Do the Same US Items Cost More in Canada?

So, do the same US items cost more in Canada? The difference can surprise you. Is it fair for everyone? Some don’t feel it is. A writer friend planned to buy several high ticket items on Amazon CA, but she wasn’t happy with the big price differences. She started shopping on the US site and was shocked when redirected to the Canadian site.

Keep in mind, she lives and works in Canada near the United States border. She could easily jump in her car and do a little cross-border shopping whenever she wants, but unless sales or suggested retail base prices are phenomenal, it may or may not be worth it. It depends on a number of factors including possible duties, travel costs, time, and several other considerations. She prefers shopping online since store jumping isn’t one of her favourite activities in either country.

It Pays to Count Your Loonies –

Do the Same US Items Cost More in Canada?
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Like many of us, my writer friend finds it more convenient and cost effective to do most of her shopping online. However, she’s not willing to pay higher prices for the exact same items just because of her location. Even those who don’t have to count their loonies don’t want to pay more. Do you blame them? Everyone wants the lowest prices whenever possible.

Do the Same US Items Cost More in Canada?

I don’t list prices, not even for comparison purposes because they can and will change. When shopping it can pay to also check Amazon US for the same items. Does everything cost more on than on the US site? No, not everything. Costs can vary greatly between the Amazon sites. Keep in mind that third-party sellers set their own prices. You’ll find the same items with different prices everywhere you look, but comparison shopping IS worth it. Unfortunately, some US sellers won’t ship to Canada and visa versa, but it’s easy enough to check. Compare Canadian Amazon prices to US prices to find out.

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Can Shopping the US Amazon Site Save Canadian Shoppers Money?

Does it cost less for Canadians to shop Amazon US? Even with shipping charges, surcharges, and the current exchange rate, it may cost less to shop Amazon US, but certainly not in every case. You may have to account for bulk shipping surcharges when seeking heavier items. Just be sure to take every charge into consideration. Do the same items in the US cost more in Canada? It depends. Let both websites do the math for you! It pays to do your homework no matter where you shop online. If you have the time to comparison shop, by all means take the time.

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