New 2018 DirecTV Guide Sucks Now!

If you’ve searched why the new 2018 DirecTV guide sucks now you’re probably about as unimpressed as I am. The changes are far from improvements. I didn’t see anything wrong with the last version, but just like any other company and product they make so-called improvements without customer input. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Some wouldn’t remain employed if they didn’t make changes. After all, unnecessary updates create job security. Be sure to read to the end and share your opinion of the new guide and any other glitches or problems you’ve encountered.

What Were They Thinking?

I don’t just dislike it. I hate the latest DirecTV guide! Not only is it going to take getting used to, but it’s also going to require a new pair of glasses and a lot more patience. Even though the company boasts hundreds of channels it was already a struggle to find something worth watching or shows I hadn’t already seen. The most recent DirecTV guide isn’t going to make it any easier for myself and countless others. What were they thinking? Obviously the developers didn’t have issues with eye-sight – or did they?

Why the New 2018 DirecTV Guide Sucks Now

One of the problems with the new DirectTV guide is the small font size and lack of contrast. What I used to be able to easily read without glasses is now a strain to see from across the room. Worse yet, they offer very few options for changing the guide. Sure, you can set it up to display the categories first when hitting the ‘guide’ button, or you can set it on ‘grid guide’, but that doesn’t change the other problems or how it reads. 

The Poor Design is Just One Problem

By automatically displaying logos next to channel numbers they’ve taken up valuable space. Those logos don’t make it easier for me to find my favorite channels, but maybe that’s not their intended purpose. Most people either set up a favorites guide or they simply remember their favorite channel numbers. Other than station identification the logos don’t really help in the scheme of things.

The Highlight Disappears

The other problem is a glitch in the latest DirecTV guide. Notice how the blue highlight disappears when scrolling? You have to arrow back up again to highlight channel choices. You shouldn’t have to do that, but it’s impossible to tell where you’re at without pressing the up and down buttons. Also, just because a specific channel is highlighted doesn’t mean it’s in the description above.

When it is There it Doesn’t Always Match the Description and…

Right now I have it on Southern Justice on channel 276, but the description is for Ghost Adventures right below it. When I highlight Ghost Adventures it lists the description for Dr. Phil two channels down. The highlight matches the channel and description part of the time, but that isn’t all. Press select and it won’t go to the channel highlighted. They released a guide update that wasn’t well thought out or ready. Overall I think it’s a very poor design.

Update: As of the evening of 1/13/2018 I’ve had to add another major problem to my list of growing complaints. It’s in my post entitled DirecTV Guide Scrolling Out of Control. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re lucky! After a few minutes of frustration and disbelief I found the easiest way to stop it.

“BullView It – Bull Shit Steak Seasoning, Net Wt 12oz

Bring Back the Old Guide!

That’s why the new 2018 DirecTV guide sucks now (in my opinion), but unless I want to unsubscribe I guess that’s my problem. For all I know the update rolled out weeks or months ago and my guide just recently updated to this shell of its former self. In any case, I don’t think it’s an improvement to the old one. I want the old one back!

Sound Off in the Comments

What do you think of the latest DirecTV guide? Are you happy with the updates or do you prefer the old design? Leave your thoughts on my review of the new DirecTV guide. What do you like, love, or hate about it, and what if any changes would you like to see? Have you noticed a problem that I didn’t list? Share your experiences and your opinion in the comment section.

Can’t Hear the TV Voices Over the Music – That’s another highly annoying problem!

20 Replies to “New 2018 DirecTV Guide Sucks Now!”

  1. This new design is horrible. I’m pretty good with technology, and I’m having a horrible time. It’s hard to make out. I’m already tired of hunting to figure It out. I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally delete shows. I don’t like shows it that big blue box. You left out how long a show runs. The date it was recorded. FIX THIS MESS! DIRECTV used to be so user friendly, you just ruined that. Admit you made a big mistake. How about giving your customers a heads up? How about sending out a user pamphlet? Now there’s a novel idea!

  2. If reading the title wasnt hard enough try reading the description! Not only is it often the wrong description but if it wasnt who would know ? You cant read it without some hard concentrating and i have no problems with my eyesight im 21 years old with 20 20 vision and i cant even read half the stuff thats on here. The design i could probably get used to just like all things you learn whats here and whats there but truthfully the old guide was perfectly fine. If they couldve just enhanced the original idea and setup that wouldve been considered an “improvement” i would understand but its just ridiculous this way. When we called to ask if we could somehow change back to the old guide they apologized and said many many people have complained for the same reasons and that all complaints are being directed to the “engineers” and they hope to resolve the issue but gave no further information about how long we will have to give ourselves headaches squinting to see whats on. Anyway its a shame to pay for a service thats only partially useful. Everything takes some getting used to but i dont see how i can improve my vision to get used to this! Carrots maybe?

  3. Oh what have you done directtv??? I am 31 years old with pretty good vision and never have had the need to wear glasses. I fear all of that will be changing for me as I STRUGGLE to read the new font “upgrade” on the guide. This most certainly is not an “upgrade” but the complete opposite. There are a few changes that bother me about the new guide, but the font is BY FAR is my number 1 complaint. I LITERALLY have to get up from my spot on the couch and WALK up to the guide in order to read (or attempt to read) the info of the channels. The lettering is not just small, but was CLEARLY designed by and for ants. Yes, ants. Only those with eyes that small will find ABSOLUTELY no issue with the new font. I have also found that the words get awfully blurry while attempting to read the guide from my perfect spot which in turn leads me to using profanity and chucking my remote in that general direction. I have come to the conclusion that only 3 people could have possibly had a hand in creating this “new & upgraded” guide…Hans Moleman, Dr.Bunsen Honeydew and Mr. Magoo. Please Directtv, fire these fools and make all of our lives better by either returning to the old guide, or for the love of all that is television..DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!

  4. All of your comments are right on and you can add us to the list of unhappy customers. What a terrible interface. What test group did they use to test this? Certainly could not have been a good sampling of real customers. I’m done with them at the end of this contract, but a good step would be for ATT/DirectTV to give us the option to go back to the old guide or simply make the change back. Thanks for this opportunity to vent. Share all of these complaints with someone who might give a blank at ATT/DirectTV.

  5. I hate this new guide! It’s too hard to read with that super tiny font, I can barely see it! I can’t stand the logos in between the channel numbers and program listings, it actually makes it harder to see which channel goes with each program listing.

    The 12-hour scroll ahead no longer works on my old remote using the green or red button, (I prefer the old remote because of it’s increased functionality and it’s more user friendly for our family).

    The Other Showings no longer works even after you scroll through day by day and find the program on the schedule the following week. It only shows a few days ahead instead of the 10 days ahead my DVR used to search ahead. Why have that option if it doesn’t even work?!

    I especially hate how the playlist of recorded shows displays with that giant box that makes it hard to read, and how you have to go into the program info to see when something was recorded. And, the percentage bar is barely noticeable now!

    The worst of all of it is the new menu style trying to act like it’s Netflix. I seriously hate copy-catters and it’s incredibly hard to navigate through.

    For as much money as we have to pay each month – and considering our prices are continuously being raised – you’d think they’d make the guide customizable so we can increase the font size, delete the logos, choose how many programs to display on the guide list, change the contrast, choose box or list style, etc. It’s no wonder so many people are dropping cable/satellite and going to streaming instead. After my contract is up, I might be one of them.

  6. I totally agree that the format is the attempt to fix an issue that didn’t exist in the first place. Do they think everyone owns a 70 inch monster tv? Why shrink font size and replace it with blue nothing? Why try and be hip when your only job is to convey information? Give me back my old guide!

  7. Need glasses now to read the font and I hate the list format. I liked the List when you could scroll and choose which entry you wanted to highlight and read its content. Bring back the old guide!

  8. I signed up again for DirecTV because I was happy with my past experience a few years ago. For the first month, my experience was great. The menu was easy to read and navigate. The search function allowed for Smart Search, Sports Search etc. When changing channels, the info at the top of the screen was easy to read. Well now, the search function has completely changed. Now it is very confusing and not user friendly at all. The info at the top of each screen is a hot mess. You can barely read it since the font is so small. The playlist was so much easier to use before. I could go on forever with my complaints about the new changes. What were they thinking ? I may consider changing providers when my contract is up. Why fix what isn’t broken? Shame on you DirecTV

  9. Latest glitch. My custom Guide seems to work with other channels but not msnbc. I get a thunk when I try to select it, have to exit guide and just go to it directly, then if I try to go to guide while on msnbc I just get a black screen. Like everyone else, I’m a long time user looking for alternatives.

    • The list of glitches and annoyances continues to grow. Thanks for adding it to the list, P.E. You’d think someone at DirecTV would correct all of this. If they’d just go back to the old one the problems would be solved.

  10. I’ve had this horrible guide about a month now. I’ve called them numerous times. complaining.The guy today said he doesn’t believe they are going to do anything to fix it. he even said he hates it, that he can’t read it either. He told me to write letters.Guess I should have stayed with dish network, sure sometimes the picture went out but the company actually cared about their people.

    • Hi, Jane. I keep finding new glitches with that updated guide. It’s disgusting! If they really cared these problems would have been corrected already. Actually, they wouldn’t have ever agreed to release that lousy guide. When their own employees are complaining and agreeing with customers you know it’s garbage. I would love to get rid of satellite altogether, but my husband isn’t willing, at least not yet. Considering what we’re paying each month, the quality and functionality of the guide and everything else should be far better than it is.

      What’s really sad is both Dish Network and DirecTV treat new customers better than those who have faithfully paid for years. I guess they don’t care about retaining good customers or their satisfaction. Their goal seems to be bringing in as many new customers as possible on contract. I’ve always thought if the service was as good as they say it is they wouldn’t need contracts.

      They are losing more and more people with all of the new streaming providers and devices coming out. People need to stop tolerating bad service and look into these alternatives. Like I said, I’d get rid of it right now if my husband would agree that its CrapTV. He isn’t happy with the service either, but he likes certain shows and doesn’t think he could find them elsewhere. If it becomes any worse and/or any more expensive I think he’ll finally agree.

    • Hi, Patricia. Thankfully that’s one thing we can still control on the guide. To remove duplicate listings and shorten your guide length hit ‘menu’, then ‘settings’, and then ‘display’. Under ‘guide channels’ you have the choice to ‘hide SD (standard duplicates)’, ‘hide HD duplicates’, or you can choose to show all channels which must be where yours is currently set. I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading and commenting. 😀

    • I agree with all the others, new guide sucks. One of the reasons I left dishnet is because I liked the simplicity of directv guide.

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