Vet Says My Dog Needs Expensive Teeth Cleaning

The vet says my dog needs expensive teeth cleaning, but I can’t afford to spend between $400 and $500.00. That’s why it’s important to maintain the animal’s teeth long before they need professional scraping and polishing. Tartar builds up and causes all sorts of problems, some that could ultimately end the dog’s life if left untreated. When the gums become infected, the infection can travel through the bloodstream to vital organs including the heart valves and the kidneys. I don’t want to lose my dog or cause him to suffer. I’ve had to look for ways to protect a dog’s teeth from tartar.

A Dog’s Teeth Should Be Brushed Every Day

Thankfully, my dog’s teeth really aren’t that bad, but they could become a problem if I didn’t try to keep them clean. They only had small amounts of tartar, and his gums were still in good condition. However, I couldn’t ignore the warning signs. If I did, the tartar would build up and cause gum disease. I bought a fingertip toothbrushing kit for dogs. Animals aren’t usually very cooperative when it comes to sticking things in their mouth – unless it’s food. That’s why I needed a fingertip dog toothbrush. Fingertip toothbrushes allow for better control, but they don’t remove hardened tartar from a dog’s teeth. Brushing only prevents more tartar from forming.

C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews, Regular, 30 Chews

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Ordinary edible dog bones remove very little hardened tartar on a dog’s teeth. The vet says my dog needs expensive teeth cleaning, but I can’t afford that fee. I don’t know many who could. I don’t even spend $400 to $500 a year on my dental needs. However, I knew that I couldn’t scrape his teeth myself either. He would never cooperate! That’s when I went in search of effective dental chews for dogs. I figured that something effective must be available. I searched for dog treats that remove tartar and found a phenomenal solution. I bought the regular size chews and cut them into smaller pieces to save money.

The Vet Says My Dog Needs Expensive Teeth Cleaning, but…

The results remained to be seen. Would the dental chews work well enough to eliminate the need for an expensive dental cleaning? The last time that I took the dog in for a checkup, the vet was astounded. He said that a professional cleaning was no longer necessary and I was shocked! I thought the dental chews would help, but I didn’t realize they would solve the problem. He asked what I had been doing in addition to using a fingertip toothbrush for dogs. He thought that I had taken the dog to another veterinarian for a cleaning! I had high hopes for the dental chews, but I didn’t expect them to work as well as they did. The dog’s teeth were much cleaner. The chews (and daily brushing) worked to clean my dog’s teeth and keep them tartar-free, and I highly recommend them.


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