How to Keep Salads Cold in the Garage

Do you need to know how to keep salads cold in the garage? You’re likely hosting a graduation open house. As you know, it’s extremely important to keep foods properly chilled. After all, you don’t want to sicken anyone. The platters and bowls don’t have to be kept in the fridge or immediately removed from the tables to keep guests safe. Countless people use durable inflatable salad bars, and everything stays cool, safe, and tasty all day long. Consider the following easy way to keep cold platters chilled outdoors. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed with the food and the presentation.

Use at Least One Inflatable Salad Bar

Before checking out the following portable serving bar for cold foods, keep in mind that it has a drain plug. Not all of them have one. You want to make sure they do. It makes draining the water much easier and far less messy. You won’t have to bail it out, and it won’t end up all over the floor. Simply attach a short hose to the open drain plug and place a utility bucket beneath the table. With a tablecloth in place no one will see it. The water will run out as the ice melts. Keep an extra bucket beneath the table and exchange it as necessary. All that you’ll have to do is add more ice as it melts. You don’t have to attach a hose, but it makes ice replacement and drainage very easy. Best of all, your party looks professionally catered. Consider one for cold meats, desserts, and bottled drinks as well. You’ll be glad that you have these.

It’s a Cheap Alternative to Using Coolers at an Outdoor Party

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How to Keep Salads Cold in the Garage All Day Long

As you can tell from the dimensions, the portable salad bar above fits on a long table. It’s far better than using multiple insulated ice bowls or big bulky coolers. Cold food can’t stay out long when it isn’t served on ice. That’s why inflatable salad bars are great for open houses. Guests won’t be afraid to eat the coleslaw, potato salad, deviled eggs, and other foods that are notorious sources of food poisoning. You won’t have to toss out the leftovers either. It’s a great way to keep salad trays cold all day.

Now that you know how to keep salads cold in the garage, all that’s left to do is plan the menu. Don’t forget about the hot dishes too. They must stay warm and ready to eat all day long when hosting a graduation open house. Guests will come and go. It’s up to you as the host to keep your visitors well-fed, happy, and most of all, safe.


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