A Sturdy Portable Catio for the Yard

Do you want a sturdy portable catio for the yard? You don’t have to build one. Durable ready-made enclosures are available. This one is made of quality metal instead of canvas and mesh. It will last for years. Consider the following portable pet gazebo. It’s labeled for dogs, but it’s also for cats. They’ll be able to lie in the cool grass and watch birds, squirrels, and other creatures, people, and activities from the safety of their pen. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors with kitty. It looks as great as it works!

It’s a Large Wood Framed Catio with Shelves

If you’re looking for a portable pet gazebo, I found a phenomenal solution. If you want a large catio that’s easy to assemble, this one is for you. It can be attached to the side of a house or another structure for a built-in solution.  Kitty will have more outdoor space than he ever dreamed of. He won’t feel as if he’s missing anything in the outside world. Whether it’s attached to your house or not he’ll enjoy the fresh air. He’ll stay safe from predators and other dangers. It’s the next best thing to building a catio for the lawn. I think it’s even better!

It’s a Sturdy Portable Catio for the Patio or Yard

JAXPETY Cat Wooden House Small Animal Outdoor Pen Cage Dog Cat Play Enclosure

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You can anchor the cat house firmly to the ground to keep it securely in place. Kitty won’t fit beneath it or in between the screens. He will be safe and secure! It’s a phenomenal alternative to building a catio. It’s a sturdy portable catio for the yard. It’s large enough to enjoy with your cat. Best of all the roof is covered with durable asphalt shingles and shelves are built-in. If desired, the back panel(s) can be removed to allow access from a window or door panel. Your kitty will love it, and you will too!

A Safe Way for Cats to Enjoy the Outdoors

I’d love to have one for my cat Panda Bear. He’s constantly crying to go outside. It seems cruel to keep him in, but I want to keep him safe. The Jaxpety wooden cat house would solve the problem. He would get to go out, and I wouldn’t have to worry about his safety. Maybe you’re going through the same dilemma with your cat. A sturdy wood framed catio is a fantastic solution.


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