Tips for Traveling with a Cat Litter Box

Need tips for traveling with a cat litter box? Taking a road trip with kitty can be just as easy as it is with a dog. You won’t have to stop for bathroom breaks, at least not because of the cat. It doesn’t have to be difficult to take him along. Consider the following cat pan for an RV, a car, or any other vehicle with more than two wheels. It won’t be as stressful for you or for kitty. Whether you’re relocating, vacationing, or working, you’ll enjoy having feline company. It won’t be messy if you have the right cat litter box for travel.

Travel Cat Litter Boxes to Avoid

Some suggest collapsible litter boxes for traveling, but I don’t understand why. The fact that it folds isn’t beneficial because you have to keep it filled. Others suggest disposable pans to make cleaning easier, but they’re not good for numerous reasons. Litter becomes scattered all over the floor, they’re terribly wasteful and costly, and some cats are high pee-ers. Use the wrong covered litter box and you’ll still have a mess.

How to Eliminate Cat Litter Box Leaks and Other Messes

Why and how would a covered cat litter pan leak? When kitty sprays or stands too high urine leaks out from between the top and bottom sections. What you need is a good cat litter box for road trips. The following unit isn’t labeled for travel, but it works remarkably better than other styles I’ve used.

It Fits in Back of the Seat and Kitty Can Lie or Sit on Top

Modkat Flip Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Tarp Liner

View it at AmazonModkat Flip Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Tarp Liner

A Seamless Cat Litter Box is Ideal for Traveling with a Kitty

The best travel cat litter box doesn’t have seams. The Flip Litter Box Kit posted above is a phenomenal travel solution for cats and their owners. It includes a scoop that hangs on the side and a washable reusable tarp liner that attaches with built-in hooks. What makes it great for road trips is the way it flips open for cleaning. Instead of lifting off like a regular covered pan you simply fold the top back. The lid stays in place with magnets, and the flat sturdy surface gives kitty another place to relax.

Additional Tips for Traveling with a Cat Litter Box

  • Consider placing the cat litter box inside of a large open tote to minimize tracking – if you have room
  • Use cat litter mats in kitty’s area instead of vehicle mats or rugs – they greatly reduce tracking
  • Buy a storage container with a latching lid for holding poop and clumped litter
  • Use diaper disposal bags to line the aforementioned container
  • Spray odor neutralizer air freshener for pets instead of scented types
  • Use scoopable cat litter in jugs – it’s super easy to store and pour

Keeping a Cat in the Vehicle When Stopping for Breaks

Now that you have several good tips for traveling with a cat litter box, have you thought of an effective way to keep kitty from escaping? Be sure to use a harness and leash at all times. That way you won’t lose your cat when opening the door. To make doubly sure that kitty stays safe use a pet seat belt as well.





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