Most Popular Toys Predicted for 2017

What are the most popular toys predicted for 2017? So-called experts and toy show aficionados have their theories, but they aren’t always right. Others make claims based on what they’d like to sell. Their listings have nothing to do with current knowledge or trends despite what they say. These people and companies compile extensive lists of toys in every category and age group. Of course a few will become popular. It’s hard to miss when the list is huge!

My predictions are based on decades of experience as a mother, grandmother, and as an online content writer and Amazon associate. I’ve watched the trends (and TV ads) very closely. It’s easy to see which toys will be hard to find in 2017, both in stores and online. If the kids on your gift list would like these, why not get a jump on the online shopping competition? When they make the official list of the hottest toys of 2017, you’ll save time and money because you did your homework early. 

These Could Become as Popular as Beanie Babies Were –

Remember the Beanie Baby trend of decades past? They were highly sought after and popular for years. Kids, parents, and grandparents couldn’t get enough of them! Other plush collectibles followed, but none were nearly as popular. When seeking the three most popular toys predicted for 2017, another plushy entered the scene awhile back, but this one is different enough that it very well could meet or exceed the popularity of Beanie Babies. These days the element of surprise is what piques the interest of kids and adults alike. They’re Surprizamals! So far you’ll find four series to choose from with many more to come. Each series offers 12 different plush pets including common, rare, and ultra-rare ones. They’re incredibly cute, and they’re still increasing in popularity.

Surprizamals Series - 4 Pack Mystery Balls wth Collectible Plush Toy- Series 3View It  Surprizamals Series – 4 Pack Mystery Balls wth Collectible Plush Toy- Series 3


Demand for These May Reach the Hatchimals Trend –

Hatchimals were insanely popular and in high demand in 2016. Not only was the creature a surprise, but how it was revealed was fun and highly unique. Spin Master has done it again. Hatchimals Colleggtibles promise to be just as eggciting! Sorry. I could resist the corny pun! You may want to stock up on Colleggtibles long before Fall 2017. So far they’re much more affordable than Hatchimals, and the possibilities are even greater with 70 different characters to collect in season one alone. Some are ultra-rare and highly collectible. In this set you’ll get a four-pack plus a bonus egg. Be sure to take a closer look at Hatchimals Colleggtibles when seeking the hottest toys of 2017. These will be a major contender when searching for holiday gifts. Check these out…

Hatchimals - CollEGGtibles - 4-Pack + Bonus (Styles & Colors May Vary) by Spin MasterView It  Hatchimals – CollEGGtibles – 4-Pack + Bonus (Styles & Colors May Vary) by Spin Master

How Do Hatchimals Colleggtibles Hatch?

Unlike Hatchimals that didn’t always hatch as promised and left kids in tears and parents fuming with empty wallets, these creatures hatch through kid power. They’re very cool and just as fun! When the heart on the egg is rubbed and changes from purple to pink, it’s ready to crack open to reveal an adorable creature with glittery wings. What could go wrong? Not nearly as much as with Hatchimals, although most of the time they worked as expected.

Is it Silly or One of Three Most Popular Toys Predicted for 2017?

Remember the Crayola Crayon Melt & Mold Factory? It was highly sought after in the past. Kids love creating, and they also love scents. When seeking the three most popular toys predicted for 2017, take a look at Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker. Kids can create custom scented markers. The novelty of this toy is the ability to create custom colors and scents. It’s unique enough to make the official list of the hottest toys of 2017. It includes everything needed to create up to 16 custom scented markers, and it comes with scratch n’ sniff stickers – some blank and ready to color and some ready-made. Consider this toy before it becomes one of the hottest toys of 2017. Like the others, it will become harder to find as it increases in popularity.

Crayola Silly Scents Marker MakerView It  Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker


Forget Those ‘Official’ Lists –

Forget about the so-called official lists of the hottest toys for 2017! They’re only as official as the store, manufacturer, webmaster, and/or content producer says they are. Be sure to visit The Good Stuff Gift Shop for additional toy and gift ideas for 2017. Parents and grandparents often know best! They’re some of the greatest sources of suggestions and information on toys that kids want in 2017 and beyond.

Other Toys That Will Become Hard to Find in the Coming Weeks and Days –

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