Tips for Growing Catnip in Zone Five

Do you want tips for growing catnip in zone five? You don’t have to begin with plants since it’s super easy to start from seed. Before long you’ll have beautiful flowering catmint bushes and an endless supply for your kitty. My cat doesn’t like dried catnip. He prefers fresh leaves. I give him a small leaf or two each day. Did you know that you can grow it outdoors all year long without a greenhouse? I will explain how to grow catnip outdoors in the winter in any hardiness zone. It can live year-round if you know what it needs to survive. Your cat will love you for it! Besides, it’s pretty hard to grow indoors with cats around.

Planting Catnip Seeds Directly in the Ground

Although catnip seeds are small they can be successfully planted directly in the ground. Work the soil to remove lumps, clumps, rocks, and any debris. How far apart should you sow catnip seeds? Plant the seeds between one and two inches down, and keep it moist but not wet. I would plant two or three in each hole since they might not all germinate. If they become crowded they can be removed later. Plants should be at least 12-inches apart since they can grow quite large.

Tips for Growing Catnip in Zone Five
My Cat Loves His Nip!

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Encourage More Growth Using This Technique

When seeking tips for growing catnip in zone five, don’t forget to thin plants that are too close. Also, you can encourage bushier growth by pinching off leaves. It will happen naturally as you harvest it for your cat. Just pinch off a random leaf here and there. The plant will form a bush instead of growing straight up. It will produce more leaves to enjoy. They’re quite beautiful when they bloom.

What Will Happen if You’re Not Careful!

Once you choose to plant catnip seeds in zone five, you won’t have to plant it again. Why? Catnip replants itself after the blooms go to seed. If you’re not careful it can quickly take over. Seeds are redistributed by the wind. You’ll need to pull up unwanted plants as they sprout in new places.

Tips for Growing Catnip in Zone Five All Winter Long

My cat wasn’t satisfied with the catnip I dried in the fall. He meowed by the door until I decided to go out and check the plants. The winter had been a warmer than past years, and the plant wasn’t covered with snow. Old growth had died away in the fall, but I hadn’t removed it or any of the leaves from nearby trees that collected around the plant. It provided protection from the elements and allowed the catnip to grow off and on all winter long. My cat didn’t mind the small leaves. They were just as potent as the larger ones, and they sustained his desire for fresh catnip.

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