas for a Stephen King’s It movie party it wouldn’t be the same without a Pennywise the Clown costume. If you don’t want to wear it stuff the costume with pillow batting just as you a DIY scarecrow. Attach it to a broom or a 2 x 4 for support and lean it against the wall in a dark empty corner.  It will look incredibly creepy, especially when the lights are dimmed and circus CD is playing.

Set the Mood with Extremely Creepy Circus Music –

Speaking of circus music… go with Party City Circus Music for Kids. It’s more appropriate than classic circus music. Be sure to listen to a sample on the page. Believe me, even though it’s for kids it’s the creepiest circus music for a Pennywise the Clown party. It’s perfect for the occasion.

Serve Bloody Sweet Treats –

You don’t have to consult a bakery for sweet Pennywise the Clown Halloween party ideas. Serve blood filled (raspberry) cupcakes. Use a piping bag to insert raspberry jam or other sweet red cake filling into the centers. Frost the cupcakes in circus colors of your choice. Top them with mini paper sailboats. As childish as they sound, they fit the theme quite well. They aren’t hard to make either. It’s just simple origami!

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