Some of the Most Expensive Food on Amazon

I recently found some of the most expensive food on Amazon and couldn’t believe my eyes. They aren’t for the average shopper, especially those with a meager grocery budget. If you can afford these you probably don’t have to check prices! However, they may be bargains compared to other sources, but I wouldn’t know one way or another. These lavish items are beyond my means. Although I was stunned by the cost, they must be worth every penny to someone. I’ve listed some of the most expensive steaks on Amazon, one of the most expensive kinds of coffee, and a couple more.

Kobe Beef Strip Steaks

I stumbled across some of the most expensive steaks on Amazon. These weren’t just any beef steaks either. They’re Kobe beef, and one of the most tender and most flavorful kinds you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Just look at the amazing marbling. I’m not a chef, a food critic, or even a self-proclaimed foodie, but I can see that it’s different than a typical New York variety strip steak. They’re cut by hand from imported Kobe beef. You’ll get four steaks between 1-1/4 and 1-1/2″ thick. My mouth is watering just looking at the raw meat!

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View at Amazon – New York Prime Beef – Kobe Japan – 4 x 18 Oz. Steaks – THE BEST STEAK ON THE PLANET via Fed Ex overnight

Some of the Most Expensive Food on Amazon: The Costliest Coffee?

Next on my list of some of the most expensive food on Amazon is actually a beverage. It was the first high-ticket item I found while searching for better coffee to replace my morning Joe. Although it’s one of the most expensive kinds of coffee in the world, I can afford this one. I recommend that all coffee lovers give it a try, at least just once. It’s Kopi Luwak. If that doesn’t ring a  bell, maybe this will. These coffee beans were consumed by wild civet cats and collected by Indonesian farmers. In other words, it’s cat poop coffee! It’s one of the most unusual drinks on Amazon, and you can buy a couple of ounces or a one-pound bag.

“Tablecraft (394520)

View at Amazon – Kopi Luwak Coffee, Sustainably Sourced, World’s Most Expensive Coffee, Whole Bean, Sample Size, 2-ounce

Foie Gras Anyone?

At first glance the foie gras pictured below looks like a chicken breast, but it’s a lobe of liver from a fattened duck. I must admit that it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be, but it still made my list of some of the most expensive food on Amazon. Chefs from all over the world buy this foie gras, and for very good reason. It comes from Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm, and it’s the only one USDA certified cage-free. Because it’s super fresh and vacuum packed it’s good for 10 days after delivery.

“Tablecraft (394520)

View at Amazon – Hudson Valley Foie Gras ‘Farm to Table’ 1.5 lb Duck Foie Gras Lobe, Grade ‘A’ – Fresh

How Much is the Most Expensive Food Online?

I listed just some of the most expensive food on Amazon. As I said before, that doesn’t mean they’re bad buys. It simply means that some of us just can’t afford it. None are on my expensive food bucket list, but if I were going to buy and try any of these it would be the coffee. Which one (if any) of these expensive foods would you like to try? You’ll also find Marky’s Imperial Osetra Caviar, Malossol and countless other items beyond the food budgets of many shoppers.


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