Tips for Winning Amazon Giveaway Prizes

Do you need tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes? Playing hundreds of times and never winning anything must be frustrating! However, if you don’t have patience don’t bother playing. Why do that to yourself? Most people never win because they give up too soon. How soon is too soon? Look at it like this… Let’s say the odds of winning are 1,000 to one. That doesn’t sound bad, right? Think about it. You could play thousands of times before hitting the bouncy box at just the right time. It takes thousands, not hundreds of plays to win one game – unless of course you get lucky. It happens, but more often than not you have to play for days without a win.

Is Amazon Giveaway All Luck or Not?

Winning is mostly good fortune, but you can learn how to increase your odds of winning Amazon Giveaways. Click on every single bouncy box without reading the stats first and you’ll save loads of time, but you’ll lower your odds of winning. When seeking tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes, first and foremost, don’t get in a hurry! Mindlessly click on the boxes and your odds will go down. It takes a little homework to win more games. These tips for winning bouncy box prizes can make a difference.

IMPORTANT: Before Playing – 

Find Out if You’re Taxed on Amazon Giveaway Prizes

I play sporadically 24-hours a day. I realize that most people don’t have time for games, but I have lots of spare time on my hands. Not that it’s anyone’s business, but I have physical issues that keep me at home – cervical spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and pinched nerves in my neck and back. In between writing blog posts I try for Amazon Giveaway prizes. It beats wasting time on Facebook. I’ve won lots of prizes, but I’m not greedy. On the contrary, my goal is to win Christmas gifts for my family.

My Top Tips for Winning Amazon Giveaway Prizes –

      • Wait to play contests that must hit a certain number (eg. 2,001st player wins) – use your best guess
      • Always play those with the lowest odds first – they end very fast!
      • Don’t waste your time on videos for contests with super high odds – most don’t produce winners
      • Don’t wait for the contest page to refresh – do it manually and do it often
      • Look for contests with lower odds very late at night and very early in the a.m.
      • Use my *preferred site to enter Amazon Giveaways

“TheView It – The Strangest Secret

Do Amazon Affiliates Have an Advantage?

A few losers blatantly said that I have an advantage over others because of my Amazon affiliation. Yes, I said losers. They admittedly never won. What a surprise! Although I understand their frustration, I would never accuse others of having an unfair advantage because I hadn’t won yet. At first I thought they must have been joking, but they were serious. Unbelievable.

I’ve never won any amount of money playing Powerball, not even $2, but I play now and then. I would be embarrassed to complain to the cashier about never winning. I must admit, complaints about losing a free game took me by surprise. No one likes to lose, but we’re supposed to graciously accept loss like mature adults. Toddlers stomp their feet, hold their breath, and turn red in the face. Some people are eternal victims. In the real world, everyone doesn’t get a sugar-coated consolation prize. That’s not how life works.

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The Odds Aren’t Forever in Your Favor, but –

If you don’t enjoy playing when you’re not winning, don’t play. Why torture yourself? You should never count on winning anything anyway. If you do, you’re going to be very disappointed. The odds aren’t forever in your favor here, but there is good news. Amazon Giveaway contests cost nothing but your time and a few clicks. You stand a better chance of winning Amazon Giveaway prizes than you would Powerball or scratch-off games, and they aren’t free.

Think about It –

Amazon affiliates have no better chance of winning Amazon Giveaways than anyone else. Why would they? Better yet, how would they? If that were the case I’d become a state lottery affiliate – if they were hiring. I wouldn’t bother with small wins. Amazon has nothing to gain by hosting bogus giveaways either. That wouldn’t make sense. Likewise, I have nothing to gain by sharing my strategies here. In fact, I’m lowering my odds of winning by offering tips. Why am I doing it then?

Why Am I Sharing My Tips for Winning Amazon Giveaway Prizes?

Despite my frustration with the ugly side of human behavior, I’m generally a kind, patient, and loving person. Besides, there are more than enough Amazon Giveaway prizes to go around. In fact, it’s said that about one-third of the games end without a winner. Hosts are refunded when that happens. I’m sure that some purposely set the odds extremely high. As more people learn tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes, more prizes will be awarded.

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The Bold and the Butt-Hurt –

Welcome to the Bold and the Butt-Hurt, staring Seymour Tantrums! It sounds like an online soap opera, doesn’t it? I write on many subjects from pets to entertaining, and I’m not a fan of soap operas or drama, real or imagined. Amazon isn’t paying me to write about their contests, but as you know you’ll find at least one or two (maybe even three or four) butt-hurt people in every forum. Yes, I said butt-hurt. It’s my blog. I can say what I want to say.

People become extraordinarily brave online, and keyboard warriors will leave comments they would never have the nerve to utter in the presence of another human being. Do I care? No. I don’t. I have the skin of an online writer and it’s incredibly thick. If it wasn’t I would have signed off and closed the lid on my laptop more than a decade ago. I’m here for the long haul for those who appreciate my efforts. The bold and the butt-hurt (yes, I said it again) can keep on going until they implode from the drama that burns from within. The mean-spirited don’t have a voice here. I don’t have time for trolls, real or imagined.

Don’t Be a Loser!

Use these tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes instead of publicly complaining that you’ve never won. Don’t be a butt-hurt loser! Don’t waste your time pouting and accusing others of cheating or having an unfair advantage either. It’s a childish response to losing. You’ll win when you least expect it – unless of course you give up. It takes patience, but you’ll eventually hit the bouncy box at the perfect time. Winning just once and you’ll become addicted. Use my tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes, and come back and share what you’ve won.

Want to Know What I’ve Won?

I started winning long before writing the following article. That’s how I was able to include a photo of my prizes. If I had won because of my post I couldn’t have posted a prize photo when it was published. I know, it’s a little confusing, but I wasn’t trying to brag either. I planned on eventually sharing my tips for winning Amazon Giveaway prizes because I want others to win too.

What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?

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  1. That’s funny. The other day I was looking to figure out how to do an Amazon giveaway at my website. But these tips are a lot better. Would much rather learn how to win a giveaway. LOL.

    • Hi! It’s great to hear from you.:D If you aren’t playing the giveaways you should give them a try. I was able to win lots of gifts for my family and a few things I wanted. I was thinking of hosting an Amazon Giveaway too. I just wish websites outside of Amazon were clickable. I don’t know if anyone would follow through and visit out of curiosity.

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