Tall Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

Tall tree stump decorating ideas eliminate the need for removal. After all, why get rid of a sturdy built-in post that offers countless possibilities? I’m jealous when I see one. It’s especially frustrating when it isn’t decorated with fairy garden doors and windows. I imagine what I would do if it was on my property! Unless it’s in the way, look for alternatives to tree stump removal. Need ideas for old tree stumps? Whether short or tall, they can be useful and decorative. Here are a few creative tree stump ideas.

What You Can Do with an Old Tree Stump

Tall Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

  • Top it with a big bird feeder and make a feeding station
  • Create a fairy home with a cedar shake roof, decorative windows, and a door
  • Use it as a hanging plant post with metal plant hangers
  • Add a hanging decorative rope ladder
  • Arrange fairy garden furnishings on top
  • Embellish the top with a big beautiful pot of flowers and vines
  • Hollow it out for a built-in planter
  • Attach a Tree Face
  • Have it professionally carvedCreative Ways | Use Big Tree Stump
  • Use it as a pedestal to highlight a yard statue of choice
  • Attach a bowl-shaped log to create a giant mushroom
  • Top it with a Mosaic Glass Solar Powered Light

Tall Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

Tall Tree Stump Decorating Ideas with a Fairy Theme

Take a close look at the tree stump fairy house above. The creator added a simple handmade cedar shake roof. The sloped sides were glued and nailed together in layers. The triangular roof peak is covered with Dollhouse Cedar Hexagon Shingles that are typically used for decorating birdhouses and dollhouses. Tree trunk windows and doors are available in many different styles. Take a look at the following possibilities. These are phenomenal, especially if you want ideas on decorating a tree stump in a fairy theme.

Give Your Tree Stump a Face

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture

View it at AmazonThe Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture

I Want a Tree Stump!

Tall Tree Stump Decorating Ideas 

Even if you don’t have tree removal plans, you can find sections of tree trunks that people don’t want. However, they’re extremely heavy and difficult to move.They’re much heavier than they look! They’re also dangerous since they can tip when stood on-end. Now that you have several tall tree stump decorating ideas, what are you going to do?

If you must have a real one, be sure to sink it into the ground. You’re going to need lots of help, but it can be done if you want a real tree stump. Plenty of people are more than happy to get rid of wood when cutting trees down. Also, be sure to coat it with clear acrylic sealer since dead wood eventually rots when exposed to weather and moisture.


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