Squishy Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Looking for squishy birthday party ideas for girls? It’s a fun theme that’s quickly gaining in popularity, and you can find them in countless different subjects. Kids love playing with and collecting squishies of all styles, sizes, and themes. Some are highly realistic food items and everyday objects while others are super cute squeezable characters. It’s fun and easy to plan everything from squishy birthday party favors to squishy birthday party activities.

Have the Kids Make and Decorate Super Easy Squishies

Games and activities are a must at any birthday party, and they have to be fun and interesting. However, kids these days aren’t thrilled with the games we used to play.

When looking for activity ideas for a girl’s squishy birthday party, how about making squishies? It’s not as difficult or as messy you might think. Make squishies and you won’t have to plan games and other activities because it will take up lots of time.

If you don’t already know what to do, check out the article entitled Ingredients for Making Squishies.

Included is a list of supplies, easy directions, and a video with step-by-step visual instructions. It would be a great group activity with a little adult supervision, and the finished results will double as birthday party favors.

Ideas for Squishy Birthday Party Food

  • Donuts that look like squishies – buy real edible donuts with icing and sprinkles
  • Peeps – they’re naturally squishy and delicious and come in many flavors and colors!
  • Make a donut-shaped birthday cake with an Entenmann’s Jumbo Non-Stick Donut Pan
  • Frost and decorate marshmallows on cake pop sticks
  • Frost cupcakes and top with mini marshmallows and colored sprinkles
  • Color and decorate macaroons to look like squishy buns

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Squishy Birthday Party Ideas for Girls: Decorations and More

Now that you have ideas for squishy birthday party desserts and more, how about decorating party tables, walls, ceilings, and doors? It’s easy to come up with squishy themed birthday party decorations such as donuts or unicorns. Display your child’s favorites down the center of the table and the kids will have something to do in between activities. You can also:

        • Make big construction paper cutouts depicting favorite squishies for decorating a wall
        • Decorate the center of the table with a big birthday cake squishy
        • Suspend squishies from clear thread across a window or doorway
        • Hang crepe paper twists and balloons that match or coordinate with favorite squishy colors
        • Set out clear containers of Orbeez (water beads): layer various colors for eye-catching table decorations

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    Squishy-Themed Birthday Party Supplies

    Now that you have several squishy birthday party ideas for girls don’t forget table coverings, napkins, plates, and other supplies. Where can you find birthday party supplies in a squishy theme? More are available than you may think!

    Consider the donut party plates posted near the top, or opt for unicorn birthday party supplies.

    Both nicely fit a squishy birthday party theme for girls, and they’re super cute. Any subject can be transformed into a squishy, especially the homemade kind.

    In any case, offer lots of squishies for a squeezing good time! It’s a fun birthday party theme that’s unique and hasn’t been overdone like many of the most popular character parties.


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