Warm Clothes for an Elderly Woman

When temps are comfortable for younger people seniors are often chilled to the bone. Turning up the temperature helps, but then everyone else roasts. That isn’t fair. A person can always put on more layers of clothing, but when the house is as hot as a sauna, others are forced to sweat. Feeling overheated can be just as uncomfortable, but feeling cold can be torturous. It’s best for all concerned if the colder person wears warmer clothes. Many good options are available, and they aren’t bulky or uncomfortable either. Consider the following clothing for an older woman that’s always cold. She will feel toasty warm wherever she goes, and others will feel comfortable in the car and at home.

Why Do Elderly People Always Seem Cold?

Feeling cold when everyone else feels warm isn’t necessarily a matter of size. The aging process naturally lowers the body’s metabolic rate. When the metabolism slows down, the body is no longer able to generate as much heat. As a result, older people feel chilly when everyone else feels fine. Believe it or not, a person can suffer from hypothermia, even if it’s as warm as 75 degrees! Providing warmer clothes isn’t just a matter of comfort. It can be a matter of life and death for an elderly person.

Warm Clothes for an Elderly Woman

Ways for an Elderly Woman to Stay Warm in the House and Outdoors –

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 Why it Isn’t a Good Idea to Turn Up the Heat –

Turning up the heat can help, but as previously mentioned, everyone else will feel way too warm. Keeping the house too hot can also be a matter of life and death. It also causes other potentially serious problems. The skin and mucous membranes will become drier, and static electricity will increase. Furnishings and plants will also dry out. Keeping a home warmer is also a great expense. It’s cheaper and healthier to wear warmer clothes. That includes thermal undergarments, socks, sweaters and other wraps. Many options are available for elderly women. In any case, they shouldn’t restrict movement or cause a tripping hazard.

Keeping the Feet Warm Helps the Rest of the Body to Feel Warmer Too –

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Heat Holders Non-Slip Socks for Elderly Women –

Rubber-soled slippers are NOT recommended for the elderly. They create a tripping hazard. It’s best to go with thermal non-skid socks. Heat Holders are the best for seniors since they have non-slip grips. They’re thick enough to be warm without shoes, but they can also be worn in shoes if desired. They won’t become stretched out like thin low-quality hospital socks. They will absorb moisture and allow the feet to breathe, but they’re five times warmer than regular cotton socks. They come in five different colors including black.

Layering is an Effective Way to Stay Warm Indoors and Outdoors

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Ekouaer Thermal Underwear is Ideal Beneath Regular Clothes –

Layering is a good way to stay warm in any location. Ekouaer thermal underwear is ideal for elderly women. It’s thick enough for warmth, but it isn’t so thick that clothes will look bulky. The top and/or bottoms can be worn under regular clothes. It won’t look as if the person is dressed for a snowstorm in mid summer. When wearing long sleeves and slacks, they won’t even show. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Sweatsuits Are Ideal for an Elderly Woman That Always Feels Cold

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Pembrook Fleece Sweatsuits are a Warm and Cozy Favorite –

When seeking warm clothes for an elderly woman, consider Pembrook Fleece Sweatsuits. They’re ultra-warm and stylish. The tops are beautifully embroidered, and they come in teal, navy, pink and gray, and they’re available in sizes small to xxx-large. It’s highly versatile since it can be used when layering, and the top can be worn with other bottoms. It looks great with other pull-on slacks, jeans or even a casual skirt. It’s a great choice for an elderly woman that is always cold because it’s not restrictive or binding. It’s warm, attractive and comfortable.


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