New Category Cards for the Old Version of Scattergories

Are you wondering if you can buy new category cards for the old version of Scattergories? The original version is from 1988, and it was made by Although 20 letters can be used to fill in existing lists, new options would be great. After playing with my sister for the past several years, I’ve just about memorized the cards. I find myself using the same answers multiple times. I recently searched for new Scattergories cards for the old game, but I couldn’t find them. Instead, I made new ones myself using the existing design and heavy cardstock. It’s like having a brand new game!

Fun Word Games for Family Gatherings

As you might have guessed, Scattergories is at the top of my list. You don’t have to be a good speller let alone an English major to enjoy this game. It’s one of the best games for family gatherings since several people can play. It’s ideal for most age groups too. Kids just learning to spell, seniors and everyone in between can play this fun family board game. However, it’s not your typical board game since it takes thought and creativity. It’s also a great way to get family members talking at holiday gatherings. Each person reads off their answers one by one. It often sparks fun and interesting family discussions. It can be hilarious too! It’s an activity that makes people think, but it isn’t a game that causes arguments or headaches. It’s a great gift for people that love word games. I wasn’t able to find new category cards for the old version of Scattergories, but it was easy enough to make my own.

Scattergories Refills

The Newer Version of Scattergories is a Blast

I wasn’t able to find new category cards for the old version of Scattergories. Even newer versions have some of the same old lists. I don’t want repeats. Have you considered a newer version of Scattergories instead of making new cards? The newer versions are far less expensive than the vintage game. Brand new originals are going for big bucks. Take a look at one of the new version of Scattergories. I don’t list prices because they can change. Keep in mind that you can always use a wind-up timer if you don’t like the manual one. That way no one has to watch the sand run out. Everyone can have a blast playing Scattergories!

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