Ingredients for Making Squishies

Need a list of ingredients for making squishies? Some people use sheets or blocks of memory foam, but I’ve found they turn out better using a simple two-part mix and silicone molds. They’re easy to make with adult supervision. You can make super cute slow-rising squishy donuts, cupcakes, and all of your Kawaii favorites by following these printable instructions for making squishies. I also found a very helpful video on making squishies with Flex Foam-It!.

Be Sure to Buy the Right Kind of Flex Foam for Making Squishies

Before getting started you need to realize that Flex Foam comes in several different types. Which Flex Foam is used to make squishies? The one you want expands to 15 x the size, and it’s called Flex Foam-It! III. That’s a Roman numeral ‘three‘ at the end. You don’t want number Flex Foam-It! 7 or any other type.

When seeking ingredients for making squishies check out the link below. If you decide to buy it elsewhere make certain you’ve chosen the right kind of Flex Foam. Otherwise your squishies won’t turn out right. Take a closer look…

Flex Foam-iT! III Flexible Polyurethane FoamView It – Flex Foam-iT! III Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Ingredients for Making Squishies – Ingredients for Making Squishies

  • Flex Foam-It! III – (it’s the right Flex Foam for making squishies – listed above)
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Small disposable plastic cups
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Plastic tablespoon
  • Marker for labeling cups and sticks
  • Silicone donut molds and/or other silicone molds of your choice
  • Paper towels
  • Regular fabric paint
  • Cheap paint brushes
  • Small pointed scissors for trimming
  • Fabric puff paint for making sprinkles, icing, eyes, and other puffy details 
  • Essential oil (if you want scented squishies)
  • Ease Release 200 release agent (optional)

Ingredients for Making SquishiesEasy Directions for Making Slow-Rising Squishies

Now that you have the necessary ingredients for making squishies, protect your work surface and your clothing. Also, read the following instructions from top to bottom before getting started since squishy making requires fast work.

  1. Label three disposable cups with A, B, and Mix, and have all supplies ready and within easy reach.
  2. You may want to spray your silicone molds with Ease Release 200, but it’s not required.The dry foam may stick a little or it may not stick at all.
  3. Measure two tablespoons of Flex Foam B solution into the disposable cup labeled B. Stir it for four or five seconds with a wooden stir stick, and set it aside.
  4. Next, measure slightly less than two tablespoonfuls of Flex Foam A solution into the cup marked A. Using a little less A solution is how to make slow-rising squishy donuts and other shapes. Stir the A solution until smooth.
  5. Quickly combine A solution with the B solution. Work as fast as possible and scrape the sides of the cups while rapidly stirring the two parts together for about 12 seconds.
  6. Carefully scrape the combined parts into a silicone mold of your choice. Don’t fill it too high since it’s going to expand to 15 x the size of the amount you use.
  7. You’ll see it begin to foam and rise within just a few seconds of combining the two parts.
  8. Your squishy will be firm and ready to remove in about 30 minutes, but don’t squish it until it cures for about two hours.

Easy Video Instructions for Making Slow-Rising Squishies

Painting and Decorating Flexfoam Squishies

After your squishies have cured they’re ready to paint and decorate. If you want scented squishies combine a couple of drops of essential oil with the main paint color. Use puff fabric paint to make tiny sprinkles, icing swirls, Kawaii faces, and other super cute details. Be sure to let each color dry before applying the next. When you use the right ingredients for making squishies they’ll turn out just as good as or better than store-bought squishy cupcakes, donuts, bread, macaroons, and all of your favorite shapes.

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