Keep a Kitten from Climbing the Christmas Tree

Need ways to keep a kitten from climbing the Christmas tree? You’re probably at your wit’s end. It’s bad enough that kitties love to play with hanging ornaments. Some inevitably end up broken. Keeping cats off of pine boughs is another challenge, but it can be done with a few tips on cat-proofing a Christmas tree. It can be done!

Keep a Kitten from Climbing the Christmas Tree
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When my kitty was little (and very, very naughty) I caught him lying on the pine boughs several times. It was cute at first, but then he started breaking ornaments and knocking the entire tree over. He wasn’t little anymore, but didn’t know it. When the tree went up he became Catzilla.

It took a few tries but I finally learned how to stop cats from climbing Christmas trees. I lost a few bulbs and dealt with many messes, but I learned something of value in the process. If you’re ready to chuck the holiday pine this year, consider the following ways to keep cats out of Christmas trees before giving up. You can still enjoy the same beautiful display instead of trading it for a tabletop model. Miniature versions just aren’t the same!

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Safe and Natural Ways to Keep Cats Out of Christmas Trees –

One method that might work to stop kittens from climbing Christmas trees is entirely natural. It’s super cheap too.¬† Did you know that cats hate the smell of oranges? That’s right. They have a major aversion to the scent of the oil. If you don’t mind organic clutter, spread fresh orange peels around the base of your pine. It might work if kitty climbs the trunk to reach the boughs. If he or she is particularly agile and jumps directly onto the branches orange peels won’t work, at least not alone.

How about making good old fashioned orange and clove ornaments? Stick fresh fragrant whole cloves into oranges or tangerines. They’re cheap enough. If you’re feeling creative try making patterns. They can look as great as they work. Make and hang several of these orange pomanders on bottom branches. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep a kitten from climbing the Christmas tree, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work either. It worked for my friend, but my grandmother’s kitty bypassed everything from peels to clove ornaments. He was more like a monkey!

Effective Ways to Keep a Kitten from Climbing the Christmas Tree –

If you’re still looking for ways to keep a kitten from climbing the Christmas tree you might want to try Christmas Tree Defenders. It sounds like virus protection for pines, but it’s kitty proofing of the ultimate kind. They’re also potted plan protectors. How do they work? They snap together to create a physical barrier to prevent cats from climbing the trunk of the Christmas tree. It won’t ruin the display as a 6-panel baby gate would.

Just be sure to keep the tree away from a side table, sofa, or any other raised platform that kitties could use as a ladder. You may also want to remove the lowest branches to prevent floor to bough access. When used with clove infused oranges and/or fresh peels the barrier is even more effective. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have a holiday tree and a spunky little kitty.



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