New Customer Wish Coupon Code

Looking for a new customer Wish coupon code to save as much as possible? Many shoppers don’t realize that first time customer Wish coupon codes exist, but they do, and they can save lots of money.

When I placed my first order I didn’t use an online coupon, but I should have known to look for one. You can find online promotional codes for almost every store.

A First Order Wish Coupon Code That Works –

Use code JHNYRHP before checking out and you’ll save up to 50% off the entire order.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to write it down and type it in. Sorry, but my site is copy-and-paste protected because of past issues with scammers. It makes it more difficult to share recipes, codes, and other copy worthy info, but I have to protect my website from plagiarists.

Where to Enter Coupon Code JHNYRHP

Now that you have a new customer Wish coupon code you may be wondering how and where to use it. When checking out you’ll see an ‘Enter Promo Code‘ directly beneath your order summary. After it’s entered you’ll see how much it’s worth along with the subtotal and total before the purchase is final.

Are Discounts Applied to Shipping on Wish?

Keep in mind that many items on Wish are marked ‘free‘, but they aren’t really free because of shipping costs. In many cases, you end up spending more than if you’d find the same item that wasn’t free. You just have to use good judgment and take the time to read reviews.

When using a Wish promotional code I’ve found that it’s best to look for items that aren’t free. You’ll find that it saves more in the end.

Now That You Have Your New Customer Wish Coupon Code…

Keep in mind that everything on Wish isn’t top-quality merchandise. I’ve purchased things that didn’t meet my expectations, but they’re great when it comes to customer satisfaction. With that said, some of my very best purchases have come from Wish and I highly recommend it! Tips

Don’t rely on product photos! Be sure to read customer reviews with photos and videos. It’s also important to check dimensions since some items are made to look much larger than they really are.

Speaking of size…

When buying clothes from Wish, more often than not you have to order at least 2 sizes up. Asian sizes run smaller than UK and American sizes. Once again, read the reviews to see what people are saying regarding size, quality, etc., and check out customer photos.

Use Coupon Codes to Save Every Time You Place an Order

After your first purchase, you can still save every time you order from Wish. When entering the site, both through the app and online, you’ll see a current Wish promotional code in the form of a pop-up. It’s usually a word that relates to the season or holiday.

Happy shopping at!



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