Stop Guacamole from Turning without Lemon Juice

Do you want to know how to stop guacamole from turning without lemon juice? It turns dark very quickly. It’s more of a gray color than brown, and it looks unappetizing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to eat it! After it changes color it’s not at all appealing, and I definitely wouldn’t serve it to guests!

Aldi sometimes offers avocados for 59 cents each, but they’re not a bargain if they end up in the trash. I had to find ways to keep avocados fresh after peeling. Because of the high fat content I don’t eat whole ones in a single sitting. I figured out how to preserve fresh avocados. I’ve also included info on how to keep guacamole from turning dark. You’ll be able to make it ahead of time for parties, and you’ll be able to keep it for a few days instead of just a few hours.

When You Don’t Plan on Using a Whole Avocado

As you know, the enemy of fresh avocado is air. Even before it’s mashed and transformed into dip it quickly spoils when exposed. Refrigeration doesn’t stop it either, and you have to keep it tightly sealed. That doesn’t mean you can put it in an air-tight container because it will still turn dark. If you don’t plan on using the entire avocado just remove the skin over the portion you need. Tightly wrap and twist plastic wrap around the rest. It’s one of the best ways to keep avocados fresh after peeling when you don’t have lemon juice.

The Secret to Preserving an Avocado Half

To cut and preserve an avocado half simply slice it lengthwise with the skin intact. Carefully cut all of the way around the fruit. You’ll feel the pit with the blade of the knife. Twist it slightly to separate the halves and you’ll find the pit attached to one side. When wondering how to preserve avocado halves pay careful attention to the half with the pit. The side with the pit attached is the least likely to turn dark. Remove the pit and tightly wrap that half in plastic wrap and use the other one first.

How to Keep Leftover Guacamole from Turning Dark

Prepare your guacamole according to personal preference, and transfer it to a serving bowl of choice. Tear off more wrap than you would need to cover the top. Place it directly over the surface of the dip. Working from the center outward, smooth away all of the air pockets and bubbles. It must be sealed across the entire surface if you want it to stay a beautiful shade of green. Sealing it with a Vacuum Food Sealer works exceptionally well to stop guacamole from turning dark before a party.

“PrepworksView It – Prepworks by Progressive Guacamole Bowl with Spoon

You Can Still Use a Decorative Guacamole Bowl

Stop Guacamole from Turning without Lemon Juice
I LOVE my guacamole bowl!

I just love the avocado shaped guacamole bowl posted above. It’s extremely unique and ideal for a party or potluck meal. It’s hand-painted ceramic that holds 1-½ cups. That’s just the right amount for a gathering. The brown ceramic serving spoon is included, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

Now that you know how to stop guacamole from turning without lemon juice, you can use the plastic wrap technique with this unique serving dish that looks like an avocado. Just be sure to completely cover the top with plastic wrap and smooth out all air bubbles. Remove the plastic just before serving.

Stop Guacamole from Turning without Lemon Juice

Fresh partially peeled avocado will still turn dark when stored in the fridge, but it will take longer to darken. When it does, just use a metal spoon to skim off the brown or gray layer on top. You’ll see that it’s still fresh and green underneath the dark spots.  A few gray or brown spots won’t spoil the rest of the fruit. Just remove any dark spots before preparation and it will look fresh, green, and delicious.

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