How to Keep Pigeons Away from a School Building

Do you need to know how to keep pigeons away from a school building? The facility where my daughter attends had a problem, and they were able to easily solve it. The birds were making a huge mess. It’s best to scare them away since their droppings carry germs and diseases. Do nothing and the problem could become worse. As it was they were taking over various areas in addition to the roof. After the school found out how to scare pigeons away, they were no longer a problem. They moved on to quieter rooftops and pastures.

Various Ways to Scare Off Pigeons

Before explaining what the school did to solve the problem, I’ll provide a couple of other options. After all, not everyone in search of a solution has a school building and hundreds of kids to protect. Maybe you need to know how to keep pigeons away from an apartment window ledge or a porch. Some in need of help are renters, homeowners, park officials, or farmers.¬†Their excrement creates quite a mess. You can clean it up one day and it’s back the next.

Bird Spikes to Scare Away Problem Birds?

Do Bird Spikes work to keep pigeons away? They work in some situations, but certainly not all. If pigeons are landing on windowsills it will likely keep them away without harming them, but birds have been known to build nests behind spike strips. Ironically, they make a great fence! People have also taken photos of pigeons standing on the spikes. Forget about those unless you can place them against the structure.

Play Recordings of Tropical Birds Over the Outdoor PA to Scare Pigeons Away –

Tropical Birds

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What Do Schools and Businesses Use to Scare Away Pigeons?

Schools and business might not be able to use holographic tape. Sometimes the problem is too high off the ground for it to make a difference. If you still want to know how to keep pigeons away from a school building, my daughter’s school took a different approach. They don’t use spike strips or holographic tape. They play a tropical bird CD over the PA in the spring and fall. It replays over and over again. The sound is routed outdoors, and it works to keep pigeons from landing on the roof and the school grounds.

Do Tropical Bird Recordings Work to Keep Pigeons Away from Buildings?

I haven’t seen a single pigeon since the school started playing the sounds of tropical birds. Are pigeons afraid of the sounds of tropical birds? Yes, they’re afraid. The school no longer has to worry about cleaning up massive amounts of bird excrement. The pigeons have moved on, and now they stay away.


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