Which Macaroni and Cheese Mix is Safe?

Are you wondering which macaroni and cheese mix is safe? I’d love to know too. I used to regularly buy it, but in light of recent reports on phthalates in boxed macaroni and cheese mix powder, I don’t anymore. Even those labeled ‘organic‘ are under scrutiny now.

As of right now, they aren’t listing specific brands of boxed mac and cheese with phthalates. You’d think whoever did the study would make all of the info public. What good is a study if the information is unavailable? It leaves us guessing, wondering, and looking for alternatives to powdered cheese mix. Am I going to continue feeding my family boxed mac and cheese? No way.

Which Macaroni and Cheese Mix is Safe?

Alternatives to Cheese Powder –

I’ve started ordering cheese sauce and cooking elbow macaroni instead of using the boxed kind. It’s just as fast and easy to prepare. It tastes better anyway. It’s creamier and richer than any boxed brand that I’ve ever had. After having cheese sauce instead of the bright orange cheese powder mix, I wouldn’t go back – even if it wasn’t laced with chemicals of any kind. I’d make my mom’s homemade mac and cheese if I wanted to take the time, but it’s not high on my to-do list. I’ll use the cheese sauce kind instead.

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So… Which Macaroni and Cheese Mix is Safe?

Since we still don’t know which brand of boxed mac and cheese mix is safe, I won’t use any of them. Some say not to worry about it. They claim that dangerous amounts of phthalates aren’t specified, but is it worth risking? They aren’t added to the mix. It happens during processing.

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Guess what? I don’t want any amount of phthalates if I’m told they’re there. Which brand of macaroni and cheese mix is safe? It doesn’t matter to me. Why would I buy any of it after that? I don’t have to anyway. It’s that simple! Knowing that it’s in there at all doesn’t make me feel good. One day they say food contains potentially dangerous chemicals and the next day someone else says it’s fine. My response is no thanks! I’ll use alternatives to powdered cheese mix if I don’t want homemade.

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